"She left early, but she left a bright mark" - the story of Yanka Diagileva

"The field on the other shore won't burst into flames. The water will come I will sleep..."

A bright representative of the national underground - the story of Yanka Dyagileva

Yanka Diaghileva went down in history as a bright representative of the Siberian undergroundA woman who, throughout her short career, was desperately trying to prove to everyone and herself that she had a right to exist in the rock community. Egor LetovHe had a tremendous influence on Yanka and often criticized her. There are even legends that he had something to do with her tragic demise - supposedly after her last meeting with him, the girl fell into a deep depression.

"It was hard for her with Letov - he taught her a lot, and at the same time constantly drowning her morally," recalled a close friend of Diagileva.

This one looks completely inconspicuous girl She made the crowd open their mouths wide and even shed a tear - her performance was so powerful: tenacious, penetrating... She was one of the most extraordinary representatives of the national rock scene. Her life as well as her tragic finale, full of riddles

Early years

Yanka Diaghileva
Yanka Diaghileva

Jana was born in 1966 in NovosibirskShe was born into a rather humble family - her parents worked at a factory during the day, and the girl was left to herself. As a child, Yanka wanted to become a figure skater, but because of her congenital foot defect she had to give up this dream. But very soon Diaghileva discovered a new passion - music. At school Diaghileva hated the exact sciences, but she adored the humanities. She especially loved poetryI was a writer, including English, and willingly wrote her own poetry.

The University of Water Transport repulsed the girl - her soul was not attracted to her studies. But it was here that a new chapter in Yankee's biography appeared - the band "Amigo.". Harmless concerts around the region turned into a definitive addiction to rock.

The first alarm bells

Alexander Bashlachev
Alexander Bashlachev

Yanka was only 19 yearswhen she met the Alexander Bashlachev. It happened at an apartment party of the notorious Novosibirsk "rock mom" Irina Letyayeva. This acquaintance turned out to be fateful: they closely communicated until the death of SashBash: often Bashlachov visited Yanka, specially came to her in Novosibirsk and brought drafts of his songs. It was during this period that Dyagileva began to actively write her own lyrics.

"She could sit up all night - apparently she felt she had something to say," my father recalled.

Yanka Diaghileva
Yanka Diaghileva

"Not enough for me!" - Yana said, referring both to her association with Bashlachov and to her own freedom. She felt like lockedcut off from the creative world that beckoned...

"Before she met Sasha, she was a completely ordinary girl: she wore makeup, styled her hair, and accepted the common culture. Suddenly, a colossal change! He opened up something new and unimaginable for her, something that words can't describe," says her friend.

What happened between Yanka and Bashlachov - for certain unknown. It is said that he was in love with her, and she saw in him only inspiration. The girl dedicated the next line to SashBash:

"You will see the sky, I will see the earth at your feet."

The last time they met was at a concert in Leningrad. At that time Alexander was already deeply depressed. - He was no longer inspired by the music, everything came out with a strain, with notes of doom... And soon he was gone. For Diagileva it was a blow to the heart. She took Bashlachov's death very hard. Many relatives note: after that and began her depressive episodeswhich especially worsened as the days wore on.

Leetov's influence

Yanka Diagileva and Yegor Letov
Yanka Diagileva and Yegor Letov

With Yegor Letov, Yankee had the most challenging and influential relationship. They met in 1987. They toured a lot together and eventually a romance spun between them. But that relationship was more of a devastatingrather than the bright ones. Both were radical personalities with their own views of the world and a very difficult character.

"It was like we were husband and wife, but we also lived a free life," Yegor emphasized.

Yanka Diagileva and Yegor Letov
Yanka Diagileva and Yegor Letov

In those years, Letov was followed by the most real hunting - They wanted to "put" him in a psychiatric hospital because the songs "Civil Defense" The fact that he was a bass player (where, by the way, Yanka was a bass player) caused a lot of questions and indignation. And all the time that Yegor was in hiding, constantly traveling around the cities, Yanka followed him. But at one point she got tired and left. Tired from misunderstanding and belittling her abilities. Certainly - Letov had a tremendous influence on her! It was he who taught Diaghileva all musical wisdom. But at the same time he constantly criticized her creativity - adjusted it to his own vision.

Perhaps it was on the basis of this that Diaghileva began to call herself "Janichem." - literally identify herself with a man. She stubbornly proved that a woman in rock has the right to exist.


Yanka Diaghileva
Yanka Diaghileva

Diaghileva was phenomenon of her time. At her concerts, tears were often shed, especially by the girls: everyone understood that no one could see the world the way she (Yanka) saw it. She was emotional, a bit even crazy!

"After the concert I had a chance to talk to her. A feeling of complete insanity - that's what I was left with," said Artemy Troitsky.

Today Yanka is actively compared to foreign stars - Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin. But this is wrong - Diaghileva is Diaghileva. She's unique She was the only singer of her kind, and there is no one like her (as well as the foreign singers we have mentioned). Her folklore was special, full of Slavic motifs, and at the same time modern. current for the world in which she lived.

"On the road I lay down, the mud was diluted with tears:
They tore the new skirt and gagged me with it.
Hail, great working people!"

Diaghileva was completely unlike her colleagues on stage - she didn't feel She refused to be a star or an important person or anything else. She even refused to give interviews. She didn't care about money-it wasn't a big deal to her. no value. Simplicity both inside and out.

"I was walking by in the hallway and Jana was getting dressed. She wrapped a cellophane bag around her foot and just put a boot on top of it! As it turned out, her sole was cracked. But she didn't pay any attention to it-she didn't even think about asking any of us for help," recalled Guzel Nemirova, who organized music festivals in the 1980s.

Tragic finale

Yanka Diaghileva
Yanka Diaghileva

Officially, Jana is gone. May 9, 1991 - that's when her body was discovered. What really happened to Diagileva is not entirely clear. Whether she stepped into the river herself, or someone contributed to it... It is known that the girl suffered from anhedoniaShe was in a deep depression at the end of her life. According to her relatives, it was her last meeting that finally finished her off With Letov. He, incidentally, was present at her funeral, after which he took all the letters, drafts, and other notes from Yankee's house.

Egor Letov
Egor Letov

Shortly before the tragedy, her half-brother passed away - Diaghileva was crushed with grief. At the same time, she constantly felt behind her some guilt in front of others.

It is generally accepted that "The water will come." - Yankee's last song. This strengthens the hypothesis that the death was premeditated.

"The field on the other shore won't burst into flames.
The water is coming
I'll sleep..."


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