About the famous Soviet song "Behind the Fog": history and facts

"And I'm going, and I'm going for dreams, For the fog and the smell of the taiga..."

The history of the famous hit "Beyond the Fog" in 1964

"Beyond the Fog" - famous composition 1964 of the year. The Soviet poet and bard was the first to give his voice to this creation. Yuri Kukin. This composition brought him fame, putting a successful start to his career. In addition, the song has become a loud unofficial anthem for geologists and tourists.

History of creation

If you delve into the history of this work, we can conclude that it began in the middle of the last century. domestic bard Yuri Kukin wrote the famous lines to a chic melody that was born from the pen of an Italian composer Virgilio Panzuti. It was first played by a jazz guitarist from Denmark Jörgen Ingmannand she got the name "Dalla strada alle stelle (Angelina)". It happened in 1959.

Yuri Kukin - Soviet poet, musician and bard - wrote touching lyrics in the summer of 1964. Inspiration struck him right on the platform of a freight train, when Kukin was traveling from Leningrad to Mountain Shoria. This was his second geological journey. Curiously, the original composition included five couplets. But Yuri Alekseevich consulted with colleagues and left only two.

"And I'm going, and I'm going for dreams,
Behind the fog and the smell of the taiga ... "


The success of this creation was colossal. The song was first performed in 1964 by the author himself. Thanks to a pleasant melody and gentle, soulful lyrics, she quickly won the hearts of Soviet listeners. Later performer and musician Alexey Ivashchenko will say:

"The secret to the success of this lyric is simple: it accurately depicted the hope of the public at the time!"

On the other hand, the journalist Dmitry Shevarov emphasized:

“Of course, all the subtleties of a bygone era cannot be found in these accessible lines. Nevertheless, the aroma of those years is tightly sealed in these lyrics, like a drink in a vessel ... "

Curious versions

We offer you to enjoy the most interesting and exciting versions of this hit performed by other performers.

It is important to emphasize: the melody of the already mentioned Virgilio Panzuti became the basis for many songs. Moreover, all of them were completely in different languages, for example: Italian "Dalla strada alle stelle" (Umberto Marcato), English "(I Don't Care) Only Love Me" (Steve Lawrence) and others.

A little about the author

Yuri Kukin
Yuri Kukin

Yuri Kukin - writer, musician and performer, bard, as well as just an outstanding person. Born in the Leningrad region in 1932. During the 60s Yuri Alekseevich was listed as a participant geological expeditions, later worked as a children's coach in figure skating. The man was fond of music from an early age, and closer to the beginning of the 50s he already wrote own songs. And now success came to him with the birth of the famous composition "Beyond the Fog". Another famous work in Kukin's career was the song "Paris".

Yuri Kukin passed away in 2011. The man lived a bright, eventful life and left behind a worthy legacy.

Interesting Facts

  • This composition brought its creator the high-profile title "Laureate of the First Leningrad Amateur Song Contest". It happened in the middle 60s.
  • Subsequently the phrase "follow the fog" gained particular popularity and became winged. It is used in dialogue when it comes to a trip in a love vein.
  • International Festival of Author's Song, which took place in Czech Republic, was named after this song.
  • This lyrics was performed by a Soviet singer Vladimir Makarov special for movie "Siberian" (1972).

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