The most powerful union on the union stage: Antonov and Fadeev

Today in our article is the story of the creation of hits known to every soviet person. How were the best songs of Yuri Antonov and Leonid Fadeev created and how was their fate formed further? Let's find out!

Songs by Yuri Antonov: best tracks and composition work for films

Many of the iconic Soviet entertainers not right away were discovering their talent. For some, it all started with a small role in a movie, some did not want to connect their lives with music at all, but after writing a few songs, unknown musicians became stars of the stage. And so it was with Yuri Antonov.

This article will talk about best songs The Russian and Soviet singer, written in collaboration with the poet Leonid Fadeevand how the musician's fame spread throughout the USSR.

Anastasia was not so easy

Yury Antonov as a young man
Yury Antonov as a young man

The meeting of future colleagues in the song craft took place suddenly: in the late 1980s, when Antonov had already established himself as a good songwriter and musician for a large number of ensembles, the musician was having lunch in a restaurant when he was seated stranger. The singer, who did not expect his privacy to be violated, wanted to ask the man to leave him alone, but the man gave him a sheet of poetry and introduced himself Leonid Fadeev. Antonov, not without displeasure, read the text, which, surprisingly, was very good. This is how the musician first saw the words of the song that made him famous in the whole Union – «Anastasia».

Even the author of the text does not know why the composition is called by this particular feminine name; most likely, «Anastasia» refers to each beautiful woman. At the time when the song was just beginning to be created, Yuri collaborated with the Soviet rock band «Arax». It is the musicians of «Arax» helped the singer to make the track as a whole generation of instrumental ensemble fans knows it well.

Yury Antonov at one of his concerts
Yury Antonov at one of his concerts

Despite the fact that «Anastasia» is one of the favorite songs the public, the musician does not love perform it at concerts. The composition is notable for complexity: the high notes are hard for Antonov, but the legendary hit is often played at the composer's performances.

Antonov's business card

Antonov in 1981
Antonov in 1981

Another song that helped give Yuri Antonov worldwide fame was also written by Leonid Fadeev. «I Remember», or, as listeners often call it, «The Flying Walk», came out on one of the mini-albumsthe album was released in the early 1980s by Antonov and the musicians of «Arax».

According to some reports, the melody of the composition was inspired by the music coming to the Union at that time disco. Antonov and his buddies went to a concert of a band that came from Hungary, and after hearing the bright dance music, the composer outlined the approximate mood future song.

Yuri Antonov and Leonid Fadeev. 80-е
Yuri Antonov and Leonid Fadeev. 80-е

«I Remember» brought Antonov not only fame, but also opened new horizons: after his resounding success, Yuri was asked to write music for the film «Take Care of Women»where the composition known to everyone was played.

The sea or just the road to it?

Antonov at the studio
Antonov at the studio

«The Sea» is a composition that for the first time was heard in the film «Take Care of Women», filmed in Odessa in 1981. The director of the film, due to Antonov's growing popularity, asked him to become a composer and write music for the film. Thus was born 8 tracksthe poems were written by Yuri on the poems of many poets, including his old acquaintance Leonid Fadeev.

Creating songs for the film was an outlet for Antonov after the news banning the release of his album. Recorded compositions for the record were included into the film and have become for the musician fatal: after his career as a singer and musician took off, his work as a composer also brought him success.

Cover of Yuri Antonov's first full-length album
Cover of Yuri Antonov's first full-length album

«The Sea», though it was the title song of the film, still Didn't have the fame before the release of «Take Care of Women». Often the composition confused with «The Road to the Sea», also written by Antonov and Fadeev, which was published on one of the minions of the musician before the film appeared. Only a couple of years after the film's release, "The Sea" will be released first on Antonov's mini-recordings, and then on large album called «The Roof of Your House».

What was their fate next?

Yury Antonov at the performance
Yury Antonov at the performance

After their successful work on the songs for the film, Antonov and Fadeev do not stop cooperation. Together they create home a composition for the TV program «Shire the Circle», which was performed by the VIA «Blue Bird».

Leonid Fadeev in 2010
Leonid Fadeev in 2010

Afterwards, the musician and the writer will create songs together, but will continue to work and separately. After the album's release, Antonov will take part in Alexander Kosarev's film, and a year later he will release an album «Believe in the Dream»The singer also started working at Moskoncert around the mid-1980s, and in 1987 he released another record. The musician also started working at Moskontsert around the mid-80s, and in 1987 he released another record - «From sorrow to joy». After that the musician will go into the shadows for several years because of of politically incorrect remarks at one of the concerts.

Even after the fall of the Soviet Union, Yuri continued his musical activities, taking part in traditional for the Russian and Soviet television program «Song of the year». Until now, the singer participates in various shows and performs at large concerts.

Leonid Fadeev at the «Song of the year» award. 2010
Leonid Fadeev at the «Song of the year» award. 2010

After working with Yuri Antonov, which made Fadeev famous, the poet began to cooperate with other pop stars, and the texts he wrote repeatedly become by members «Song of the year». At the end of the '80s, Leonid writes a song «Clean Ponds»the first one, which becomes famous thanks to Igor Talkov's performance, and from the mid-90s, Fadeev and Igor Krutoy. Since then, Fadeev's songs have been performed big artists Alla Pugacheva, Lev Leshchenko, Larisa Dolina, Philip Kirkorov, and many others.

Some of the recent work Fadeev and Antonov were the songs «Ugly Duckling» and «Not to Laugh».


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