Mark Bernes Sings (1968) - Mark Bernes

When listening to a song, there is a feeling that everything in it has merged into a single whole ... Poems cannot exist without music, just like music without verses! As for the lyrics, it is addressed to one of the most important components of a person's life - the Motherland...

The Mark Bernes album "Mark Bernes Sings" and the main hits from it: "Where the Motherland Begins", "Dark Night", "Enemies Burned Their Home"...

Mark Bernes is the most beloved artist of the Soviet Union, whose fame fell on the period of the 50s-60s ... He is often called an outstanding Russian chansonnier, and this is true! It was thanks to Bernes that the so-called "golden fund" of song classics was born on the territory of the USSR. But in today's article we will talk about one of the artist's albums, which is called "Mark Bernes Sings". Released on the Melodiya label, this record is notable for its content: such timeless works as “Where the Motherland Begins”, “Dark Night”, “Enemies Burned the Home House” were published on it ... And to this day, for many, this is music - so far away and so beautiful...

"Where does the Motherland begin"

Side "A" includes several instantly recognizable hits by Bernes at once ... Let's start with the composition "Where the Motherland Begins".

The work "Where the Motherland Begins", written by the composer Veniamin Efimovich Basner to the words of Mikhail Matusovsky, was first performed in the film "Shield and Sword" by Vladimir Basov in 1968. Subsequently, his title line became a popular cliché. And on the threshold of the 70s, schoolchildren even wrote an all-Union essay on literature on the topic “Where does the Motherland begin”!

When listening to a song, there is a feeling that everything in it has merged into a single whole ... Poems cannot exist without music, just like music without verses! As for the lyrics, it is addressed to one of the most important components of human life - the Motherland ... No wonder this composition found such an ardent response in the hearts of millions of people! The audience of the film cried while this soulful anthem sounded... Images close to every Russian person, expressive musical form, soulful voice of Bernes... All this merged into a single masterpiece that does not lose its relevance even after more than half a century.

In 1968, the composition became the main leitmotif of the tape, and a little later - its main character. Time passed, and with it, its popularity increased. It has become a national anthem, touching something intimate... "Where does the Motherland begin?" "What is the Motherland for you?" - Everyone answers these questions for himself.

"Dark night"

Earlier lyrics written by composer Nikita Bogoslovsky and poet Vladimir Agatov back in 1943. The song was created specifically for the film "Two Soldiers". Subsequently, like "Where the Motherland Begins", it became an independent anthem of the Soviet people! In addition, "Dark Night" is one of the most popular songs born during the Great Patriotic War ... In 2015, more than half a century after its appearance, this composition entered the top 30 most popular classical works of Russia.

And her story began with the fact that director Leonid Lukov could not manage to shoot a convincing shot where a soldier writes a letter ... Then the man made a decision: you need to write a song. Yes, such that tears well up in the eyes ... So that not only the viewer, but also the actor himself would be taken for the soul ... For help, Lukov turned to Bogoslovsky, who literally came up with the right melody on the go ... After they went to Agatov, who rather quickly wrote a text on it . And then the company went to Bernes right in the middle of the night! By the morning the soundtrack was ready. And so, the next day, the episode was filmed: night, rain, front-line dugout and a soulful song performed by Mark Bernes ...

There is a rather curious story connected with this song. So, even before the release of the film, Leonid Utyosov, without the knowledge of the authors of "Dark Night", recorded it on a disc ... Because of this, the moment of surprise was lost. However, it is Bernes's interpretation, surprisingly sincere and sincere, that is considered classical. Subsequently, whoever did not perform "Dark Night": Basta, Bi-2, Dima Bilan, Boris Grebenshchikov, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Zemfira and many, many others.

“Enemies burned their own hut” (“Praskovya”)

The decoration of side "B" was the composition "Enemies burned their own hut", also known as "Praskovya". The song was written by composer Matvey Blanter and poet Mikhail Isakovsky. She was remembered by many in the performance of Mark Bernes, but later entered the repertoire of many other famous artists.

To this day, "Praskovya" remains the most significant and popular work about the Great Patriotic War. The lyrics, like the music, are imbued with a sharp dramatic, and even tragic mood...

In the 40s, the composition hit the radio, performed by Vladimir Nechaev, but ... immediately it was banned due to "pessimistic moods." For a long time she hid in the underground of the Soviet stage, until in 1960 Mark Bernes ventured to perform. And as it turned out, he made the right decision! After a storm of applause from the hall, "Praskovya" again sounded throughout the USSR! First at the "Blue Light", and then at numerous concerts ... So, the once-forbidden composition became the artist's hallmark!

According to many literary critics and poets, "Enemies burned their own hut" is the pinnacle of domestic military lyrics.

We will also enjoy other works from the album "Mark Bernes Sings". And although there is little information about them on the Internet, this does not make them less beautiful and significant in the history of Soviet culture:

"I Work as a Magician"

"Song of Belgrade"



"Sad Song"


"Still Ahead"

"I'm in a hurry"

"When You Love"

"Airplanes Don't Fly By Themselves"

"Hello children"

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