Shortparis - "The Call of the Lake" (2022): All about the album

Russian band Shortparis has shared the mini-album "Call of the Lake" (2022)

Album "The Call of the Lake" (2022) by Shortparis

Russian music band from St. Petersburg shared with her listeners her new mini-album, which has a unique and mysterious title "Call of the Lake" (2022). On the official album cover depicts a man with domes who entered the lake and caused all the fish to die. This cover tells us that by entering this man in the lake it would instantly become dead. The album "Call of the Lake" (2022) is essentially the soundtrack to the play "Watch Your Faces" based on the poem Andrei Voznesensky. Critics have only commented positively on "Watch Your Faces," especially liked vocal component.

Shortparis (2022)
Shortparis (2022)

As a reminder, the group Shortparis was formed in 2012, it consists of five talented musicians: Nikolai Komyagin, Alexander Ionin, Pavel Lesnikov, Danila Kholodkov and Alexander Kalyanov. The band plays a variety of styles, including post-pop, pop noir, avant-pop and in other compositions. Many Shortparis fans note that being at the live shows of the musicians their feelings beyond reality and can be compared to performative practices contemporary art.

As noted team members Shortparis, when they first started making music, they were playing something apprentice, a time when one was still undecided on the genre in which one wished to convey to the audience their thoughts. Nobody understood the first compositions of the band, but fortunately, it didn't stop them, they didn't stop rehearsed And after a while they gave out something serious, professional, thanks to which Shortparis got gigs and listeners. This story shows that whatever a person didn't takeYou have to see it through to the end, without stopping, sharpening their skills to eventually achieve success.

Thus, the students loved it mini-album "The Call of the Lake" (2022) by its semantic component. The band Shortparis, in fact, writes lyrics that are familiar to many, even someone with this subject never encountered will find something familiar in the band's songs. To date, the band's discography includes four full-length albumsThe last of which was presented to the public in 2021.


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