I Love You, Life (1956) - Mark Bernes-All About the Song

Curiously, this composition has long been loved and respected in Finland! Let's dive into the history of its creation...

The story of the song "I love you, life"

“I love you, life” is a composition, popular in the Soviet years, written by Konstantin Vanshenkin and music by Eduard Kolmanovsky. It was first performed in 1956 by Mark Bernes. Subsequently, many famous artists, such as Iosif Kobzon and Edita Piekha, covered it ... Few people know, but it was she who was the most beloved for Yuri Gagarin! The legendary Soviet cosmonaut once said:

“When I was going to the spaceport, a rather serious question arose: what kind of musical tape recordings should I take with me? A variety of proposals from comrades rained down, but my heart entirely belonged to the composition “I love you, life” ... "

In 2020, amid the outbreak of coronavirus infection, the old domestic song has gained a new round of fame! And who would have thought that this would happen thanks to the Finnish policeman ... Actually, first things first.

History of creation

As already emphasized above, written to the verses of Konstantin Vanshenkin, this composition was intended specifically for Mark Bernes, the golden voice of the Soviet Union. In general, the song was firmly entrenched in the musician's repertoire until his death ...

Mark Bernes on stage
Mark Bernes on stage

It's no secret that every famous song has its own unique, and sometimes rather difficult fate... The fate of this particular work is extremely happy! True, it was not without difficulties ...

It is worth noting that the poems of Konstantin Vanshenkin, who in fact is the author of "I love you, life", were transferred to the composer Eduard Kolmanovsky by the Soviet singer Mark Bernes. Initially, Bernes himself first read them in the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. After that, the legendary artist lost his peace ... The poems completely settled in his head. The fact is that Mark Naumovich has long been looking for such a sharp turn of the theme, with which Vanshenkin endowed his creation. And so, he finally found his ideal ... Mark Bernes wanted to convey to the audience at all costs what he heard in these lines. Therefore, he immediately started looking for a composer.

Mark Bernes is by no means a "plagiarist". He did not just perform other people's texts and melodies - he was literally obsessed with art! And so, inspired by the poetic text, the artist began to offer it to composers. But with one condition: if he does not like the song, there can be no question of any right to offer it for publication or performance by other artists!

It turned out to be quite difficult to satisfy such a demanding musician with a subtle sense of beauty as Bernes ... He was offered about ten options written by recognized masters of their craft! But Bernes rejected everything. Including the early version of Kolmanovsky ... Later, Eduard Savelyevich recalled:

“Then I was not yet familiar with Vanshenkin, but his poems made a strong impression on me! This is a deep personal, one might say intimate experience ... It did not leave me indifferent. And so, I quickly wrote music to them. Bernes and I phoned and agreed to meet. I was very excited... When I started to play him a song, he shouted: “No! This is not it!” Then I was literally discouraged by this categoricalness! However, today I am truly grateful to Bernes for this…”

The second attempt and ... success!

As it is not difficult to guess, Bernes' categorical answer did not frighten the composer, but on the contrary, it motivated him! The feeling of dissatisfaction did not leave Kolmanovsky until the very moment when a new version of the song was recorded! And this time, Bernes liked her so much that his joy literally knew no bounds! Inspired by inspiration, he did not give rest to his comrades ...

For the first time this touching composition sounded on the radio. A little later it was published on a phonograph record. Much to the surprise of everyone who worked on it, it became a huge Soviet hit surprisingly very quickly! This was a rarity in those years: as a rule, each new work needed some time to reach a wide audience.

The hit poet himself, Konstantin Vanshenkin, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, died in December 2012. In addition to "I love you, life", during his lifetime this man became famous for such works as "How the steamers see off" and "Alyosha".

A new round of glory!

Many decades after its release, namely in April 2020, the composition, forgotten by many, has regained popularity! This happened thanks to a video that the police of the Finnish city of Oulu published on YouTube: on it we see how a policeman walks through an empty city and sings ... Yes, yes! The same work “I love you, life” (the Finnish version was called “Love life - a new day will come!”). By the way: this policeman turned out to be a certain Petrus Schroederus.

According to the authors of the idea themselves, it was this song that was performed in order to urge the local population to stay at home during the outbreak of the coronovirus infection! As for Petrus, after this video he became a local star! Many even see great potential as a singer in him!

Curiously, this composition has long been loved and respected in Finland. It was first introduced in this country back in 1962! Performed by Georg Ots. In the mid-90s, it was performed by Martti Ahtisaari in honor of the victory in the presidential elections! Already in the 2000s, it was recognized as one of the best-selling in the territory of the town of Suomi.

Interesting Facts

In fact, there are many truly exciting and beautiful stories associated with this composition! Let's remember some of them...

  • On a memorable April morning in 1961, the record "I love you, life" went with Yuri Gagarin into space! The choice of the Soviet pilot-cosmonaut fell on this song for a reason: strong and inspiring - it not only cheers up, but also helps to gain new strength!
  • A few years later, the World Congress of Women was held in the capital. In honor of this, several recordings of this composition were released: in English and French. Both versions were superbly performed by the esteemed Iosif Kobzon.
  • Few people know about this, but the song “I love you, life” literally saved the life of a group of Moscow skiing students! It happened in 1967, when a team of guys went astray and got lost in the Karelian forest. The frost was terrible - minus forty! The snowdrifts were so deep that you could break a leg! When the guys were discovered by the closing Valera Kalinin, they were already exhausted ... They seemed not to even hear him ... They were so exhausted ... Having tried to stir up the six at least somehow, and realizing that it was useless, Valera sang ". Nobody ever heard him sing! And was it some kind of magic, but the group began to come to its senses. In the end, they managed to get out of the forest.

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