Life story of screenwriter and writer Yulia Lukshina

"Learning this craft is my main interest! It's a huge adventure with no end and no edge! Any text, be it prose or screenplay, is a challenge for me. And I realise that it is painstaking work that requires dedication and perseverance. It's important to be able to turn failures into victories, just as it's important to be ready for the unknown, the unexpected.... Can there be anything more interesting?" - Yulia declares.

Full biography of Julia Lukshina: from early years to her career as a screenwriter

Yulia Lukshina - screenwriter and writer, award nominee "Nika." for best screenplay. This talented woman has made such films as "A Man from Podolsk." и "Glaciers."as well as television series "Curious Barbara." и "Optimists.". Today. Yulia Lukshina continues to develop her skills by working hard on new films and prose. In doing so, she enjoys helping aspiring writers and enthusiasts gain experience and enter the world of cinema with confidence.

The beginning of the journey

Yulia Lukshina
Yulia Lukshina

About the early years Yulia Lukshina little is known: the woman was born in Moscowand successfully graduated MSU Lomonosov Moscow State University, and was also held Higher courses for scriptwriters and directors. Lukshina also studied contemporary art at London's Sotheby's Institute and even became a fellow of a special course in post-war art history at the Harvard University. She has under her belt a quality Ph.D. thesis for the University of Bonn.

The interesting thing is that your way Lukshina She started out as a journalist and editor: for a time she worked in the UN в Geneva! She was also a translator, which brought her a certain experience. However, by 2008, Julia decided to finally part with this profession and master a new speciality for herself - screenwriter. And she succeeded brilliantly. Yulia Lukshina She has taken various courses and has also tried her hand at writing prose and plays. Lukshina takes all her text-related work as seriously as possible:

"Learning this craft is my main interest! It's a huge adventure with no end and no edge! Any text, be it prose or screenplay, is a challenge for me. And I realise that it is painstaking work that requires dedication and perseverance. It is very important to be able to turn failures into victories, as well as to be ready for the unknown, the unexpected ... Can there be anything more interesting?" - Yulia declares.

Yulia Lukshina
Yulia Lukshina

Today. Yulia Lukshina is a screenwriter-writer in popular genres such as detective, drama and comedy.


Yulia Lukshina
Yulia Lukshina

Main areas of focus Yulia Lukshina - is prose, film and television drama. The most popular and successful works of the woman can include: TV series "Curious Barbara," "Women on the Verge," "Love with a Gun," и "Optimists."as well as films "A Man from Podolsk." и "Glaciers.".

Among other things, Lukshina is published in literary magazines and anthologies as an author of short prose. If you wish, you can read the books of this brilliant woman - "Leaving Can't Stay. Crises, burnout, meanings and resources in the film profession" и "Dry Swimming.".

How to get on the course and what it offers

Yulia Lukshina
Yulia Lukshina

Today. Yulia Lukshina not only deals with the text, but also willingly shares her knowledge with those who wish to do so. Lukshina teaches courses that include in-depth theory. They also raise important questions about the painstaking work of a playwright: how to develop imagination, how to cultivate causal-logical and figurative thinking, how to learn to think in a modelled and analytical way. Lukshina also tells you how to operate with large amounts of data. Thanks to the courses, you will be able to develop a draft of your own series concept.

The course is ideal for you if you are a new screenwriter or if you want to understand the specifics of dramaturgy of modern TV series. Or maybe you are a creatively "charged" person or a fan of the serial genre? Then the course will be a godsend for you too! To enrol, you need to go to the website MOSHKA - and don't forget to use the promo code "FUZZMUSIC".


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