Seven Cinema Songs Performed by Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya

Zhanna Germanovna started singing in her childhood: she was born in 1950 in Saratov region. She studied a lot, performed with the ensemble "Singing Hearts", collaborated with "Mosfilm", which gave us such worthy hits as "Call Me, Call Me", "Fortune Teller" and many others.

These songs still give me goosebumps - Famous movie hits performed by Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya

This woman is known by every domestic music lover. For many years Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya delighted the public film chartsthat to this day give me goosebumps! Listeners won't lie: her voice is one of the strongest, phenomenal and touching on our stage! Rozhdestvenskaya's vocal range is 4 octaves! It is not for nothing that the songs she sings have gained a timeless status.

Zhanna Germanovna began to sing as a child: She was born in 1950 in Saratov region. She studied a lot, performed with the ensemble "Singing Hearts", collaborated with the "Mosfilm."which gave us such worthy hits as "Call Me, Call Me", "Fortune Teller". and many others. In the late '60s, Rozhdestvenskaya experienced all the pleasures of motherhood - she gave birth to daughter Olga! She followed in her mother's footsteps and also became a performer: her songs can be heard in some popular movies, for example, she sang the famous song "Ah, the rivers in Africa are this wide!" in the movie "About Little Red Riding Hood"!

But today we will enjoy the unparalleled singing talent of Jeanne Hermanovna. We have tried to collect the most popular, ingenious and still dearly beloved the public with her film clips!

"Fortune Teller."

Galina Belyaeva
Galina Belyaeva

Who saw the Soviet film "Ah, vaudeville, vaudeville..."He knows for sure that this film is rich in beautiful melodies! But the most memorable was The song about "Fortune Teller", the execution of which is accompanied by spectacular scene with "gypsy" dancing:

This song. Zhanna Germanovna performed in conjunction with the Lyudmila Larina. It came out very dynamic, powerful, incendiary! By the way: the beautiful lyrics were written Leonid DerbenyovBut the music By Maxim Dunaevsky.

"The Jester's Song."

"The Jester's Song." was also heard in the movie "Ah, vaudeville, vaudeville...".

Cinematographer Alexander Fedorov once said: this artistically modest film has imprinted itself on the hearts of its viewers for three reasons - Dunayevsky's hits, the stunning performance of the young Galina Belyaeva, and the vocals Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya.

"I'll go to the mirror."

New Year musical comedy "The Magicians." Many people remembered it for its gorgeous soundtrack: VIA "Dobry Molodtsy" and Irina Otieva sounded here... And, of course, the legendary composition "I'll go to the mirror." performed by Rozhdestvenskaya.

"Two Roads Crossing."

This song is played in the movie "It's the other way around.".

The movie about high school studentswho have suddenly decided to get marriedThe film was not a great masterpiece, but the music still touches the hearts of listeners today. It was not a great masterpiece, but the music from the film still touches the hearts of listeners.

"Lady Jane's Song."

Movie "June 31." became one of the most significant works of the director Leonid Kvinikhidze and composer Alexandra Zatsepin. In it, the famous "Lady Jane's Song.", showing the vocal superiority of Rozhdestvenskaya!

"Call me, call me."

Movie "Carnival" is perfectly familiar to all domestic viewers (well, almost)! The main role in it was played by Irina Muravyevaand for years the public thought it was her singing the famous song "Call me, call me."!

Of course, not everyone thought so. But there were still those who were very surprised information that the composition is actually performed by Zhanna Germanovna!

"Aria Star."

This is perhaps one of the most unsurpassed and powerful works in Nativity's repertoire! "Aria Star." is admirable, and remains one of the most difficult to perform.


Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya
Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya

Vocal Performance Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya is peerless! Her voice is easily recognized by everyone! It's what you hear in every performance. "Juno and Avos" in the aria of the Blessed Virgin - no one can reach such heights. Moreover, such voices appear once every 100 years! No wonder the diva herself Alla Borisovna Pugacheva - saw a strong one at Christmas competitor. Alas, at some point Rozhdestvenskaya stopped being invited to movies and television, and soon she was forced to retreat into the shadows...

Zhanna Germanovna is not the kind of person who will intrigue and compete in the dirtiest ways. She quiet, bright and Chaste woman. To disappear from sight - it was better for her. Of course it was. negatively In the 1990s she got a job as a vocal coach, but only with the help of Alexey Rybnikov. The star of Pugacheva, and later of her daughter Kristina, shone on the national stage! And many listeners, even composers do not agree with this injustice.

Everyone who has worked with Rozhdestvenskaya says with one voice: she is phenomenal.! Fans write on the forums: if Zhanna Germanovna were a tougher person, her career would have been fine! But Rozhdestvenskaya preferred save your nerves and just enjoy life and the contribution she has made to our film industry. And that's a choice she deserves of respectas is her work!


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