Antonov: The Best Songs of the Soviet Genius - Part One

Once Yuri Antonov, when asked why he no longer wrote new songs, answered: "Let those who have bad old ones write new ones. What is the secret of the Soviet pop master's success?

Yuri Antonov's best songs: the singer's biography, the history of the songs "No more beautiful you" and "Mirror"

IN THE USSR pop song It performed a variety of social functions. In particular, it even "helped" in the construction of socialism. To the attributes of the variety show we can include the presence of a "number" - a kind of variety performance, a special artistic image, which is embodied on stage by an individual artist, his unique "creative self.", displayed in the suit.

In addition, the nature of the relationship with the audience is very important for the variety show, because in the course of his performance the artist often speaks to the audienceby communicating directly with them. Estrada is first and foremost a pro live speeches and concerts.

Young Yuri Antonov
Young Yuri Antonov

In the 1970s. of the last century, Soviet song emphasized the pop song as one of the main musical genres around which society had to be united. Then new heroes appeared on the scene: Alla Pugacheva, the Pesnyary and other vocal and instrumental ensembles. About the master of the Soviet stage Yuri Antonov and the beginning of his artistic journey - in the article.

Why we adore Antonov

Yuri Antonov was born in 1945 into a military family and caught the end of the Great Patriotic War. He spent his childhood in a Belarusian village, where he was first introduced to music. He successfully graduated from the music school and entered the Molodechno School of MusicAfter graduating, he worked as a choir director and head of a pop orchestra.

Yury Antonov as a young man
Yury Antonov as a young man

In 1969 the young guitarist Antonov, who had had no professional musical experience in show business before, begins a major period in his career. He was invited to become an instrumentalist-keyboardist in VIA "Singing Guitars". 1969 was the year turntable in the career of the future pop master. Largely thanks to Antonov's lyrics, the Singing Guitars begin to become popular, give more than two hundred concerts a year, gather a full house, and win the hearts of millions of people.

After leaving VIA, Antonov made a brilliant solo career. Songs filled with deep meaning and an innovative vision of pop music helped Yuri Mikhailovich to become Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

First hit

A composition that became a real hit in the USSR in 1971, has a rather romantic name "There's no one more beautiful than you.". The young composer Yuri Antonov wrote it in the year of his first stay in the VIA "Singing Guitars" in co-authorship with his friend from "Lenconcert" Irina Bezladnova and a member of the VIA "Dobry Molodtsy" Mikhail Belyakov.

The story of this composition's creation is quite unique: the melody of the future song fell to Antonov as if "from heaven" while he was going on tour with the ensemble to the Republic of Moldova. on the train. The idea he demonstrated with his to my friend Irinawho wrote two verses for "No More Beautiful Than You.

Yury Antonov as a young man
Yury Antonov as a young man

"For me there is no one more beautiful than you,
But I catch your gaze in vain
Like a vision elusive
Every day you pass by...," the song sings.

The most interesting part of the record "There's no one more beautiful than you." - that Antonov was the main inventor of this composition, but he did not actually take part in its recording at all. This song became a kind of "gift." Yuri Mikhailovich to his first band, who let him go free. He left a fragment with a piece of the song he had written to the bassist Yevgeny BronevitskyHe was the one who, six months after this event, remembered it and decided to create a complete composition after all.

"I look at you like in a mirror, until I'm dizzy..."

The second song discussed in this article is called "Mirror". In 1977 this song was first performed by another equally popular vocal group, the Red Maquis. Yuri Antonov is strictly speaking the author of the music, but the words to the song are taken from the songwriter's work Mikhail TanichThe first of his 100 works has been musically arranged and transformed into songs.

Young Yuri Antonov
Young Yuri Antonov

"One day Misha brought some friend with him. It was Yuri Antonov, I didn't know him at all at that time... That's why I was very embarrassed when Misha gave him the manuscript of the future "Mirror". I, of course, did not believe that some unknown composer could do something with these beautiful verses. But we ended up hearing a miracle the next morning. "The Mirror" sounded incredibly beautiful...," recalled Mikhail Tanich's wife Lidia Kozlova.

As many scholars of Antonov's work have noted, this the composition combined The drive of the pop song, while retaining its unique lyricism.

"I look at you like a mirror, until I'm dizzy.
And I see my love in it, and I think of it.
Let's not see, little one, in the mirror reflection.
Love is long, but life is even longer...," reads the words of the composition.

Yuri Antonov
Yuri Antonov

Yuri Antonov - a brilliant composer and a unique person. The true master of pop wrote such hits as "I Remember," "That's How It Happens," "Take Care of Women," and many other songs that are still appreciated in circles of popular music fans. Antonov still continues to perform with his concert program across Russia and please his favorite fans with wonderful performances of legendary compositions!


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