An unusual condition that the cast of the film "Starfleet" put to the director

The cast agreed to star without any clothes in the famous scene on only one condition: Paul Verhoeven must also be completely naked.

"Starfleet": interesting facts about Paul Verhoeven's film

In 1997 The year a very controversial film was released in the U.S. "Star Troopers."The film was not well received either by the critics or the audience. The film was not positively received either by critics or by the audience. The film was originally directed by Paul Verhoeven was accused of promoting fascism, but years later "Star Troopers." was universally acclaimed and even called underappreciated masterpiece of his time.

It's because people realized that the director Paul Verhoeven tried to convey to the audience by disguising a bleak future - in fact, a warning - as a meaningless action movie.

Star Troopers, 1997.
"Star Trooper, 1997.

Today we are going to tell you a lot of interesting the factsWe'll find out what kind of film we're making, what kind of movie we're shooting, and what kind of condition put Paul Verhoeven actors "Desant.".

"Starfleet" is one of the best movie satires of the '90s.

The film is based on the eponymous novel 1959 RA. Heinlein's wraparound. Action the film takes place in 23 century And tells the story Johnny Rico and his friends, who serve in the army under the world government of Earth, known as the United Civilian Federation.

Johnny Rico and his friends. "Starfleet, 1997.
Johnny Rico and his friends. "Starfleet, 1997.

As mankind explores and colonizes outer space, they enter the conflict with an alien species known as "arachnids," leading to an "interstellar war.

As in Verhoeven's previous films, such as "Robocop."he makes a statement about authoritarianism. "Star Troopers." - is satire, and he is acutely aware of his message against right-wing militarism and fascism. Although many scenes in the film seem to glorify brutality, they do so only because they were intended to be her condemnations.

A still from the movie "Starfleet. Johnny Rico and the arachnid.
A still from the movie "Starfleet. Johnny Rico and the arachnid.

Actually "Star Troopers." - it's a fun dystopian comedywhich shows the dangers of violent thinking. The fact that critics have failed to identify this aspect of the story over the years is a testament to how well it works.

An unusual condition to which Paul Verhoeven was forced to agree

In the director's commentary on the film, there is an interesting anecdote about an apocryphal incident during a mixed shower scenes Marines.

The cast agreed to star without any clothes in the famous scene on only one condition: Paul Verhoeven must also be fully undressed.

"Yes, of course I did. And it helped! My cameraman Jost Vacano and I, we got naked, and of course everyone started laughing. Then we shot the scene with no problem. Jost had no problem with it, as this kind of liberated atmosphere was familiar to him almost from his childhood. It was a little more difficult for me, but I said to Yost, "Hey, we need to set an example..." He said: "Sure," and boom!" - recalled proudly the director of Starfleet.

"Star Troopers. The Shower Scene
"Star Troopers. The shower scene.

Verhoeven always with joy confirms the fact that he, too, stripped down to calm the nervous young actors.

On the ComiCon in 2014 year in Toronto. Casper Van Dean and Dina Meyer (aka Rico and Dizzy) confirmed the long-standing legend that the actors refused to strip unless their director did the same (although Paul Verhoeven had to stay behind the camera while he was naked).

Casper Van Dien and Dina Meyer (ComiCon, 2014)
Casper Van Dien and Dina Meyer (ComiCon, 2014).

"There were probably about 100 people in the room," Dina Meyer recalls, "and Paul was like, 'Before we start shooting, we want you guys to take everything off and stop embarrassing yourselves.' So, he actually had us do sort of a fashion show without fashion. We were a little reluctant to take our clothes off, and Paul said: "I don't understand you Americans! What's the big deal? Just do it, it's okay, no problem!".

Other interesting facts about the film that many people didn't even know

1. Paul Verhoeven could not read the book to the end.

The director knew he needed to read Heinlein's book before he started filming, but he only read a few chapters before giving up and quit reading. Then he asked Neumeier to tell him the rest of the book's story. Dislike Verhoeven to the book made him distrustful even of making the film, but Neumeier had the idea to convince Verhoeven to take on the project after all.

"It's really a pretty bad book," said Verhoven to Empire magazine.

2. The first scene of the film is a kind of parody on the Nazi propaganda film.

"Star Trooper" begins with a recruitment video for a mobile infantry unit that recreates the most famous propaganda film in history "Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will 1935. Images of eagles, waving flags, a wide row of troops in formation, and soldiers joyfully proclaiming that they would contribute to the "brave cause.

3. The role of Juan Rico could have been played by Mark Wahlberg.

Paul Verhoeven was looking for young actors that audiences would root for to support what he thought was a ridiculous premise. Verhoeven considered some up-and-coming movie stars for the lead role, but ultimately he found his Johnny Rico in Casper Van Dine.

Casper Van Dien as Juan (Johnny) Rico.
Casper Van Dien as Juan (Johnny) Rico.

"It's an idiotic story: young people going off to fight bugs. So I felt the human characters had to look like they were in the comic books. Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon were tried, but I was looking for a prototypical blond, white and arrogant, and Casper Van Dien was so close to the images I remembered from the Leni Riefenstahl films," Verhoeven said.

4. Arachnidov played himself Paul Verhoeven.

In the late '90s, computer graphics were still in their infancy, and there were still many difficulties in incorporating computer-generated creatures into live action scenes.

One such problem was that the actors complicated was to react correctly when there was no real physical presence on the set. The tried and tested solution was to use a tennis ball on a stick to indicate height, location, and direction of movement, and this was usually an effective method.

"Starfleet," a still from the film (1997)
"Starfleet," a still from the film (1997)

However, to evoke a more emotional and dramatic Feedback from their actors, Paul Verhovehimself became arachnid, and whenever an alien presence was required on the set, he would jump around, yell, curse and throw himself at his actors, hitting them right in the face.

5. A huge amount of real ammunition was used in the making of the film.

Although some people criticized the film's politics or its cruelty, no one ever said that "Star Troopers." looks cheap. It was a huge movie with a great cast. The battle scenes were so intense that more ammunitionthan in any other movie in history USA. The special effects used state-of-the-art computer-aided graphics combined with full-size Arachnid models.

All this amounted to a budget of over $100 million. Unfortunately, the film only grossed $121 million worldwide, which barely covered production and marketing costs. The studio was disappointed release, and Verhoeven's career was never the same again.

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