"This is not love" - the most "fashionable" album of the band "Kino"

We tell you about the next masterpiece of the band "Kino" - the album "It's Not Love". Let's dwell on each song in order to appreciate the record on its own merits.

"This Is Not Love": creation story, audience reaction, and the meaning of each song

"Kino" is a legendary Soviet rock band of the 1980s, led and inspired by the Victor Tsoi. The band combined elements of Russian rock, postpunk and new wave in their work, winning the hearts of millions of listeners.

To his short history the band has recorded 10 studio albums, as well as released several compilation and live albums. Among the most popular and favourite songs bands - "Blood Group", "A Star Called Sun", "Cuckoo", "Want to Change" and many others.

The band "Kino"
The band "Kino"

Automotive the accident in 1990, which killed Viktor Tsoi, put an end to the band's existence. However, in 2020, the band revived and started giving concerts using a recording of Tsoi's voice.

Background and inspiration

"It's not love" - fourth studio album by the band Kino, recorded in 1985 at the studio of sound engineer Alexei Vishny. The album consists of 14 songsAmong them are such well-known compositions as "City", "Sasha", "Believe Me" and "Children of Passing Yards".

The band "Kino"
The band "Kino"

Album differentiated from the band's previous works with a lighter and more resonant sound, as well as lyrical themes of lyrics dedicated to love and relationships. The album was released in 1986 on the label "AnTrop." and became one of the band's most popular and sought-after albums. In 2017, the album received reissue on the First Music Publishing label.

The band "Kino"
The band "Kino"

Musicians inspired from a variety of sources. Viktor Tsoi composed many love songs, which he wanted to record in a separate album. He was also the author of covers of a scrapbook he made from a photograph of a girl in a foreign art magazine.

Kino's album "It's Not Love."
Kino's album "It's Not Love."

Alexander Titov recorded all the bass guitar parts on the album in one day. Sound engineer Alexey Cherry created an atmosphere of fun and comfort for the musicians and used the latest equipment for recording. Yuri Kasparyan and Cherry tuned up drum machinewhich gave the album a modern sound. Georgiy Guryanov performed some backing vocals. Igor Tikhomirov did not take part in the recording of this album, but later played bass guitar on two songs that were included in the reissue. The recording of the album lasted only a few weeks and the musicians were completely happy with the result.

Track list

The band "Kino" in 1990
The band "Kino" in 1990

Here's a look at the tracks from the album and their background together....

"It's not love."

The song "It's Not Love" gave title a record. It's lyrical a composition about unhappy love and dreams. Viktor Tsoi sings about how he is in love with a girl who ignores him and goes around with someone else. He stands under her window and asks her to teach him everything she knows. He says he can't take it anymore and may die of love. But he realises himself that this is not love, but just a desire or admiration.

The song is often performed at Kino concerts, but no music video was made for it. But a video for the song was made cover versions by different artists such as the Cartoons, Leonid Fedorov and Nike Borzov.


In this song, Tsoi stylised his work as a kind of American mid-twentieth century pop music, paying homage to artists such as Elvis Presley and Neil Sedaka.

The song describes joy and the excitement of the coming of spring, when "the sun is shining again" and "I can't stay at home". The song also has early a version recorded in the winter of 1982 with other musicians.

"Go away."

It's lyrical a composition that expresses feelings of disappointment and resentment from parting with a loved one. The composition includes the following sounds lines"Go away! Leave the phone and go... Go away! Leave the phone and go...".

The song was played in acoustic performed at a concert at the DK Svyazi in Leningrad in December 1986. It became one of the most popular and dear to the hearts of fans of the works of Viktor Tsoi and the band Kino.

"The City."

The lyrics and music of the song belong to to Viktor Tsoyu. The song expresses longing and loneliness in a cold and dark city where winter does not end. It has the sound of words: "I love this city, but winter is too long here. I love this city, but winter is too dark. I love this city, but it's so scary to be alone here."

