"Did One Song Split the Beatles?" - A Fresh Look at the Affairs of Yesteryear

Is it true that the cult band was finally "finished" by just one song? Let's find out... How is it even possible? We offer to look into the bowels of history together and familiarize ourselves with the fact that many people have overlooked.

The song "Cold Turkey" and the breakup of The Beatles.

The Beatles - A band that certainly needs no introduction. As one of the most colorful and influential pioneers of the British Invasion, the Beatles breathed life into rock and became a major source of inspiration for legions of classic bands in the genre. Almost every rock giant - be it Ozzy Osbourne or Jimmy Page - will name the the Liverpool Four and her work as her primary vector at the beginning of her career. But nothing lasts forever. The Beatles' story was destined to end after 10 years of triumphant success and all the records they set (including the popularization of British rock in the West and the colossal influence they had on the Soviet musical community).

When, in April 1970, the Beatles' paths finally ("finally." - The media began hyping the obvious tension between the four members. But despite the countless illusions and theories created by the press and immediately picked up by grief-stricken fans, when the band went into the studio to put together their last two albums - "Abbey Road" and "Let It Be" - it was obvious: the bond between the once-close bandmates had been severed. lost. There was a serious struggle for power and creative freedom in the band ....

The Beatles
The Beatles

As seen in Peter Jackson's acclaimed documentary. "The Beatles: The Return" 2021 of the year, the most obvious tension arose between George Harrison and Paul McCartney as the former fought to have his compositions included on the new record. Meanwhile. John Lennon became more and more withdrawn and aloof, falling more and more under the influence of Yoko Ono and feeling an urgent need for solo realization. But is it true that the cult band was finally "finished" by just one song? Let's find out...

"John went into a completely different orbit..."

The Beatles, July 1968.The Beatles, July 1968.
The Beatles, July 1968.

After the untimely passing of The Beatles' favorite manager. Brian Epstein in August 1967, McCartney became the de facto leader of the group. His confident and professional demeanor, as well as his acute need to control the creative process, contributed to the natural and tacit appropriation of the title. Although his bandmates understood this, it was "one of the final nails in the Beatles' coffin" (as one of the Beatles' bandmates succinctly described it). British biographers).

Adult John Lennon
Adult John Lennon

Along with Harrison's desire to pursue a solo career and McCartney's increasingly stifling control, there was Lennon's inexorably growing addiction to Ono and heavy substances, which began to affect him during the sessions "Let It Be" in 1969. As Paul later recalled the period:

"I didn't recognize John - he'd gone into a completely different orbit. He was disappearing somewhere, he became so cold and aloof... And then I found out that he and Yoko were taking things so seriously. It was a big shock to us. I can't say that we were very good, but none of us thought we'd go that far..."

The last straw

Lennon's personal battles with fame, global conflicts with comrades, and childhood traumas were largely exacerbated by his addiction, and his enthusiasm as a member of The Beatles slowly faded away. Suddenly John realized that he was no longer interested in being part of the Liverpool four - he felt that he was ready to realize himself as a solo author and performer. Besides, Paul's control did not suit him at all - there had always been an unspoken struggle for leadership between him and McCartney, but previously they had shared the crown in half. Now the situation took a completely different turn - the crown was on his friend's head.

George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. 60-х
George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. 60-х

So why did one song split the band up finally? And what is this song? It's about "Cold Turkey." - a track that John presented to his bandmates and... received extremely harsh criticism. Lennon then decided to record "Cold Turkey" as his second solo release after "Give Peace a Chance" (a single which, it should be noted, did well in the charts). The song features Eric Clapton on guitar, as well as John's revelations - a kind of soul-cry describing the mental state of the musician:

"The temperature is rising.
The fever won't let up.....
I don't see a future
I can't see the sky
My legs are so heavy
My head, too.
I wish I was a kid
I'd like to die..."

And if the rejection of his bandmates was the stick, the single's chart success, despite being banned on many radio stations, was the carrot that spurred Lennon to freedom solo career.


Six months after the single "Cold Turkey" hit music store shelves, The Beatles have officially announced about disbanding. Of course, one song didn't decide the 10-year fate of the whole band. But it definitely contributed to the treasure: John realized that he was drawn to solo work, Paul - that Lennon was not going to reckon with his power, and George - that he should take an example from John and start to create the way he wanted to. And Ringo... at that moment Ringo was going through addiction and a kind of creative and personal depression. But that's another story.


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