Superman, Alla Pugacheva and shows in America - Jimmy Fallon added a prima donna to his strange list of "Do not include!"

About the cult song of Alla Pugacheva...

How did America react to the Russian prima donna? About The Jimmy Fallon Show and "Superman"

«Superman"- known in performance Alla Borisovna Pugacheva a song released as a single in the mid-1980s. It is noteworthy that this composition has two versions - both in Russian and in English. So, in Russia it is known as "Robinson", and abroad they call"Superman"! At one time this track was a big hit! He occupied the top lines of the charts of the Soviet Union ... And now, spring 2021 the old melody has gained a new round of fame - however, rather dubious ... The composition was performed in the American show of the comedian and actor Jimmy Fallon, who included her in his strange list of "Do not turn on!»However, after listening to the hit of the Russian prima donna, Fallon said that the song is actually good: he removed "Supermanfrom his list and praised the record ... Actually - first things first.

History: recording, release, criticism

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

The history of this hit originates in the mid-80s: the composition owes its appearance to the film “Season of Miracles", because it was for him that it was written Yuri Chernavsky. Song about "Robinson', as well as 'white door", also sounded in the tape performed by Pugacheva, quickly became a big hit in the vastness of the USSR! According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, it was the best song of that year! The author did not stand aside: Yuri Alexandrovich was named one of the best Soviet composers!

As for the English version, it was recorded in the same year in Stockholm! The track was included in the long-play album watch out!, produced by Lennart Sjöholm. The author of the English text, like many others presented on the disc, was Ingela Forsman. It is noteworthy that the background vocals on the album are performed by the legendary ABBA... The first popularity came to "Superman» in Swedish TV shows: one of these is the show Jacob Dalin, which Alla Borisovna actively collaborated in those years ... Dalin even performed some backing vocals in the composition, and yes - it was he who graced the cover of the single in the image of Superman!

Success and criticism

Alla Pugacheva
Alla Pugacheva

Song "Superman" became a big hit with the Indian public, and there was a good reason for that: it sounded in the program of the International Festival "India-USSR", which took place for several years! Alla Borisovna has always been one of those artists who was not afraid of experiments, but boldly looked them straight in the eye! So - at first glance, a superficial and frivolous song from the film hooked the audience, soon becoming a big hit ... English version "Superman” enjoyed great success in the USSR. Nevertheless, at first the Soviet media ignored this fact ...

Successful cover versions

At the peak of its popularity, this song often became an inspiration for covers by various bands and performers ... For example, you can highlight the version of the Swedish band The Pinks: shortly after the release of "Superman"The group released their album, which they called"The Pink's Superman / Pink & Rock'n Roll"!

If we talk about Russian performers, then it is worth noting the version of the team "Kar-man" 1997 (Unfortunately I couldn't find it...)

The Jimmy Fallon Show

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon

If you spend enough time digging through old records, you're bound to find some really quirky music, and it looks like the host "tonight show" Jimmy Fallon I learned this lesson from my own experience! Comedian and actor - actually Fallon big music lover! But that doesn't mean that he loves all music... He has so many records that he even came up with such an interesting segment of his show as "No Listening List": and it's not that these songs are bad (although some of they're definitely bad), they're just... weird. On the next episode of The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon shared with the audience a new portion of strange songs that were included in his already famous list "Do not include!" Among them was a late 70s singer named Gary, 80s rapper Devastatin' Dave, и Alla Pugacheva with the song "Superman"... The comedian also drew attention to the unusual cover of the single, in which Pugacheva rides in a buggy, and above it stands a mustachioed man in glasses and a Superman suit.

Even though he included the song "Superman'in your anti-top, at the end Fallon said that the song was good and removed it from the list "Do not include!" He even praised the song: “Super, super, superman,” he sang Fallon in unison with Pugacheva! “I love this song!” commented the comedian.

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