How Will Smith first met Michael Jackson

Will Smith and Michael Jackson are not only connected by the shooting of "Men in Black II". In fact, the story of the relationship between the actor and the "King of Pop" is much more interesting! Read our article about how Will Smith met his idol.

The story of meeting Will Smith and Michael Jackson

If you say two names - Will Smith and Michael Jackson, the connection between these two men does not immediately come to mind. One is an actor and director who we primarily know from his role as Agent Jay in the iconic film series "Men in Black."the other one "King of Pop."whose musical career one can only envy.

It's hard to say which one is more popular. But one thing is certain: both Will and Michael have a large fan base. Will Smith admitted to having written the hit "Billie Jean". one of his idolsSmith always considered him to be the star of his generation. And Michael only crossed paths with Will in absentia: it was related to the filming of the sequel to Men in Black. The singer tried to convince the producers from Sony to let him replace Will in the film, but in the end, "The King" only appeared in a cameo as Agent Em.

The creator of Men in Black said, "Jackson said he wanted to do Men in Black II in a black suit. All that mattered to him was that he wore that black suit. It was a lot of fun, and it was completely Michael's idea."

About Will's first meeting with the Pop King

For the first time Smith and Jackson met... in back room! It happened during the awards ceremony at the BET Awards. At one point in the final part of the event, Will's bodyguard escorted him out of the hall as a fight ensued between the audience, and he had already lost hope of meeting Michael.

After a few minutes in the mop closet, with a lamp hanging by a wire, Smith found himself as if he were in an interrogation room. There seemed to be some kind of madness going on behind the door, when suddenly the actor realized he was not alone: he heard a voice calling him from behind. It was none other than Michael Jackson!

To say that Will Smith was not shocked by what was happening was a lie. They exchanged a few words and talked... about comics!

"Actually, I don't like comic books, but I'm here with Michael Jackson, I couldn't tell him that," Smith admitted.

The actor had a lot of questions in his mind that he wanted to ask his idol. For example, about whether Michael Jackson could moonwalk forward or what was his famous glove made of? This dreamy moment had to be interrupted by Michael's security guardwho rudely pushed Smith away from the Pop King.

Will Smith and Michael Jackson
The first meeting between Michael Jackson and Will Smith

Excerpt from the interview

An interview in which Will Smith told about meeting Michael in person, came out in the spirit of the actor: comedic, sensual, expressive.

"I had dreamed about it all my life... He was too far away from me, and I really regretted that I couldn't walk through the huge crowd to get closer. The time of the event was coming to an end, and we still hadn't met. I couldn't help but meet Mike, it was bound to happen! I was called to the stage, I was about to start walking, but suddenly the crowd started making noise and I stopped understanding what was going on. My security guard quickly took me somewhere because there was a scuffle in the audience involving producer Sugar Knight. Locked in a dark room, I had already given up hope of meeting Michael, when suddenly silence came after the screaming and I heard someone whisper "Hey!" to me. I turn around and there's Mike! I was in total shock. But most importantly, after the tar-talk I heard the cherished words - Michael, after saying goodbye, hinted that he wanted to see me again! I was happy," Smith said.

Actor Will Smith
Actor Will Smith

What Will said about Michael 

Will Smith, like many guys of his generation, grew up on the music of Michael Jackson. When the world heard the album. «Off the Wall», released in 1979, the future actor was 11 years old, so it is impossible not to note that such hits as «Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough", «Rock with You» from this album were definitely listened to by young Will and influenced his tastes. And Michael's later releases. «Thriller» and «Bad» only cemented in Smith's mind his love of Michael Jackson's music and performance art.

Awe for Michael had developed into an unbearable longing to meet him, and so, when it became possible, Will could not believe that he was in realitynot in a dream.

By the way, it's interesting that the Will Smith there are also echoes of a musical career, and to some extent this was clearly influenced by Michael JacksonWill was one of the most The Pop King's loyal fans.

Will's solo career began with the release of the single "Men in Black In 1997, the theme songs to the very film in which he played Agent Jay. The song even managed to top several charts around the world. The further story of Smith and Jackson's intertwined destinies is known - the "King of Pop" performed a short Cameo in the sequel to Men in Black, where he plays an Agent who gets a phone call Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jonesto ask a question. This little role was made especially for him!

"Michael Jackson is very funny. We spent some time together, and I'll tell you, he's...he's not what people think of him...If you say the wrong thing about him, he can have a good response and even take you down!", Will Smith said of Michael Jackson's role in the interview "A Current Affair in the movie "Men in Black II".

Michael Jackson on the set of Men in Black II
Michael Jackson on the set of Men in Black II

That's how the unusual place and setting led to the meeting of the "Fresh Prince of Beverly Hills" and the "King of Pop."

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