What Happened to the Performer of the Hit "Komarovo"

Today we're going to tell the story of the '80s hit performed by Igre Sklar. Read more about the early years, formation and success of the actor and musician!

Everything about Igor Sklyar: early years, career, main hits

In the 1980s in the Soviet Union were very popular light The most popular song was the one written by Igor Nikolayev. The most popular song about the resort vacation was written by Igor Nikolayev "Komarovo"which gave the theater and film actor his way onto the music scene To Igor Sklyar. For many years, the young man in a gray suit, singing about leaving for "the ends of the earth," was associated with the song's airiness and frivolity, which slightly prevented Sklyar from playing serious roles.

In spite of this until now the actor lives theater. About the early stages of his creativity, the beginning of his musical career and nationwide The success of the performer of the hit song "Komarovo" will be discussed in this article.

Early years

Igor Sklyar as a young man
Igor Sklyar as a young man

It was not uncommon for the Soviet scene to break through talented musicians and actors whose parents were ordinary working people. Igor was no exception: contrary to his parents' advice to continue the family dynasty of engineers, the young man, who had been fond of creativity, applied to institutes in the capital art.

Sklyar started his acting career back in 1973, when he accidentally got on the set of the film "Young man of the Northern Fleet".. After that, he could no longer imagine his life without cinema and theater, and so he enrolled in Lev Dodin's course at the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. After graduating, he worked for a while in Tomsk, where he was assigned to a local company. TUZThen, after serving in the army, he was invited to Leningrad as his teacher at the Maly Drama Regional Theater by the mid-1980s.

The actor was especially good at performing emotionally complex roles that did not bring much fame to the talented Sklyar. On the big screen Igor debuted in the title role in the film "We're from Jazz."The film was released in 1983, and immediately became a star and a dream of many girls.

The beginning of a musical career

Igor Sklyar in the 80s
Igor Sklyar in the 80s

After his first big role in the most musical Soviet film, Igor established himself as "singing actor". Education played a big role in his new round of creativity: as a child, the future sex symbol of the 1980s graduated from music school and could perfectly sing and play the piano.

His voice soon appeared in the famous Soviet films, such as "Start Over" and "Monday's Children," but this happened after first Igor's performance as a vocalist during the show "What? Where? When?" in 1985.

All-Union success with "Komarovo" and a movie career

Igor Sklyar
Igor Sklyar

The song "Komarovo" became famous in 1983, when the songwriter Mikhail Tanich gave the novice composer Igor Nikolayev his collection of poems, which turned out to prototype the lyrics of a future song.

The poet originally created the poem with a light touch Sadnessand the ending fully conveyed the mood of the written lines. When Nikolaev began to rework the words to put them to music, he realized that the future composition can not end sadly, so "Komarovo" concludes with the life-affirming: "I'm for not sinking ships in the blue sea!"

Despite the fact that many people know this song solely from Sklar's rendition, he was Third vocalist, who sang the lines known to all. The composition was first presented in November 1984 in a version by Dmitri Poletaev. Then the legendary musician of the Soviet stage Valery Leontiev performed Igor Nikolaev's hit in his own way, and almost a year after the song debuted on television, the Igor Sklyarwhose lively rendition drew ovations and made connoisseurs want to hear the song again.

In the winter of 1985, the actor again appeared on the screens with "Komarovo," but already as part of the final concert of the Soviet Song Festival. In the meantime, the composition was performed at the "Song-85.".

After his success, Igor was invited to take up music seriously and become a solo He was a performer, but he turned it down and devoted himself to theater and film. At the same time, he played in many popular ones The House", "Twenty Minutes with an Angel", "Mumu", and other plays.

Igor Sklyar's film career is astounding mottled. Back in the late 80s he managed to take part in the filming of a war drama by Vladimir Chebotarev, but by the 90s the role of the actor is a bit. changes. In 1991 he got a role in the comedy "The Imitator", and a couple of years later he starred in the melodrama "Year of the Dog.

Igor Sklyar today

Igor Sklyar in one of the movies
Igor Sklyar in one of the movies

From the beginning of 1983, the actor was a regular member of the Maly Theater troupe, but left in 2000 because of misunderstandings among his colleagues. More than five years later Sklyar joined the Baltic House Theater.

At the same time, the artist never stops acting in movies, and by 2010 Sklyar was starring in sequel to the legendary "We're from Jazz," but the film was never released. The actor had a special relationship to multi-part films and for a long time didn't mean to see himself in them, but after a while he appeared in 2014's Sherlock Holmes and the melodrama The Departing Nature.

Igor Sklyar at the present time
Igor Sklyar at the present time

In 2021, Igor Sklyar starred in the detective "Undercover.". The artist is now devoting more The time of his wife, Natalia Akimova, with whom he lives in Pavlovsk.


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