Maksim and His Brother Dmitry Galkin - When the Apple Has Fallen Far From the Apple Tree

Many believe that the comedian's provocative statements are elementary anger at the Russian authorities, who literally caught him red-handed. But what about his brother?

Maxim Galkin* and his brother Dmitry: biography, photos and facts

Often children repeat their parents at an already realised age - their actions, their aspirations... And then they say: "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.". But that can hardly be attributed to the Galkins. While their father, Alexander AlexandrovichHe became famous as a Soviet and Russian military commander, Colonel General, a true hero - his sons are spoken of as fugitives who abandoned their homeland at the most crucial moment.

Yes, Maxim has a brother, but, it should be noted, their fates are completely different... Nevertheless, something unites them: both left Russia.

"Introduced and sheltered."

Maxim and Dmitry Galkin
Maxim and Dmitry Galkin

About the fact that Galkin* has siblingnot many people know. It's not surprising, because Dmitry is rarely mentioned in the media. He was born in 1964, and is 12 years older than Maxim. Nevertheless, he - although not an artist - is a very rich and successful. His life journey began when, after finishing his studies, Dmitry joined the internal affairs authorities, where he worked for 15 years. But then he discovered himself... a successful businessman. After the organs, Dmitriy took up producing - it was his efforts that brought Maxim to the centre of the world. show business. And even got acquainted with the diva - allegedly it was Dmitry who got his brother an invitation to the "Slavonic Bazaar".

In addition to his brother, Dmitry promoted other projects, in particular producing duets "Tea Two and Pascal.. And then he quit show business, devoting himself to a completely different field - military industry. Dmitry Galkin was engaged in the production and sale of weapons and ammunition, and made a tangible fortune out of it! For a while, he was even the director of the Military-Industrial Company Ltd.

Dimitri later moved to IsraelHe has sold most of his companies in Russia, but has not completely retired from business. In Israel, Dmitry lives in a luxury gated complex, where, by the way, Pugacheva and Maxim stayed after leaving Russia: they have an excellent relationship, and Dmitry helps his brother in any way he can.

Dmitry Galkin and his family
Dmitry Galkin and his family

Not much is known about Dmitry's personal life: he was married twice, has three children. Maksim himself calls his older brother a very warm-hearted and pleasant person with a unparalleled sense of humourwho is not only supportive in difficult times, but also inspiring.

My father's unfulfilled dreams

Maxim and Dmitry Galkin
Maxim and Dmitry Galkin

Of course, like any military man, Alexander Alexandrovich had a dream that his sons would follow in his footsteps. But everything turned out as it happened. On his mother's side, Maxim JewIt is not surprising that he calls Israel his second home. According to the comedian, he has many fond memories of Israel. Ukraine.

"As a child, I visited Odessa a lot: I went to primary school there, I had friends there... My father's job was like that - we travelled a lot, which allowed us to discover new cultures..."

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva
Maxim Galkin* and Alla Pugacheva

And it's true: there was a time when the Galkins lived in a Germany. What is most interesting is that Maxim's father saw his future daughter-in-law in person when Maxim himself was still a child:

"Ironic, but in 1979 Alla performed in the GDR in front of the military, and my father was there. There was even a picture of him..."


Parents of Maxim and Dmitry Galkin
Parents of Maxim and Dmitry Galkin

The Galkin family was considered a privileged family, and the head - that is, Alexander Alexandrovich - was known by the public as celestial: permanent resorts, equipment, expensive furniture, the best education for the children... Maxim and Dmitry had no idea what financial difficulties were. The family's friends were media personalities, who for the brothers were just "good uncles and aunts who came round on holidays and weekends". No wonder that Maxim has such an ardent love for a beautiful life....

Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin and Laima Vaikule
Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin* and Laima Vaikule

When their parents died in the early noughties, Dmitriy and Maxim received a huge fortune, which in itself provided them with a trouble-free life: a 3-room flat near the station "Novye Cheryomushki" (estimated at about 45 million roubles), luxury apartments of 163 square metres and costing almost 100 million roubles on Neopalimovsky Lane, several other choruses in historic buildings, land, a mansion in the Naro-Fominsk district... In total, all these riches will pull in one billion roubles. The brothers peacefully divided the inheritance between themselves.

Here, of course, it's interesting. After all, they say that Maxim allegedly married Pugacheva only because of her popularity, but if you think about it... He had everything in order with money and real estate before he met her. He also invested about 10 billion roubles in the construction of his and Alla's property. of the castle in Gryazi. And now that he's in Cyprus, he's left a huge collection of cars in Russia - from Mercedes and Hummer to Bentley and Rolls-Royce - that would pull in a couple of million dollars!

"It smells fried."

Maxim Galkin
Maxim Galkin.

The rumour is that Maxim left for a reason, he felt that the "smells like fried food.". Before he became a foreign agent, he was one of the most popular media personalities in Russia! One of his concerts cost about 3 million roubles, and for the project "One in One" he was receiving $500,000 a month! Let's not forget advertising contracts and other "non-dusty jobs". However...

Rumour has it that Galkin* was an unscrupulous taxpayer. And owed the State a decent sum... Realising that he was caught on the hook and was about to be nailed, he drove away. In fact, his accounts had long been checked: the artist had withdrawn a lot of money abroadMany believe that the comedian's provocative statements are an elementary anger at the Russian authorities, who literally caught him red-handed.

*Included by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the list of foreign agents


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