The band Wolfmother, or "modern classic rock

It's not about where what came from, it's about how it makes you feel right now. And Wolfmother's music is definitely something that is sorely lacking today...

How the modern band Wolfmother brought back the classic rock fashion

fans classic rock often complain that nothing new, worth listening to, is released anymore. But that's not entirely true. Part of the blame for the fact that good modern rock music "doesn't reach" the public lies with the labels, which reject promising artists, and on the radio, which often ignores fresh releases in this direction. But part of the blame also lies with the listeners themselves...

Think back to your school and college days: you were trying your best to get new music, you were pushing hard to get your way, you were discovering a new artist or band with sincere curiosity... Obviously, when we grow up, our head starts to get "filled" with completely different things, everyday. And I don't have so much time to listen to new releases, especially on the background of all the diversity, which the boundless Internet abounds today...

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

Of course, we love the rock stars of our youth, such as Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. And yet, the world doesn't stand still. We're not saying that modern rock bands can surprise us with something new - everything has long been played, sung and labeled as "classic.". Yes, we agree with that statement. And yet, there is still great material coming out that is also worth listening to, at least for the experience. This applies to the work of Wolfmother - of an Australian band that can transport you for a while in the beautiful 1970s.

Wolfmother: introduction to the band


Group Wolfmother The band was born on the rock scene in the early 2000s in Sydney, Australia. The band quickly attracted attention thanks to its unique (at least for its time), very beautiful and interesting sound: hard rock with elements of psychedelic and stoner rock. More importantly, almost every track of the band is generously spiced up with good old motifs of the late 1960s and early 1970s. There are also clear shades of grunge, prog-rock, and even blues!

Composition "Woman" from their 2005 debut album made Wolfmother up-and-coming rock stars with a Grammy Award for "Best Hard Rock Performance". But before that happened, the band already had valuable experience under their belt... Back in 2004 the guys made a record - not for the sake of commercialism or popularity, no! They just recorded for themselves, exclusively for personal purposes. But the result was so cool that they were immediately offered a contract. And they, of course, agreed! Then the EP was released, which brought Wolfmother to the international level (the record was successfully released on both sides of the Atlantic). And after the debut album, the whole series of records, awards, chart records and so on began. All in all, success came!

Wolfmother has reached a wider audience in 2006and from that moment on their fan base actively grew with each year (and with each new album released, respectively). However, this is the kind of band whose lineup fickle (and that's putting it mildly). In fact, the heart and soul of Wolfmother for many years now remains Andrew StockdaleHe was famous for his gorgeous curls and charisma. In fact, Wolfmother has always remained for the most part his work.

An album definitely worth listening to - a brief review of Victorious

Andrew Stockdale
Andrew Stockdale

However, as the band's lineup changed, so did its sound, level, maybe even style. So: at the beginning of this article we promised to take you to The good old '70s, isn't it? So, the record. "Victorious" 2016 of the year is the perfect way to do it in our opinion!

This fantastic album, filled with rock recordings that echo various elements of classic rock from the 1960s and '70s. All of the songs are original compositions, brilliantly written and performed by Andrew. By the way: the album was produced by the legendary producer Brendan O'Brien.

Of course, rock will never be the same again, but why not pay some attention to what's going on in the industry today? It seems to us that if music lovers start paying attention to little-known bands like these, it would certainly be a great way to motivation for the followers! And who knows, maybe one day first-class releases will be played on the radio again...

In conclusion

Andrew Stockdale
Andrew Stockdale

Though "Victorious." has a striking sound, critics literally trashed it. The record was criticized for allegedly being only a "just a rehash of classic 1970s rock.". Well, there may be some truth in that. But let these critics try to write and record their own rock music to realize that the legendary rock bands put a fat stop to any kind of innovation 50 years ago!

It's not about where what comes from, it's about how it makes you feel now. And Wolfmother's music is definitely something that is sorely lacking today...

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