He was incredibly popular, and then suddenly disappeared from view - what happened to Yuri Shatunov

How did the fate of the boy from the boarding school, who was listened to by the whole country?

The Story of Yuri Shatunov - from boarding school to the resounding success with "Tender May

Childhood Yuri Shatunov was marred by a lack of parental love and affection. Or rather, a complete lack of them. absence. He went to boarding school and was understandably a troubled teenager. But fate brought him together with people who helped the family-impoverished boy find his own happiness. As a vocalist "Tender May."The Shatunov was no longer suffering from a lack of attention - the distraught admirers literally followed their idol on his heels! However, at the peak of his popularity, the "blue-eyed beauty singing about white roses" suddenly disappeared. Like fate the guy from the boarding school that the whole country listened to?

Early years: a difficult childhood, boarding school

Vera Shatunova with little Yury in her arms
Vera Shatunova with little Yury in her arms

Yura was born in 1973 year in the small town of Kumertau. His parents, Vera Shatunova and Vasily KlimenkoThey often quarreled, and they had no time or desire for their son... Yura grew up with his grandparents. When his grandmother passed away, his mother took him away, but at that time she had a new man who could not accept someone else's son. Soon the boy began run away out of the house. For a while he lived at the Aunt Ninahis mother's sister. According to her recollections, Yury had no musical education, but he was excellent hearing since birth. The boy could easily play any melody on the guitar or harmonica, and often staged entertaining performances for the neighbors!

Yura Shatunov
Yura Shatunov

Vera Shatunova was preoccupied exclusively with her personal life, and therefore assigned her son to boarding school. It happened in 1982 The woman passed away shortly afterwards. Alas, the woman soon passed away. Since his father had a new family, no one was interested in raising the boy... The only person, whose doors were always open to him, remained Aunt Nina.

Yura Shatunov
Yura Shatunov

In the mid-1980s, Jura began run away from the boarding school, and eventually the police became interested in the young homeless person. It is unknown how the fate of the future artist would have turned out had it not been for Valentina Tazekenova: She took pity on the boy and placed him in the orphanage, of which she was the director, under her own responsibility. Soon the woman was transferred to Orenburgwhere she went with her ward. It was a fateful for Jura's turn...

The Way to a Better Life: The Emergence of Tender May

"Tender May"
"Tender May"

Valentina didn't let it go to waste. talent Yura, and soon offered him the role of vocalist to the musical group at the boarding school! The musician played no small part, either. Slava Ponomarev - a former pupil of Tazekenova: he saw in Shatunov not only a beautiful vocal, but also an attractive appearanceHe was not wrong: he had a lot of time and money. And he did not fail: success "Tender May" was almost instantaneous, and all thanks to the participation of Yura...

The first performance was held at the Orenburg House of Culture in 1986 year. Sergey KuznetsovHe was the head of the music studio at the boarding school and wrote the songs that Yura touched and tenderly sang in public.

Yura Shatunov
Yura Shatunov

At first, the domestic boy band conquered the expanse of Orenburg, and soon its popularity spread to other cities! Through the efforts of a certain Viktor Bakhtin, the records of the orphans ended up in the hands of To Andrei Razin - to the manager of Mirage at the time! Razin was hooked not only by Shatunov's vocals, but also by the sad history of the band and the concept of the project - pretty boys from boarding school singing about youthful love... It couldn't help but please the audience of those years.

A resounding success

"Tender May"
"Tender May"

Back to top 1990s the band already had over ten albums under their belt! Hits such as "Gray night" and "White Rose"The romantic melodies of Lasky Maya were beloved all over the world. The romantic melodies of Tender May were beloved throughout the RussiaThe girls, in particular, were literally crazy about the charming vocalist with blue eyes. This kind of excitement led to a lot of rumors and legends about Shatunova. For example, some people saw the boy as bearing a clear resemblance to the Elvis Presleywhich is why they even considered him to be extramarital the son of the king of rock and roll!

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

At that time, a group of guys from a children's home was something completely new and fresh for the country. The success was deafeningand many critics referred to Tender Mai as the first domestic boyz band.

There was even a tour of the USAHowever, it turned out to be the last for the collective: soon Shatunov decides to leave From the group. 18 year old The boy felt that he could no longer be in the image of a boarding school boy. Yuri wanted to move on, but had no idea where exactly...

Life after - where the idol of Soviet youth disappeared to

Yura Shatunov
Yura Shatunov

As might be expected, after Jura's departure "Tender May" stopped his existence. The guy himself took on the image of a hermit, and for a time "lay low." in Sochi, where he enjoyed a long-awaited break from exhausting rehearsals and touring.

Yuri Shatunov
Yuri Shatunov

However, along with this his popularity began to decline rapidly, and soon there was a terrible accident: his comrade Mikhail Sukhomlinov was gone. An unknown man was driving a car when Yura and Misha were coming out of the entrance. The fire started, as a result of which Mikhail dead... Later the madman was detained: it turned out that he had mental problems, and his target was not Sukhomlinov at all, but Shatunov.

Eventually Yuri recovered from what had happened and returned to the stage. Under the leadership of Arkady Kudryashov, the singer moved to Germanywhere he earned a new army of fans. At the end of the 1990s, he learned to sound engineerand soon a succession of solo albums began. В 2021-м he recorded a joint track with a blogger Danya Milokhinwhich is called "Don't give up.". Unfortunately, what these two have in common one history - childhood at boarding school...

In 2005 The year Shatunov became acquainted with Svetlana. Shortly after the birth of my son. Dennis The couple got married, and in 2013 a baby girl was born Estella.

Yuri Shatunov, Andrei Razin with Dennis and Svetlana
Yuri Shatunov, Andrei Razin with Dennis and Svetlana

Alas, the life of an artist is full of scandals. And sometimes they come from places you don't expect them to come from... Andrei Razinwho helped Yuri get to Olympus and became the godfather of his son, banned Shatunov to perform the old hymns "of Tender May. The reason is that back in 2006 Razin bought the rights to almost 30 songs groups. In general, it is a very long and confusing story, shrouded in myth and controversy...

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