Boris Galkin: Jumped with Parachute, Raised an Idol, Became a Father at 70 - The Fate of "Lieutenant Tarasov"

After "Zone of Special Attention" Galkin woke up an all-union star! Gradually his pure, brave and noble image of a real Russian man took root in the minds of the audience, and also attracted many beauties...

Boris Galkin: biography, career, films

He played the most sincere, kind and brave military heroes, because of which he became the epitome of a true nobility in the eyes of the audience. In general, there was never any other image of any antagonist in question - Boris Galkin refused such offers, which he never regretted. What is most interesting is that the actor had never even served! But at the same time his acting was more realistic and convincing than that of many of his colleagues with an army background....

In September 2023, the artiste celebrated his 76th anniversary. How did his fate turn out? We offer to learn together how he raised an idol, jumped with a parachute, and also became a father in the seventh decade...

Accidents are not random

People often say that accidents are not random. And the fate of Boris Galkin is vivid evidence of this. The boy grew up in a family far from the bohemian life: his mother is a clerk, his father is a shoemaker. However, it is the profession of the latter played key role in the formation of an actor. From Leningrad, the family moved to Riga, where Galkin senior got a job at the Opera and Ballet Theatre - shoemakers in such places are always worth their weight in gold! Borja often spent time with his father, and often hung out backstage, watching the actors play and, without noticing it, taking away a new passion.

Boris Galkin
Boris Galkin

Nevertheless, until the 8th grade, Boris was engaged in various types of activities sportsThe actor of the Riga Russian Drama Theatre recognised the boy as a diamond and advised him to conquer the capital. The actor of the Riga Russian Drama Theatre saw a diamond in the guy, and advised him to conquer the capital. Boris Galkin did just that: without any significant experience, he entered the theatre. ShchukinskoyeHe was the first person to perform on the theatre stage and then became a star of the big screen. After graduation, he performed on the theatre stage and then became a star of the big screen.

Thousands of viewers fell in love with the actor, in particular in the characters played by him, which simply could not help but impose: Arkady Emelianov from "Sveaborg", Nikita Stroev from "Emelyan Pugachev", Gennady from "The journey will be pleasant", and, of course, Lieutenant Tarasov from "In the Zone of Special Attention." (well, and of course, a lot of other roles, which so at a glance and do not list, given the large-scale filmography of the artist).

After "Zone of Special Attention" Galkin woke up an all-union star! Gradually his pure, brave and noble image of a real Russian man took root in the minds of the audience, and also attracted many beauties...

At 70, it's just beginning

Boris Galkin has an incredibly rich personal life! In total, the actor was married four times! However, he became truly happy only in his last marriage to a singer Inna Razumikhinawho, although younger than her chosen one by a quarter of a century, understands him perfectly and shares his worldview.

Boris Galkin with his wife Inna
Boris Galkin with his wife Inna

With Inna the actor met by chance, but first - a little background. The artist's third wife was a film historian and screenwriter Elena Demidovawhose two children from a previous marriage - Vladislav and Masha - were raised by Galkin as his own. The girl did not seek to conquer the cinema, and in general has always stayed away from publicity, while Vladik was fascinated by the success and talent of his adoptive father. Despite all his mother's prohibitions, Vladislav successfully passed his first film auditions and played in the film. "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.". Boris praised the boy's efforts, which finally gave him confidence: only cinema, only full steam ahead....

Vladislav and Boris Galkin
Vladislav and Boris Galkin

Boris and Vladislav had an incredibly warm and sincere relationship, full of support, trust and mutual admiration. Already in the early noughties, Vladislav became a popular actor, an idol of his era: he starred in such classic film masterpieces as "In August of '44...", "Spetsnaz" and "Truckers".. Like his father, he managed to build his unique and noble image, which attracted and fell in love with the audience. However, in 2010 he died under mysterious and definitely tragic circumstances. Boris could not be comforted for a long time - to this day, the actor blames himself that he could not find the criminals and punish them to the full extent of the law. Vladislav's death was a great blow to the once close-knit family, and soon Boris and Elena began to drift apart....

Boris Galkin, Elena and Vladislav.
Boris Galkin, Elena and Vladislav.

And it was during this difficult and gloomy period of his life that Boris met Inna. He was enchanted by her voice, her performance... They met, and soon they both developed feelings. Despite the public's incomprehension, Boris divorced Elena for the sake of his new girlfriend, and at the age of 70 he shocked the public by becoming a father - Inna gave birth to his daughter, who was called Anna.!

Boris Galkin with his wife Inna and daughter
Boris Galkin with his wife Inna and daughter

And although many do not believe in this union (as it happens, a significant age difference always makes people wary), the artist himself is absolutely happy!

"God grant all young people as much strength, as much joy as I have towards this child. I am absolutely convinced that she gives both strength and life. I realise that I will live longer thanks to her..."

Army stuff...

So served the country's main film hero in general? Yes, he served, but only a little: after graduating from Shchukino, at the age of 22 Boris was called up for conscription into the frontier troops of the USSR KGB. But he stayed there for less than a year, as he was literally pulled out of the army for the sake of shooting a film "Echoes of distant snows.". No one argued. From that very moment and began Galkin's film career....

Boris Galkin
Boris Galkin

Boris himself has repeatedly admitted that skydive had always been a dream of his! And one day he did fulfil it... It happened when the film "In the spotlight." was already considered a hit film for a year! By the way: for the sake of his role in this film, the actor spent half a month in a real barracks: together with paratroopers ate, trained and simply discovered their rules and some of their chips. It is for this reason, his Lieutenant Tarasov was so convincing.

"Russia is doing everything right."

Boris Galkin
Boris Galkin

Unlike many colleagues, Boris Sergeevich is not afraid to express his political position. And in the light of recent events, the actor is sure that Russia is doing everything right. According to the actor, because of his roots (Galkin is a descendant of M.I. Kutuzov's sister), all events related to the Motherland pass through his heart... And he cannot but support his native country.

"Russia has prevented the beginning of the end. Complete end, collapse... Do you understand? Ukraine, in particular Zelensky has become a puppet in foreign hands. He thinks that the West comes to him with a friendly handshake, but in reality they do not care about Ukraine and what will happen to it after all this... They just need new territories, they are driven by the desire to enrich themselves at the expense of a weakened country and its people. You know, there is a wonderful commandment: "Love your neighbour as yourself". In this situation, Russia has risen to the defence of its neighbours. People like Zelensky should think about it...".


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