Foreign beauties who drove the whole Soviet Union crazy - Part Two

These are the most beautiful foreign singers who were unrealistically popular in the USSR - part two!

The Most Popular Foreign Singers in the USSR - Part Two

Today we continue to remember foreign beautiesthat almost the whole world was crazy about. Soviet Union! These ladies have fallen in love with a huge number of people thanks to their natural charisma, undeniable talent and... simply delightful appearance.

So: almost every inhabitant of our country knows them, and many ardently adore these ladies to this day. At one time there was a hunt for their posters and singles! And now, after decades, they are still our favorites... They are the most beautiful foreign singerswhich were unrealistically popular in the the USSR - part two!

Mariska Veres

Mariska Veres...
Mariska Veres

It may not have been as popular with us as those mentioned in the first part of Sandra or the same SabrinaBut the fans of the Marishki Veresch in the Soviet Union was enough. She was loved for her strong voice, searing appearance, beautiful eyes, and... "Shizgaroo."of course!

Soloist shock blue contributed to the success of the group, which before her arrival was not popular. It was with Marishka that the group began to record hits and simply charming compositions, which Veresh performed with incredible emotionality, depth... In our country this beauty is still remembered. And they love her!

Debbie Harry

Blondie: Debbie Harry
Blondie: Debbie Harry

Like the iconic blonde Debbie Harry! The legendary voice and face of the band blondie, this diva became famous for her incredible energy and manner of performance - so relaxed, lively and sexy.

Again, not everyone in the USSR listened to Blondie, but fans of Debbie Harry was enough. The girl won the hearts of the public with her charisma, strong voice, and beauty. In her youth, she fell in love with more than a dozen famous musicians, and those who knew her personally said in one voice: she is beautiful - both in appearance and in terms of human qualities.

Belinda Carlyle

Belinda Carlyle
Belinda Carlyle

Redheaded beauty Belinda Carlyle was a great success among domestic listeners! Her hit songs "Circle In The Sand." and "La Luna" was sung by one in three Soviet listeners. Belinda attracted attention with her extraordinary beauty and delightful voice, which is a pleasure to listen to...

Belinda's Path to Glory Wasn't easyDespite her outward charm and charisma. As a teenager, the girl rebelled, which in some ways helped her to be in the right place at the right time. She first rose to fame as a member of a punk rock band The Go-Go'sThe young beauty was a very popular girl, and then she declared herself to be a self-sufficient solo star. Alas, the wave of popularity struck the young beauty unexpectedly: in addition to fans, Carlyle acquired so-called "haters". Journalists did not stand aside, and often wrote all sorts of nastiness about Belinda. All this led to a serious addiction to substances, which took more than 10 years to get rid of...



Who in the USSR did not know about Cher? Everybody knew it! This bright, extravagant star conquered the world stage with her natural charisma and a voice that was hard to confuse with anyone else's...

She began her journey with her husband Sonny BonoWith whom they performed as part of the duo "Sonny and Cher". The project was a success, but Cher soon decided to pursue a solo career. Their marriage fell apart, but Cher had many discoveries and victories ahead of her... Today she is one of the most legendary singers of the 20th century!

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul

In the Soviet Union, they also loved the searing beauty Paula Abdul.. In particular, thanks to the colorful music video for the song "Opposites Attract"The music video was a great hit in many countries and has had over 25 million views to date. By the way: the music video enjoyed tremendous popularity in many countries, and to date has gathered more than 25 million views!

Paula Abdul - a real beauty, a strong-willed woman, and a very talented singer. It's hard not to love her!

Susie Quattro

Susie Quattro
Susie Quattro

In the USSR, not only performers of popular songs were loved. For example, many people liked (and still do) the "rock" hottie Susie Quattro. Her duet with Chris Norman - It's something out of this world... So much warmth, emotionality, sensuality... These two clearly made an alliance somewhere in heaven long before they ascended!

Susie Quattro is one of the most beloved foreign rock artists in our country. We are sure that many people had her posters. With her bold style, this diva, to some extent, also influenced the fashion of those years.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue in "Confide In Me" video
Kylie Minogue

And rounding out our list is the cutie Kylie Minoguewho began her career not long before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Nevertheless, her popularity has managed to touch our country, where the pretty young blonde has gained fans. Kylie's songs are light and beautiful. So does she herself. We are sure that many domestic listeners enjoy listening to them from time to time.

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