The best songs of Yuri Loza - remember, listen and enjoy (part two)

We continue to enjoy the hits of Yuri Loza ...

A selection of the main hits of Yuri Loza - continued

We keep remembering best songs Yuri Eduardovich vines. It is not at all surprising that the compositions of this artist are known to many listeners: almost every second song by Loza is a real hit that has become a real classic of the Soviet stage ... And it is a pity that some music lovers know this artist only from such popular works as "Raft" or "Sing my guitar, sing": in fact, song repertoire Yuri Loza vast and beautiful, and today you can see for yourself! Below is a selection of the most famous and simply excellent songs that are saturated with sincerity and dedication to their work ... In a word - make yourself comfortable, because listening promises to be really pleasant!


Great piece from the album "Yearning". The song, as it is not difficult to guess from the title, is dedicated to the snowy season of the year ... The text is simple, and at the same time very beautiful:

"And behind the white snows
Somewhere on the edge of the earth
Spring girl with long legs
Sleep peacefully…”

"I can dream"

“It is impossible to return the years, but I can dream!” This song is so uplifting and inspiring! Yuri Eduardovich sings on behalf of a man who is already over 30 years old, and, oddly enough, he is glad of this! This person is no longer interested in being in noisy friendly companies - he is bored with everyone, he managed to get tired of many. And being alone, the hero of the composition likes to dream about "distant worlds about magical gifts ..."

"My tram is the last"

And this composition became a worthy decoration of the album "For the mind..." Let's watch the video, the existence of which, by the way, many do not even know! In general, in those years there was no YouTube, and people just had enough words, voices and music ...

The song is performed very soulfully, it really touches the living... And the meaning is the deepest, not only dashing 90s concerns, but also everyone who has wasted his young years, hoping that everything is ahead of him and he will be in time ...

"The Girl at the Bar"

This creation of Loza is a kind of mixture of rock and roll with a yard song. The song is about a 15-year-old girl who sits in a bar in "fashion pants" and catches looks on herself, "the ones below the back..." As she sings Yuri Loza, from such a lifestyle, the girl does not think about anything at all. In fact, she seems to have been completely burnt through by the experience of adult life ... Today, this song personifies a whole era ...

"Christmas fun"

clockwork song about "Christmas fun"! The composition perfectly cheers up and charges with exceptionally positive energy! Definitely recommended to listen to:

"Don't accept"

A touching yet sad love song...

“Do not look for meetings with me, save that warmth,
That warmed us for years, could not.
Among the millions of faces, I will not find her,
I’ll lower my eyelashes if I suddenly find out ... "


This is an amazing, very deep song that shows the modern world from the outside. People think that they can pretend, they can lie, they can pretend that they are not who they are at all ... But this is not so: there are those who, like a scanner, see through everyone. And the mannequin is just an image of these “spectators”…

“I stand on holidays and weekdays,
People are staring from all sides
Not on me, but on my coat.
But I notice everything
But I recognize you.
And I understand who is who ... "

"Mother writes"

Another good soulful song... Yes, Yuri Loza truly a master of his craft! It’s a pity that today they don’t write such things anymore ... Composition "Mother writes" deserves publicity, as it gets, in the end, to the very heart of the listener ...

"Baba Luba"

«Baba Lyuba understands me because he loves rock and roll, just like me!” - another positive hit from vinesworth listening to!


“Road, road, pits and sharp turns. Road, road, long road - life ... "- songs Yuri Eduardovich always with deep meaning, as well as with unobtrusive sadness ...


Any comments are superfluous here ... Unless - at vines a sea of beautiful songs with soul and for the soul! And composition "Again" only confirms this... To have such purity and depth of voice is a truly world-class talent. The creativity of this man is simply amazing ...

"Performance list"

And we will end our selection with a wonderful song "Performance list"!

"On a spitting deserted half-station
Far from big roads and lines
Young roguish gypsy
With a dirty finger she drove along my arm ... "

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