The song was played on acoustic Viktor Tsoi's concerts in 1986-1987. It became one of the saddest and lyrical of Kino compositions.

"Wake up."

The song also has the title "It's love." (which is interesting, given the album title). It tells about a young man's feelings for the girl sleeping next to him. The song has lines like this: "Wake up, it's love", as if the lyrical hero is afraid that together with sleep will go away and the love of a girl to him.

A lot of listeners are very like this composition. Indeed, it is very beautiful and touching. Thanks to the gentle melody and the deep meaning of the words, we have no doubts in the sincerity of the lyrical hero.

"Next to me."

The song also bears the title "You look so unmodern.". This is an ironic piece about the discord in relationships and the difference in tastes.

Viktor Tsoi sings about how he wants to break up with a girl who calls him every day and won't change. He says that she looks so unmodern next to him and that he taught her for a year, but she didn't understand anything. The song shows how Viktor Tsoi knew how to play with words and meanings. It also reflects the spirit of timesWhen many people wanted to be fashionable and modern. Despite its deep meaning, the song is easy to remember and the melody itself is uplifting.

"I declare my home."

The song is also known as "Nuclear Free Zone.". The song expresses a protest against nuclear weapons and a desire to live in peace. This is reflected in the lyrics: "I see a house, I take chalk in my hands. There is no lock, but I hold the key. I declare my home a nuclear-free zone." In 2022, a new video clip for this song appeared on the official YouTube channel of the band Kino, which received a lot of good reviews reviews from the audience.

"I Declare My Home" was created specifically for the festivals The song was released by the Leningrad Rock Club in 1984 and was honoured as the best anti-war song. In addition, the composition was used in the song "Miraculous Nearby" of Russia rapper REECH (REECH).


The song "Sasha" was probably created in the 1983 of the year. She talks about friendship and support between two guys, one of whom is called Sasha.

One of the peculiarities of Kino's creativity - often recurring lines: "Sasha, you don't cry, you don't cry. Sasha, don't cry, don't cry. Sasha, don't cry, don't cry. Sasha, I'm with you."

"Trust me."

The song is one of the latterrecorded together with Alexander Titov on bass. В compositions is about wanting to be with your loved one in times of need.

The following lines - "Trust me! And I'll do whatever you want me to do. Trust me! I know we need to be together. Trust me! And I'll be with you in this fight. Give me everything you can give me," he said brightly. demonstrateshow strong the lyrical hero feels.

"Children of Passing Houses."

This song is one of the most socio-criticalthat was created by Viktor Tsoi and the band "Kino". It tells about the life of teenagers who do not belong to any social group and are just looking for their way.

Lines that won't leave anyone behind indifferent: "There are two colours: black and white. And there are shades of which there are more. But we don't care who's black, who's white. We children of the backyards will find our own colour".

"Music of the Waves."

The composition was probably created in 1983 and was included not only in the album "It's Not Love", but also in the record "46". The song expresses harmony with nature and the absence of civilisation.

The lyrical hero sees music everywhere: "I see the waves wash away the footprints in the sand. I hear the wind singing its strange song. I hear it playing on the strings of the trees. The music of the waves, the music of the wind." It can be assumed that he has much in common with Victor Tsoi himself.

"Allow me to..."

The song is about jealousies and a guy's insecurities about his girlfriend dancing with other men. It has lines like this: "I'm standing in a dark corner. I don't know what happened to me. So many men. And they all want to dance with you."

"The Kino don't stop at one issues in their art. They are multifaceted, they want to talk about many things: boyfriend-girlfriend love, jealousy, nuclear weapons, etc. In this and peculiarity of their creativity: everyone can find a song to their liking here.


The song also made it onto the album "Blood type." in 1988. It shows a guy walking along an avenue, not noticing the people around him and what is going on around him. He's completely cut off from everyone: "I'm walking down the avenue. I don't need anything. I put on my glasses. And I don't see anyone."

According to Tsoi himself, this composition is one of the weakest works that were written by "Kino" during their entire career.

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