Yury Antonov in amazing facts

"Guys, sit down at the piano, pick up a guitar... Music should be soulful! And people will reach out to you.

Recalling interesting facts from the life of Yuri Antonov, the national maître d'état

In our country Yuri Antonov everyone knows it! He has long been a celebrated and fondly loved master of the national stage: Antonov's songs are beautiful, lyrical, melodic... and, most importantly, soulful. During his career the talented composer wrote (often together with brilliant poets) and performed dozens of compositions that went into folk and found eternal life. They are great to listen to during a vacation, at the cottage, enjoying the privacy of home, or just indulging in warm memories of youth...

Yuri Mikhailovich. the man-talent! His compositions are on the ears of even the modern generation! Today the artist is not so active due to poor health - after all, the man is almost 80 years old. Nevertheless, in spite of his respectable age, he is even interested in Russian rap! We offer to know interesting facts about the life of the people's idol.

First 60 rubles

Yury Antonov as a child
Yury Antonov as a child

At first, parents did not treat their son's hobby seriouslyWhat kind of a job is this, music? I need to do something more serious and well-paid in life! But already at 14 The future artist managed to change their minds: he earned his the first 60 rublesAs a choir director at the depot.

Tough tour

Yury Antonov as a young man
Yury Antonov as a young man

The first tour brought Antonov 400 rubles - a huge amount of money at the time! Yuri was invited to the ensemble Tonika, with which he traveled all over the Soviet Union. In the 80s the musician set an amazing record: he played 28 concerts in 15 days! Each of them was attended by at least 10,000 spectators!

Alas, there have been times in the artist's career troubled times. For example, in 1987 Antonov was subjected to a barrage of criticism. During his performance, someone in the audience shouted out "Hackwork!". Yuri Mikhailovich was offended by such a statement and left the stage. Soon the tour was suspended - the media started hounding him for "not passing the test of fame". The situation was "hushed up" only after Antonov and his good friend the poet Oleg Vilenkin personally appealed to Gorbachev.

"Music is very hard work, which kills you not physically, but spiritually. It sucks you dry, it literally eats you from the inside. I love my job, I love concerts, the audience. But sometimes it's all brutally exhausting. That's why there have been fewer concerts lately. I just sit at home and enjoy the peace - that's the main reward for me for all the years I've spent on stage.

Foreign Wives

Yury Antonov as a young man
Yury Antonov as a young man

Yuri Mikhailovich was married thriceBut he doesn't like to mention any of his marriages. On the personal front, the idol of the country somehow did not get on well - Antonov loves Russia, but his wives are separated from each other. So there was no family home. For the first time the artist married Anastasia in 1976, who later flew to the USA.

"I personally helped her with all the paperwork, and even bought her a ticket. I didn't fly anywhere myself - I didn't dare. I have everything here, but it's a foreign land...".

Antonov's second wife lives in Croatia, and his third wife lives in Paris. The musician has two children - daughter Lyudmila and son Mikhail.

"I hardly ever see them. I do not see my daughter, she lives abroad with her mother, and I do not communicate with her (meaning my ex-wife). I see my son from time to time, but very rarely.

When asked why he Hasn't left Russia and didn't try his luck in the States, Antonov replied:

"I didn't see any prospects for myself. Here, in my homeland, I have everything: a name, acquaintances, popularity, fans, the love of the public... There - nothing. You know what I realized? The "American Dream" is very deceptive! Only a handful of Soviet musicians managed to get a job abroad, and even they didn't have their former glory there."

Our Little Brothers, or Best Friends

Yury Antonov with cats
Yury Antonov with cats

Today, the artist has eighth decade and enjoys resting in his own "corner of paradise" - in a private house near Moscow. But despite the fact that all the wives and children are away, Antonov is not really bored!

Yury Antonov with a goose
Yury Antonov with a goose

He surrounded himself with true friends - dogs and cats that he personally picked up off the street, warmed up, and fattened.

Yury Antonov with a cat
Yury Antonov with a cat

And a few years ago, Yuri Mikhailovich even began to breed Protein! There was a time when I fed a fox, too.

"I love animals. My father was a hunter, but I don't recognize it. I hate hunting! Fishing is okay, but running through the woods with a rifle after a little fox or a bear cub... No. That's not my thing.

Interest in modern rap

Yuri Antonov
Yuri Antonov

At a time when the modern scene has long been "buried.", Yuri Mikhailovich feels for her interest.

"I watch what's going on in the world. I don't really like what they're doing now, but some artists are quite good. Their rhythms are good! But there are no hits now, of course. When was the last time you released a song that people will remember and sing about in 10 years? I don't even remember that. That's why I call on today's artists: lads, sit down at the piano, pick up a guitar... Music should be soulful! And people will warm up to you.

Antonov also confessed that he had discovered Russian rap:

"A few performers interested me - Basta, for example. In general, I don't remember their names - they're more like nicknames! I like the fact that today there's a kind of creative freedom - people finally choose what they want to listen to. There are no more arts councils. I support that. But the only thing I don't understand is why are there so many swear words in modern lyrics? I, for example, can use strong language in private with friends. But on stage, in front of a huge audience... I think it's unacceptable.


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