"Watermelon Sugar" is the true meaning of Harry Styles' spicy song "Watermelon Sugar"

Songwriting is always a very personal process and sometimes it's more fun and interesting to leave things open to interpretation...

What Harry Styles is really singing about in "Watermelon Sugar"

"Watermelon Sugar" - that's what the big hit is called Harry Styles, the idol of millions and a member of one of the most successful boy bands in history one direction! The song adorned the artist's second solo album, becoming a big breakthrough for Harry ... In many ways - thanks not only to a pleasant melody, but also to an interesting message. In general, critics very warmly received this song. Released in May 2020, the single also performed well commercially, reaching the top 10 for Harry in over 20 countries, including his native UK and the United States (on the Billboard Hot 100 "Watermelon Sugar" took first place! The music video - spicy and truly summery - has gained over 260 million views on YouTube in just one year! Filmed in Malibu, California, with the participation of beautiful young people in bikinis - dancing on the beach and eating watermelon, it deserves special attention ... But - first things first.

History of creation: background and background

Harry Styles...
Harry Styles…

In 2020 Harry explained what the hit song was born from "Watermelon Sugar" and what is really behind this song… As it turned out, it was one of the few songs that took the most time to write… By the way: Styles proceeded to Watermelon Sugar in 2017, that is - on average, he spent 2 years on it! According to Harry, there were periods when "Watermelon Sugar" did not like him at all:

“At first we all really liked this track, but then I really hated it for a very long time. I came back to him again and again, trying to achieve something perfect ... ”Stiles admitted.

The guy also revealed that the title of the song was completely random! Allegedly, he was inspired by a book with the same name in the room in which he recorded this track ...

Love, sadness, inspiration...

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

However, it was far from the name that excited the fans so much, it was worth "Watermelon Sugar" being played for the first time... After all this time, the song about "Watermelon Sugar" still leaves fans wondering who the lyrics are really about... A sea of speculation - from the singer's ex-girlfriends to illegal substances! Definitely a fan fantasy. Harry Styles very rich… However… does the audacious name really mean more?

Harry Styles and Camille Rowe
Harry Styles and Camille Rowe

Let's start with the first time Styles debuted with "Watermelon Sugar" at the end of 2019, a few weeks before the release of his second album fine line. By the way: the record pleased with excellent summer hits, such as "Falling", "Lights Up", "Adore You" and others! However, it was Watermelon Sugar that attracted everyone's attention ... It is noteworthy that the song remained a hit until 2021. Time and time again, people have wondered, “Who inspired the singer to write this cheeky song…?”

The most adequate assumption was the break in the relationship of the singer with a French model named Camille Rowe…According to the producer Kid Harpoon, during the recording of the album, Harry was "morally destroyed". Then he influenced him, convinced him to throw out all his feelings in the lyrics ... So Styles and did. And yes: that's why Rowe, as well as her relationship with Harry, became the subject of much speculation throughout the album ... A recording of the supermodel's voice is even included in the track Cherry, and a fan spotted a croissant on the table in the "Watermelon Sugar" video, which fans thought was a nod to her.

The True Meaning of "Watermelon Sugar"

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Well, in fact, "Watermelon Sugar" has a lighter and less vulgar meaning than the singer's fans expected ... Here's what he himself said Harry:

“It’s about that wonderful feeling you get when you first start dating someone… It’s kind of like that initial euphoria when you start spending your time with someone, feeling incredible excitement all over your body…”

Music video

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Awesome music video on "Watermelon Sugar"seems to fit perfectly with the theory behind the meaning of the song...

The video is up on the official YouTube channel. Stiles May 18, 2020. By the end of September 2021, the video had over 260 million views… This summer masterpiece was directed by Bradley & Pablo. Filming took place in Malibu, California in January 2020. According to Styles himself, the inspiration was Paul McCartney, or rather his style. 1960's years ... That is why some of the shots are designed in a charming vintage style.

Curiously, the message at the very beginning of the clip - "This video is about touch" - was added for a reason! Command Bradley & Pablo were concerned that Columbia Records would not release the video due to it looking insensitive. To fix that, they added this sweet message...


Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Some seemed to immediately feel the sexual vibes, while others remained blissfully unaware and continued to enjoy the new summer hit from Harry Styles… Although perhaps Harry is right? After all, why reveal the meaning? Songwriting is always a very personal process and sometimes it's more fun and interesting to leave things open to interpretation...


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