Victory at Eurovision 2021: everything about the track "Zitti E Buoni" by the Italians Måneskin, as well as about the crown performance at the competition

“We think this event has brought relief to the whole of Europe…” said leader Måneskin, referring to all the terrible consequences of the pandemic… “It was really incredible, the whole event… This Eurovision will be a bright beacon! »

About the song "Zitti E Buoni" by Måneskin: idea, video, victory at Eurovision 2021

«Zitti e Buoni" - song by the Italian band Maneskin, with which the guys won the international song contest "Eurovision-2021"! By the way: this is the third time that Italy has won the famous competition, and the first since Toto Cutugno won this award in 1990. “We just want to tell the whole of Europe, the whole world that rock and roll never dies!” Damiano Davidwhen the band took the trophy... Many viewers were satisfied with the victory of Italy, because the rock band really gave everything on stage one hundred percent (and maybe more...) For Måneskin's homeland, their victory was a huge breakthrough forward: everyone who supported them, - even journalists - applauded the team with tears in their eyes ... Of course - only with joy. bassist Victoria De Angelis commented:

“This is a message of hope after a difficult year we have gone through…” (The event was not held in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, with Italy being one of the hardest hit countries in Europe).


The Måneskin members themselves were surprised by their own victory: yes, the rock song "Zitti e Buoni” is not like the now popular kitsch-pop that Eurovision is famous for. But the victory of the Italian team proves once again that in addition to the established standards, the competition also takes into account the quality of music...

A little about the group

Maneskin Group
Maneskin Group

Maneskin - an Italian rock band that became famous all over the world thanks to its participation and victory in 65th Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam May 22, 2021 at the Rotterdam Ahoy arena. Their song scored 524 points in the final, which was broadcast throughout Europe and around the world. By the way: last year's contest was canceled due to the pandemic, and in 2021 many countries decided to send the same artists as in 2020thbut only with new songs. As a result, the Italian rock band won the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam! The members of Måneskin wrote the breakthrough track themselves. And although the title of the song is translated as "Be quiet”, it is very deceptive, because the mere performance of the Italians is already a heavy rock number! Bare-chested, heavy music and a lot of fireworks - Måneskin delighted the entire European public ...

Måneskin is the first band to win a song contest with 2006. The Italians, who were initially favorites to win, fought off tough competition from France and Switzerland to claim Italy's third win in this tough competition...

About the song

Maneskin Group
Maneskin Group

The winning track Måneskin translates to "shut up" or "be quiet" and "be good". This is a phrase often used to refer to discipline. However, despite the "quiet" title, the song "Zitti e Buoniabout standing out by going against society's expectations and established rules… Lyrics "Zitti e Buonihas been described as "a manifesto for those who want to appreciate their uniqueness". True, for the Eurovision final, some lines had to be changed, as they contained censorship ...



On stage after the victory of the frontman of the group, Damiano David, shouted into the microphone: “We just wanted to tell the whole of Europe, the whole world that rock and roll never dies!” The Italians literally set the stage on fire with naked punk funk rock, which they performed in their own language. As a result, they were on fourth place after a national jury vote that left Switzerland ahead before a huge public vote put them in first place… Opening a bottle of champagne with his bandmates during a press conference, David said that victory would not only benefit Italy, but the whole Europe:

“We think this event has brought relief to the whole of Europe…” said leader Måneskin, referring to all the terrible consequences of the pandemic… “It was really incredible, the whole event… This Eurovision will be a shining beacon!”

According to the New York Times, an Italian journalist said of the Italian victory: “After everything that happened, we had such a bad year with all the deaths in Bergamo… This is a new beginning! Brava, Italy!

A limited number of fans were allowed into the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, with 3500 individuals were required to provide proof of a negative Covid test before admission. But that didn't stop the fans from coming and celebrating with Måneskin! So, a huge crowd of people watched the performance of the finalists live ... It remains only to imagine their delight ...

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