Foreign teetotaler rockers: Top 5 rock musicians leading a healthy lifestyle

About a third of all musicians in the world are considered clinical alcoholics, less - drug addicts, the rest also drink, but less often. Are there people who don't drink at all? It seems that only academic musicians playing classical melodies do not drink, but no, and there are exceptions among rockers. We've rounded up the top 5 most famous teetotaler rockers.

Top 5 non-drinking hardcore rockers

Is it possible to be a famous musician and not drink strong drinks? Certainly, Yes! The truth is that it's more complicated than it seems: if you're a star, then you're always surrounded by people who may be unpleasant to you, you have to rush from one city to another on endless tours, trying to write lyrics for the next albums along the way, and then you have to spend sleepless nights , recording albums themselves. Well, why not burn out and not start looking for solace?

The ones we're talking about today know how! We have compiled for you the top of the most healthy musicians. They simply crazy on a healthy lifestyle and want to stay healthy longer in order to please their fans with good music.

Gene Simmons

Jim Simmons
Jim Simmons from Kiss

Musicians of the band Kiss in makeup look like the spawn of hell. Because of this, it seems that the musicians indulge in a “hellish” lifestyle: they drink hopelessly and hammer everything they can into themselves. But appearance deceptive: as they say, don't judge Kiss by its cover, because Gene Simons is the band's frontman, a convinced teetotaler.

The Demon (alias Simmons) never was not real demon. Judge for yourself: the musician does not drink, never smoked or used, did not call anyone to this, and, most importantly, he was against this.

Jean Simmons believes that a person should control himself, and because of the use of substances this is impossible. In addition, the musician was never attracted by the idea of distort your consciousness. He knew it could help creativity. But will a developed addiction and all the consequences that follow from it? He understood where this was leading. And Simmons didn't want to. grieve your mom.

It is noteworthy that Simmons was offered to withdraw in advertising beer. And he agreed.

In advertising, he is called an expert in the field of "tastes", although the musician never drank beer.

Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull

Leader Jethro Tull had a negative attitude towards alcohol and substances. However, he did not need them - the artist always looked wild without them. Wild in a good way look his speech and understand what is meant.

In an interview, Anderson explained that specifically to him I do not like in those who drink or drug themselves:

“I don’t like the atmosphere that comes from drunks. It is difficult for me to interact with those who are not themselves. ”

Angus Young

Angus McKinnon Young
Angus McKinnon Young

AC/DC guitarist was also ardent adversary alcohol and drugs. Watching his older brother, Malcolm, drown in alcohol, Angus not only talked to his brother, urging him to stop, but also by force selected brother had a bottle, which often led to fights.

In an interview, Stuart Young recalled how the brothers swore due to alcohol. It got to the point that the brothers appeared at school with bruises, and when they were asked where they got it from, the guys answered that they were falling. They loved each other and tried to support, only occasionally overstepping the boundaries.

Malcolm Young
Malcolm Young

Angus influence forced Malcolm stop drinking. He did not quit smoking, but after the fist prophylaxis he did not drink for the rest of his life.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent

Nugent has always been teetotaler and never hid his contempt for alcohol, drugs and those who use it all:

“My mom and dad were alcoholics. As a kid, I didn't know they were addicts, I thought they were just drinking Tom Collins - whatever it was - or martinis with olives. Then when I got older and got into the world of serious rock 'n' roll, I was surrounded by people smoking and drinking."

Many fans are amazed how a musician manages to be in the very center of the mud and at the same time not drown in it. Here is what Nugent had to say about it:

“Some people are looking for the easy way out. I didn't search. Actually, I think it was just luck, because my brothers and sisters smoked and drank, and they were not even surrounded by all this rock and roll dirt. And I was"

Someone suggested that the musician communicated only with non-drinkers and non-smokers, so he himself could not get hooked. Nugent breaks this assumption:

“And now I will destroy this theory in the bud. Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones) has been the biggest influence on my work. But at the same time, he was always high. But he grinds emotions so deeply. Almost everyone who influenced me was high most of the time. But I admired what they did. They all staggered, but I admired them no matter what. Although he himself understood what it all led to and how they ruined their health. I didn’t want to behave the same way, despite all the advantages for creativity.”

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins
Henry Rollins

Singer Henry Rollins inspired an example of Ted Nugent, who showed that you don't have to be drunk to be a great artist. While still at school, Rollins tried illegal substances and booze, but he didn't like it. He didn't go back to it again.

But the musician has another addiction - gym. When Rollins first came there, he immediately understood - this is love for life. When a musician goes on tour, first of all he thinks about how he will be walk to the gym in between performances. When signing a contract, he always puts as a special condition the possibility visit rocking chair Without it, he refuses to perform.

In 2022, the musician will turn 61 years old, but he is still swinging:

“Iron is my best friend. It never throws a temper tantrum, it never runs away from me, and it never lies to me.”


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