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A little about the creator of unreal space music...

Meet Tom Misch! Success Story, Clips and Songs

London-based producer, singer and songwriter Tom Mish seamlessly blends hip-hop rhythms with soulful vocals and exciting guitar riffs... We suggest delving into the musician's biography and getting to know his unique genius!

Biography of the musician

Tom Misch grew up in a home where creativity was encouraged. His parents, an artist and a psychiatrist, knew from an early age that their son would become a musician. One day Tom came home from school, called his whole family into the living room, and put on a captivating performance of Patrick Watson's "Man Like You." You have to agree, not every kid is interested in this kind of music!

It can be said that Tom's musical career began at the tender age of four. At that time he already knew how to play the violin, and he absolutely delighted everybody... At the age of nine, he became seriously interested in playing the guitar! Tom literally never let the six-string instrument out of his hands, as he later recalled:

"I spent all my free time playing chords and layers! That period whetted my appetite... Even in high school I decided that I wanted to spend my life creating beats and making music...".

While in elementary school Tom was inspired by rock bands such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana, in his teens he discovered hip-hop music with its dynamic beats and vivid lyrics! His idol was rapper J Dilla, whose music helped Tom to form his own unique style.

First Success

Tom succinctly blended guitar parts with the neo-soul and J Dilla style, and put them through his own musical blender! So, the 17-year-old kid from London started recording his first house beats. Tom posted the tracks on the online platform SoundCloud. One of the recordings attracted the attention of an influential Berlin beatmaker, and he shared it... And the rest is as usual: the reposting was followed by a surge of public interest in Tom Misch's music. And now our hero is already working with a young London band, whose members share his sensitive, soulful, deeply melodic and emotional approach to music.

Musical career

Tom Misch
Tom Misch

Soon Tom's music began to be in demand among young rappers. Already in 2014 Mish released a mini album Out to Sea, recorded not without the help of singer Carmody. That same year, Beat Tape 1, a collection of instrumental tracks, was released. The recording "Dilla Love" was a kind of tribute to his idol... In July, Tom released his debut single titled "Memory".

In 2016 the album Reverie was released. Here Tom mixed different styles with hip-hop and pop music, and even took the lead vocals on several tracks!

In 2017, the mini-album Mischon was released. The record included only 5 tracks, recorded in 5 days. The same Carmody, Will Heard, saxophonist Kaidi Akinnibi, Toby Tripp... In the same year Tom recorded with Ben Coyle Larner the single "Damselfly".

In 2018, Tom Misch released his debut full-length album Geography with the singles "Movie" and "Lost in Paris."

Music videos

Not long ago, Tom collaborated with Michael Kiwanuka, with whom they shot a cool music video:

Probably by early 2020, the musician's most popular song is - It Runs Through Me.

The music video for the song "Nightrider" (& Yussef Dayes) is popular among YouTube users...

And also a music video for the song "Kiev"!

As for the musician's personal life, it is classified. Tom Misch does not like to give interviews, explaining it very simply:

"I'm not a talker. I'm here to make music! People know me, my music, and that's enough."

Tom Misch concerts

Tom Misch - Live at Melt Festival 2017

Tom Misch - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


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