Everyone remembers this song - the story of the hit song "Youth in Boots" from the TV series "Soldiers"

Today, "Youth in Boots" is very popular in Russia and beyond. In the distant 2000s, the chorus from this track was used to create numerous ring tones, remixes and parodies.

History of the song "Youth in Boots": idea, popularity, music video

"Youth in Boots." - big hit at the beginning 2000-хwhich is very familiar to almost everyone. The song gained huge popularity after it appeared in the TV series "Soldiers."for whom it was written.

The track belongs to the band "The end of the film.". Later it would be included in the album of the same name, within which all the compositions from "Soldiers" were presented. As a result, the song became the trademark of the multi-part film and almost the most recognisable melody on Russian television. However, few people know its true history.


History of Creation

A still from "Soldiers."
A still from "Soldiers."

At first, the song was going to be called "Soldier's."and also include an extra verse. Today. "Youth in Boots." is very popular in Russia and beyond. In the distant 2000s, numerous ring tones, remixes and parodies were created with the chorus from this track. On the wave of popularity, two more variations of the song were also recorded. As for music videos, two of them were filmed, and the difference between their filming is as follows nine years! This once again proves the fact that even after years, the composition has not bored listeners, but, on the contrary, has become a timeless hit. If we believe the statistics "Russian Bestseller", a song by a band "The end of the film." has become one of the most popular musical themes in the history of Russian television series.

The author of the timeless hit is Evgeny Feklistov - the leader of the collective. He wrote this creation at the end of summer 2004 especially for the TV series "Soldiers.". It is known that Feklistov had experience of military service: the musician gave two years of his life to the army construction team in Nizhny Novgorod. At first the song had a different title and contained an additional verse, which was eventually decided to be excluded. This is what the author of the track said in his interview:

"For a very long time we were associated with the song "Alice", but in 2004 everything changed. Then the TV series "Soldiers" appeared, and we wrote the soundtrack for it. Nobody knew what that film was. I remember sitting with the creators of that series in some cheburena shop and talking about music. We didn't care about money, we just genuinely wanted to help...".

Music video

The band "End of the Film"
The band "End of the Film"

The first clip was shot in 2004. It was a promo video for a TV series. Actually, it is difficult to call it a clip - all the rights belonged to "Lean-M."and, accordingly, the group could not use it for its own purposes.

The second video was shot nine years later, in 2013. This time it was initiated by the band members themselves "The end of the film.". Filming took place in a special forces unit. "Peresvet.".


On the wave of popularity, the song quickly became a hit. Ringtones, remixes, parodies, covers. - enthusiasts and fans of the show have been doing a lot of things. Also, the most loyal viewers must have noticed that the new seasons included updated versions of the hit with slightly changed lyrics.

"I remember standing in a queue in a shop, and several people had this song playing on their ringtone! Then I realised that now we are not only the creators of two hits, but also of one popular ringtone," recalled Evgeny Feklistov.

According to official figures, in just seven years, the hit song has almost a million times was played on the radio. It also became the second most popular tune from Russian TV series, behind the main theme from the "Brigades.". In 2005, a year after audiences first heard "Youth in Boots."The whole compilation with tracks from the much-loved TV series "Soldiers" was released.

A little bit about the series

The series "Soldiers"
The series "Soldiers"

"Soldiers." - a popular Russian TV series that continues to be broadcast to this day on the TV channel "REN TV.". Its first episode aired in August 2004. The project quickly caught the viewers' fancy. It tells about service in the army, about the experiences and personal tragedies of soldiers, about the problems of sergeants, warrant officers and officers, about their moments of joy and sorrow....

The story is very touching, while not without humour - light and kind. Mishka Medvedev и Kuzma Sokolov quickly became the audience's favourites, but gradually the series introduced more and more new characters - some caused sympathy in the audience, while others, on the contrary, represented negative characters. Especially many people remembered Shmatko - a real Russian warrant officer, with character and a good sense of humour.

Gradually, the non-profit project, whose fate was unclear even to the creators themselves, grew to a 16 seasons!

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