Dazzling Success: Top 6 Blind Musicians

History has seen many people who, contrary to popular opinion, managed to climb the musical Olympus being unique in physical terms...

They are much stronger than they look: blind musicians who have confidently climbed the musical Olympus

Many famous people, especially creativebehind difficult fate... Some musicians lost their parents early on, others got mixed up with the wrong crowd at a young age and almost ended up behind bars (although there have been such cases). But there are also those artists who, contrary to popular opinion, were able to ascend the Musical Olympus Being unique in physical plan. History has seen quite a few BlindToday we will tell you about the most famous and truly outstanding guitarists, singers and singers.

Ray Charles

Ray Charles
Ray Charles

American soul legend and rhythm and blues, Ray Charles lost his sight at a tender age. When he was only 5 yearshe witnessed a great tragedy: his brother George was literally consumed by a deep vat... This event could not help but leave a mark on mental health Ray, and soon the boy began to go blind... By the age of seven, he could see only darkness.

However, blindness did not prevent Charles from becoming one of the most influential "truly American." musicians of the postwar era, and sell out more 70 million his gramophone records! There is a legend that in the 1980s Ray had a desire to partially restore his eyesight, and the musician even filed an anonymous ad looking for donor in one eye! However, doctors considered such an operation great foolishnessand therefore dissuaded Charles from it.

Jeff Healy

Jeff Healy with guitar
Jeff Healy with guitar

Jeff Healy remains one of the most unique, yet brilliant blues guitarists in history! As an infant he was committed The boy, however, was lucky, because he was adopted by a loving family. That Jeff, it became known when he was not even a year old! The affliction was related to rare tumorand throughout his unjustly short life the musician wore prostheses instead of eyes... But he still couldn't see anything.

But even in such a sad situation, Healy was able to find the strength to go out to big stage! He went down in history as one of the most masterly of blues guitarists: Jeff would put his guitar on his lap and play the tappingHe was famous for it! He also starred in the movie "Home by the Road." with Patrick Swayze, and had time to work with such rockers as Ian Gillan before he passed away in 2008 from lung cancer.

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli

An icon of the Italian stage, Andrea Bocelli has been able to reach great heights and give this world a great Legacy! And the artist's path began with a small farm near Pisa, where he was persistently learning to play musical instruments from an early age... Bocelli went blind at the age of 12. He was visually impaired. serious, and the boy even suffered about 30 operations on the eyes! But getting hit in the head with a soccer ball was fatal...

Nevertheless, Andrea Bocelli's life has well! The musician has three children and two marriages under his belt.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder to receive prestigious Israeli wolf prize
Stevie Wonder to receive prestigious Israeli wolf prize

Equals to this man No: in spite of his blindness, Stevie Wonder had a tremendous influence on the development of music twentieth century! He is considered to be the founder of modern soul and R'n'Band his musical piggy bank is literally bursting with awards! What is most offensive in his story is that he lost his vision as a child due to the negligence of doctors...

Mother kept her blind son safe from the cruel streets, and to keep Stevie from getting bored while he was at home, instilled in him love to music. The boy learned to play various instruments and even sang in a choir! This is worthy of of respect

Arthur "Art" Tatum

Arthur "Art" Tatum
Arthur "Art" Tatum

Jazz pianist and composer, Arthur "Art" Tatum was widely renowned for his unique playing technique. But he also became one of the few blind musicians who managed to conquer the world... Blind Tatum was from birthbut a series of surgeries helped him partially reestablish vision in one eye - the musician could distinguish contours.

Alas, 21 year old Arthur was attacked, which provoked the deterioration The pianist lived a full and difficult life and passed away in 47 years old.

Diana Gurtskaya

Diana Gurtskaya
Diana Gurtskaya

Diana Gurtskaya blind from birth. The girl grew up in a large family, graduated from boarding school Diane was a young woman who had been working in the music business for blind and visually impaired children, and then she confidently began to make steps toward fame. Few people believed that the girl would succeed in breaking into the music business, but Diana was adamant: already in 10 years Gurtskaya sang a duet with Irma Sohadze!

Today, domestic audiences know and love Diana for her touching song "You know, Mom."which has become a real jewel in her repertoire...

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