The Rolling Stones return with Hackney Diamonds - First Album in 7 years

Of course, the release event was far from the noisy image of the band of the 1960s and 70s, but still managed to amuse and interest the audience, as if to remind them that "the old guys are still in shape, and they still have a sense of humor"!

Hackney Diamonds album by The Rolling Stones: review, tracks, facts

Despite their cult status, it's been a long time since we've heard about this band I can't hear anything - well, if we're talking about studio releases. Yeah, in terms of touring rollingsThey have no equal: they have not stopped performing even nowadays, having passed the 60 years mark (since their foundation), and the participants themselves are not 20 years old anymore - in the summer of 2023, for example, Mick Jagger has turned 80! So their busy concert schedule gives The Rolling Stones a standing ovation. And yet: what about the albums?

In 2016, the Rolling Stones unveiled the following to the public "Blue and Lonesome" - an album of covers of old bluesman classics. And that was the end of it: there was a long lull that lasted for a long time. 7 years! But 2023 has decided to please loyal fans "Hackney Diamonds." - A novelty act that includes not just new tracks, but interesting collaborations...

"No Slow Down": Background and Creation

When asked why it took so long to get new material, Keith Richards responded to the reporter:

"Largely because of Mick, or rather his lack of enthusiasm..."

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger

The band presented their latest album of fresh original material in the distant 2005: "A Bigger Bang." did well in the charts, but few people knew that new material would have to wait almost 20 years! Yes, the Rolling Stones released singles from time to time, but the idea of a full album always seemed elusive... As Richards said about it:

"All these years we were performing a lot and, consequently, rehearsing a lot. As a rule - we met just for that, and the thought of recording seemed attractive, but also frightening... Then there was the pandemic, and it played a cruel trick on us: we lost momentum and concentration in the studio. We had a few finished songs, and then suddenly Charlie was gone..."

Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones

According to the guitarist, it was the most recent sad incident - the loss of a comrade and colleague - that became the incentive to a more serious approach to completing the material for the album.

"Charlie's departure definitely affected all of us, and Mika in particular. I could feel his dissatisfaction with the slow recording process growing. So we just got together and did what we had planned to do for a long time: we finally finished this album!"

Jagger's feelings are understandable: perhaps the vocalist was afraid that the band would just will not have time to complete started at this rate, because, after all, the Rolling Stones have been around a long time. not those young guysas they were at the beginning of their careers...

"Same old Rolling Stones": track list

The Rolling Stones

Total album included 12 tracks - so different, yet so similar in spirit. They all epitomize what The Rolling Stones have always been. With "Hackney Diamonds", the band didn't go for bold experiments or anything like that: on the contrary, they kind of showed the world that their style is the same as theirs adamant before trends and that they are not going to change themselves in the name of recognizing a younger generation. So if you were hoping to open with this Rolling Stones record. from a new angle - we have to disappoint you.

So - the album includes the following songs (not available on YouTube yet):


Get Close

Depending On You

Bite My Head Off

Whole Wide World

Dreamy Skies

Mess It Up

Live by the Sword

Driving Me Too Hard

Tell Me Straight

Sweet Sounds of Heaven

Rolling Stone Blues

Among the most interesting tracks are the opening track "Angry." (aka the first single) with Richards' peerless bass line, and "Bite My Head Off", written and recorded with the help of an old rival and fellow Rolling Stone, Paul McCartney. In general, a great many musicians were involved in the making of "Hackney Diamonds" - including Lady Gaga (vocals on "Sweet Sounds of Heaven") and Elton John (piano on "Get Close" and "Live by the Sword"). In honor of such a grand release, the Rolling Stones even reunited with their ex-bassist Bill Wyman.

The Rolling Stones. 1966
The Rolling Stones. 1966

The record is also notable for the fact that it includes two songsthat the band managed to record with Charlie WattsWe're talking about "Live By The Sword" and "Mess It Up". In a word - not a release, but a real holiday for music lovers! "The Stones gave their best 100%, having a real party in the studio with their old (and not quite) friends.

Witty PR

It was quite witty album PR - with the help of a fake glass repair company called Hackney Diamonds, which appeared in a London newspaper shortly before the release. The ad was full of passphrases and it looked like this:

"Hackney Diamonds are specialists in glass repair. Our company will open in September 2023."

Hackney Diamonds advertising campaign.
Hackney Diamonds advertising campaign.

Additional clues referred readers to to the songs of the band:

"Our friendly team promises you satisfaction. When you say 'give me shelter,' we'll fix your broken windows."

True fans quickly realized what it was tantalizing advertisements of the new album! Of course, the release event was far from the noisy image of the band of the 1960s and 70s, but still managed to cheer up and interest the audience, as if to remind them that "the old guys are still in shape, and they still have a sense of humor"!


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