50 Cent: From Poverty to Influential Rapper

The Story of the Legendary Curtis Jackson

50 Cent's life and music career

Today we will look at the biography and memorable moments of the most influential Hop-Hop artist 50 cent. Of course, it is impossible to describe all the achievements of Curtis Jackson in one article, we will highlight only the most striking and memorable moments from his life. Curtis Jackson lost his parents early, at that moment he was only 8 years old, he never saw his father and never took any interest in his fate. Already in high school Curtis started selling illegal substances, thus earning his living.

Rep. Curtis Jackson (50 cent)
Rep. Curtis Jackson (50 cent)

He was soon caught red-handed and convicted, but six months later he was released. Then he started recording raps about his tough gangster life. When fame first touched him, something happened that Curtis definitely didn't expect: he was literally shot. As he was sitting in his car, an unidentified man suddenly ran up to him and shot Curtis nine times.

50 cent in the hospital after an assassination attempt
50 cent in the hospital after an assassination attempt

The bullet knocked out several teeth and hit his tongue, Curtis Jackson almost lost his voice, his legs, chest and hip were also injured. After the incident, the rapper started wearing a bulletproof vest when he appeared in public. After his recovery, Curtis started to make music and began to earn good money from it.

Curtis Jackson (50 cent) in the mid noughties was playing at every party, was on the ringtones and was considered one of the most famous rappers. "In Da Club", "Candy Shop", "Peep Show", "Just a Lil Bit"... If you don't know these hits, you missed a whole era.

This era passed very quickly, abruptly and unnoticed, as if only yesterday we were transmitting these tracks on the IR port, and today 50 cent has already disappeared somewhere. Only real fans know about his state of affairs.

Eminem influenced Curtis Jackson's development as a musician

That's exactly what 50 cent himself says, Eminem has always been an optimist in his eyes.

Eminem and 50 cent
50 cent and Eminem

"No matter what happened, Eminem always took on difficult projects that no one else would have taken on. Part of my success is due to him," Jackson says.

So they made a sensational video called "You Don't Know," in which they portray particularly dangerous criminals.

Did the "sunset of your career" creep up unnoticed?

In fact, it's silly to talk about the end of his career, 50 cent just got caught up in a series of scandals, mostly related to money, which he said he was pecking at. The fame is gone, the "money is gone" (actually, it's not). The news of 50 Cent being bankrupt quickly went viral, it was the subject of jokes on the Internet. A little later, he managed to pay off all his debts. He also discovered that he once sold his "Animal Ambition" album for cryptocurrency and completely forgot to exchange his bitcoins for fiat, so he became the owner of $7 million. He confirmed all this on his Instagram page, but later wrote that it was a joke. Whether this is true or really a joke is anyone's guess.

Between Music and Film

Fans of 50 cent are seriously worried about the health of Curtis Jackson, because his photos, where he does not look like himself (very thin), appeared in the network.

50 cent is gearing up for the movie "Nothing Adds Up"
50 cent is gearing up for the movie "Nothing Adds Up"

It turned out that Curtis dropped his weight from 90 kilograms to 70 for the filming of a movie called "Nothing Adds Up". He went completely into the movies and started acting in many movies and TV series. It is also known that Curtis Jackson is engaged in entrepreneurial activities and maintains his Instagram page, which already has 26 million followers.

Curtis Jackson (50 cent) and Sylvester Stallone
Curtis Jackson (50 cent) and Sylvester Stallone

In 2018, the dynamic action film "Thief Hunt" with Curtis was released, a little later he starred with Sylvester Stallone in the film "Escape Plan 2", and a year later he already starred in "Escape Plan 3". At the moment the filming of "Thief Hunt 2" is already underway.

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