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Who really was Mariska Veres?

The story of Mariska Veres (Shocking Blue)

Shocking Blue is a widely acclaimed Dutch band that has won the ardent love and recognition of listeners from all corners of the globe! "Deamon Lover", "Shocking You", "Venus" - forever remained "Shizgara" ... This is just a part of the musical heritage that we enjoy today. But what lies behind the powerful, penetrating female vocals? Who really was Mariska Veres? There were various rumors about her person, they say, the soloist was found in some kind of brothel, she was a dark-skinned American ... In life, Marishka was very far from all these gossip. Moreover, even the most devoted fans of her work to this day have no idea what this charming girl, the permanent “Shizgara” of her era, really was ...

The decisive moment of the case

Mariska Veres (Veres Mariska) – Shocking Blue
Mariska Veres (Veres Mariska) – Shocking Blue

Maria Elisabeth Ender - that was the name of Mariska Veres at birth - was born on October 1, 1947 in The Hague, the capital of South Holland. Her father was a Hungarian gypsy, and her mother had Russian-French roots. Being a conductor and part-time violinist, Lajos Veres instilled in both his daughters - Ilona and Mariska - a fiery love for music. The man took the girls with him to the performances of the gypsy ensemble, finding them far from the last place on the stage. However, a singing career was not part of the girls' plans at that time. Everything was decided by chance ... At the age of 16, Mariska became the winner of the talent competition, captivating the audience and the jury with her singing and powerful vocals for a tender age. Since then, she has developed a new image as a talented vocalist. They began to pay attention to her and eagerly tried to lure her into various musical groups. There were rumors that in her youth, the charming "Shizgara" managed to try on a waitress's apron and sing in a brothel, but they were far from reality. Yes, Mariska had a chance to perform in taverns, but her reputation remained impeccable ...

The formation of the legendary "Shizgara"

Mariska Veres (Veres Mariska) – Shocking Blue
Mariska Veres (Veres Mariska) – Shocking Blue

In addition to excellent vocal abilities, Mariska stunned the audience with her outward charm: a mop of thick dark hair, beautiful swarthy skin, an appetizing figure and huge expressive eyes ... It is not surprising that hordes of musicians expressed a passionate desire to collaborate with her. And some of them even received such a gift of fate. Before Veresh got into Shocking Blue, she managed to declare herself as a solo singer and even changed several groups.

Luck helped Marishka get into Shocking Blue. Initially, the team consisted of four members. However, the vocalist was sent to serve in the army, because of which the guys had to look for a replacement for him. Surprisingly, for some reason they decided to replace the brutal male vocals with female ones. And they didn't fail. It was in the composition with Mariska Veres that the group won worldwide fame! Their timeless hits, coming out one after another, became such popular hits that to this day modern performers continue to cover them. This even led to the fact that the younger generation of listeners probably no longer remembers, and perhaps even does not know who rightfully owns the original performance of such hits as "Love Buzz", "Demon lover", "Lonesome road" , Venus. However, the last composition has become a real gem of the Shocking Blue repertoire, their calling card, which many know for the catchy explosive chorus of "Shizgar". In fact, this song became the only incredibly famous super hit of the band, which blew up the world's top charts in its time.

Group breakup

Mariska Veres (Veres Mariska) – Shocking Blue
Mariska Veres (Veres Mariska) – Shocking Blue

In the mid-70s, the Shocking Blue group, which was at the peak of its fame at that time, broke up. This decision was taken by all participants unanimously. All of their countless producers expected masterpieces from the guys in the spirit of the world-famous "Shizgara", but the musicians flatly refused to produce hits in an endless variation of the same song.

“To be frank, I do not burn with the desire to sing the same “Venus” until the age of eighty, only with a slightly altered text. Upon his return from a tour of Japan and Indonesia, Robbie van Leeuwen developed jaundice. Naturally, he could not perform for a long time - something about six months. And then the guys and I talked and came to the conclusion that it was time for us to go our separate ways. Moreover, our last records were somehow tortured and came out far from being the most successful. And now, after waiting for the contract to expire, we finally erased all points of return, ”Marishka later shared with reporters.

Of course, there were attempts to revive the team by the producers, and even repeated ones, but they all ended in failure. Mariska devoted herself to building a solo career, and, of course, did not want to return to the team.

“Perhaps at that moment youthful pride played in me ...,” she later admitted, with obvious regret.

Unlike most pop singers, Mariska Veresh never had a penchant for addictions and habits, she was never seen in romance with musicians. She was an incredibly modest and shy girl, very vulnerable and naive at heart. Barely joining the team, Mariska immediately warned all the guys that they would never get any relationship other than professional. Perhaps, it was precisely because of her own pride and shyness that the great “Shizgara” never found female happiness. The singer has never been married, she never had children. Outside the stage, she adhered to a modest and very measured lifestyle, each time avoiding publicity.

Unfortunately, the singer was never able to repeat her legendary success, which she achieved in Shocking Blue. Mariska stubbornly continued to hold concerts and release singles. By the early 90s, she had released an entire album featuring jazz versions of old hits. However, the work remained almost unnoticed ...

Mariska Veres (Veres Mariska) – Shocking Blue
Mariska Veres (Veres Mariska) – Shocking Blue

Yes, of course, her tracks were played on radio channels. But, they did not cause special emotions among the listeners. In the prime of the 2000s, the singer took part in the recording of Andrei Serban's album My Gypsy Heart, and this was her last work. In the last years of her life, Veresh was very seriously ill. Doctors diagnosed cancer. She passed away in 2006. She was only 59 years old. Her departure went almost unnoticed. A few dry notes appeared in the press, but that's it. As for the listeners, by that time they already had new idols. Unfortunately, no one recognized the legends of the 1970s in Mariska Veres...


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