How Boris Galkin Became an "Enemy" for his Daughter

Boris became a father to his own daughter, who was born to him by Inna! And it happened when Boris already celebrated his 70th birthday! But for his adopted daughter Masha, the man became an enemy.....

Boris Galkin: private life, wives, children, daughter

For years, everyone was convinced that Boris Galkin - Vladislav's birth father, who in the early 2000s became famous as "Sashok" from the TV series "Truckers.". It wasn't until the young actor passed away in 2010, aged just 38, that the public learnt that he was a foster Boris Sergeevich's son. However, this formality never affected their beautiful and warm relationship: Vladislav admired his stepfather and called him "Dad", and the latter in turn was sincerely proud of the success of the boy, who became his own child....

When Boris Galkin married ElenaIn addition to Vladislav, he also took care of two stepchildren. Mashawho, although she did not become a screen star, was part of his family and took a special place in the heart of the famous "Lieutenant Tarasov". But when Vladislav did not become, the family also disintegrated: against the background of the tragedy, Elena and Boris began to distance themselves, and soon the actor fell in love with the singer and divorced his wife. She fought cancer for a long time, but in 2017 she passed away.

Boris Galkin, Elena and Vladislav.
Boris Galkin, Elena and Vladislav.

Since then, Boris has become a father to his own daughter, who was born to him by Inna! And it happened when Boris Sergeevich had already celebrated his birthday. 70th anniversary! But for Masha's adopted daughter, the man became an enemy. So many years have passed, but relations between them have not improved. The girl refuses to make contact, considering the "ex-father" a traitor....

"The Real Sultan."

Boris Galkin has played in films noble patriotsa military man of high honour and courage! But in life he reminded me of something... Sultan! Remember that song from "The Caucasian Captive":

"If I were sultan, I'd have three wives.
And triple beauty would be surrounded..."

Boris Galkin
Boris Galkin

During his life, Boris Sergeevich was married. four times! The first marriage, with actress Tatiana Fedoseeva, lasted only 3 years and collapsed after the death of a newborn child. Then the actor fell in love with Irina Pechernikova - and it happened before their first acquaintance: Boris saw the portrait of the actress in the theatre, and could not take his eyes off ... And then fate brought them together in real life. It was a very passionate union, which lasted 7 years! However... the woman was not ready to sacrifice her career for family happiness:

"She was a career woman, and so was I. We devoted too much time and energy to work, and had too few resources left for each other..."

Boris Galkin
Boris Galkin

The actor's third wife was Elena Demidovawho also worked in the film industry. From a previous marriage, the woman had two children, but their presence did not embarrass "Lieutenant Tarasov": he gave Masha and Vladislav his last name, and brought them up as his own! And it was thanks to him that the latter became the idol of the noughties....

"The closest person

Vladislav and Boris Galkin
Vladislav and Boris Galkin

Boris supported Vladislav in everything, and when he made his film debut at the age of 10 in the role of Huckleberry Finn (despite his mother's protests), Galkin praised the boy, inspiring in him a belief in himself and a desire to devote his whole self to the film industry. Vladislav admired his adoptive father and called him Dad. There was a close connection between them, as between the closest people to each other.

Already in the noughties, Vladislav became the film idol of a generation! He starred in such cult films of that time as "In August 44th..." (Lieutenant Tamantsev), "Truckers" ("Sashok") and "Spetsnaz" ("Yakut"). Critics praised his game, the public loved the characters he recreated on the screen ... But in 2010, he has already perished under mysterious circumstances. On that fateful day, it was Boris who caused a panic by failing to call Vladislav. When his flat was broken into, it was too late to help....

Boris Galkin
Boris Galkin

Since then, Boris has been trying to find the criminals for many years. According to the official version, Vladislav had heart problems, and the attack became decisive. But Galkin does not believe it, being sure that his son had a detractors. The perpetrators of the incident were never found - no leads. This loss was a big blow for both Boris and Elena. Gradually their relationship frosted over.

A new life

Boris Galkin with his wife Inna and daughter
Boris Galkin with his wife Inna and daughter

His love for music - Boris Galkin is also a singer - brought him together with a singer Inna Razumikhinawho was a quarter of a century younger than himself. The actor was charmed by her performance, and soon between them began a warm relationship, which gradually grew into love. At first, strong feelings frightened Boris Sergeevich, but how much he did not try to get away from them, but still realised: without this woman he can no longer.

Galkin parted with his wife for the sake of Inna. Close friends and even colleagues condemned But Boris did not take their barbed words to heart: he married Inna, and in 2017 they gave birth to the Annatheir daughter, whom Boris loves dearly!

"She's smart and beautiful! She draws, sings... I hope she won't want to be an actress when she grows up. As practice shows, women in this industry are unhappy..."

According to Boris, his daughter makes him feel that he still has a lot of energy and strength to live and enjoy every day.

"I realise I'll live longer because of her..."

...And old sins

Maria held a grudge against her stepfather: he left her and her mother for a young woman, became a father and now gives all his warmth to another child... Such a girl could not forgive him. Rumour has it that when Boris became a father and called her, she angrily threw:

"You're not worthy to be a father!"

Boris Galkin
Boris Galkin

Maria has never been a public persona: neither the theatre stage nor the stage beckoned her... She studied to be a journalist, worked as a sergeant in the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and as a cook. Today Maria lives in seclusion - she does not even have social networks (well, or she is registered in them under a different name and does not post photos). Journalists can not contact her, and she herself does not want to see her father. Although Boris helps her materially - there are rumours that the woman is out of work for personal reasons, but we can't confirm that.

Boris Sergeyevich himself is very worried about this: he realises that Maria's anger is completely justified - no matter how you look at it, and he left them with his mother after such a tragedy... But you can't order your heart, as they say. Galkin only hopes that one day Masha will forgive him and they will be able to just see each other, just communicate as not strangers ...


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