The best songs of Yuri Loza - remember, listen and enjoy

Today we decided to recall the best songs of this outstanding artist! An artist who managed to prove to the entire Soviet Union that he has talent and soul...

A selection of the main hits of Yuri Loza

Yuri Lozadomestic singer, composer, songwriter in bard rock… During the period 80-90s years, this man won the fiery love of the Russian public: Yuri Eduardovich inspired listeners with his simple manner of performance (without pathos), as well as sincere, warm texts ... The performer himself has repeatedly stated that his goal was not “flickering on the screen”, but “live communication with their fans…” When asked where he draws inspiration for his songs, Loza answered briefly and simply: “often life itself becomes the main source of inspiration ...”

Today we decided to remember best songs this outstanding artist! The artist who managed to prove everything Soviet Unionthat he has talent and soul… His songs have not lost their relevance to this day: they still sound powerful and melodious in the minds of loyal fans, and also gain new life in the performance of young talents…


Without this legendary composition it would be impossible to imagine our today's list! Song "The Raft" has long become the hallmark of the artist: Vine wrote it early 80swhen working in a group "Integral". Yuri Eduardovich suggested Bari Alibasov this work, but ... it did not impress him. And most likely for the better...

Composition "Raft" got mad success in 1988, during the period of Loza's solo work!

As a result, the song did not just decorate the album "What is said is said", but also became a popular hit in Russia for many years to come ... Subsequently, "The Raft" was included in the soundtrack to the film "Cargo 200", and was also named a Russian classic by the magazine "Russian reporter".


This song can be described as a chic lyric...

“The fifth day is slush everywhere,
But she doesn't make me angry
No one to hide tears from
No one to share troubles with ... "

"Oh, what legs!"

An amazing song that for many years has led some listeners to the question: “Why exactly“ legs ”?” Well, it is difficult to give an answer: perhaps the whole point is simply that Yuri Loza, like any other man, has his own priorities for female beauty ...


“Life has turned its back on the pub…” is a rather ironic song with a deep message. In it, Vine honestly and openly sings about people (not about all, but about many), about their lives ... “Green longing is nearby ...” - this work ends on such a positive note.

"What is said is said"

Another very famous work of the artist:

"What is said is said,
What is done is done,
Now it is clear to everyone -
Who is right, who is wrong...

"Gypsy Soul"

An insightful song, the hero of which asks his mother a question before setting off on the road: “Where did the gypsy soul come from in me from an early age?”

"In memory of Vysotsky"

This composition needs no introduction: in the text of this song Yuri Loza in your own style says goodbye to Vladimir Vysotsky

"Sing My Guitar"

And this is absolute hitwhich everyone certainly knows, from young to old. It seems that Yuri Eduardovich sings with his soul, and not with his voice ... However, he does not know how otherwise, fortunately.

The composition is incredibly touching, penetrating into the very soul ... A magical melody! In a word, a classic for the ages.

"Baby Eyes"

"How afraid to meet
Your cold gaze
Only he, our third,
I have always been happy…”

In fact, this is a very soulful song that unfolds a touching story in front of the listener: a husband and wife realize that they are tired of each other. They decide to break up, but they have a child... This fact is very upsetting for the main character of the composition...

"Rubber Days"

One of the early songs of Yuri Eduardovich, which perfectly complemented the album "Yearning". We listen and enjoy: in this song, Vine sings about the routine and monotony of everyday life, which he calls simply and concisely - "rubber days":

"And again the time is running,
We are losing him badly.
And life flows slowly
Much like life…”


This is actually a very deep song... Unfortunately, this happens often in life. And a song "Bitch" once again proves that creativity Yuri Loza full of real meaning and life philosophy...

“The wife blooms and swells like a muffin,
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
And I realized that there is no love to the grave,
And there are only big words…”

"Time flies fast"

Why songs Yuri Loza so loved, simply adored by many listeners after so many years? The answer is simple: because in his songs there is everything - love, separation, loneliness - everything that everyone goes through ...

"Hundred Hours"

And the composition completes our selection "Hundred Hours".

"One Hundred Hours" is a great soulful song timeless classic… Today, unfortunately, they don’t write such things — fashion dictates the primitive. It's a pity. It's safe to say that this is another song Yuri Loza with meaning. And Yuri Eduardovich himself - who is really pleasant, and most importantly - I want to listen!


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