Modern Talking's first television appearance in Europe and the USSR

Today we will tell you about the first appearance of Modern Talking on television in the USSR and Europe, as well as about the love of Soviet listeners for the German duo.

Modern Talking's first appearance in the USSR and Europe

Modern Talking to this day remains one of the most famous Eurodance bands of the 80's, who brought to the world of music the danceable nontraditional songs "You're My Heart, You're My Soul", "Chery, Chery Lady" and others. The band gained great popularity in 1985 after the release of the album "You're My Heart, You're My Soul", "Chery, Chery Lady" and others. first single; Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders went on to become known far beyond their native Germany.

This article will talk about how the o Modern Talking The duo was recognised in Europe and the USSR, and also why it was in the Union that the duo became one of the iconic for people behind the Iron Curtain.

USSR gets acquainted with future idols: the first appearance of the band on Soviet television

Modern Talking at the beginning of their career
Modern Talking at the beginning of their career

The German band has been on Soviet television programmes several times, but the first appearance left an indelible mark on the musical taste of Soviet citizens. In the mid-1980s, Central Television broadcast a programme called "Rhythms of the Planet."in which the audience could hear not only various genre compositions, but also get acquainted with music others countries, and where Modern Talking first made a name for themselves.

Before that, the guide to the world foreign of melodies was a TV programme "Melodies and Rhythms of Foreign Variety", but it was closed a few months before the band appeared on Soviet screens.

Modern Talking in the '80s
Modern Talking in the '80s

The 7 February 1986 edition of Rhythms featured excerpt from the German TV show "Peter's Pop Show", on which the band appeared after their worldwide success with the single "You're My Heart, You're My Soul". The programme featured a total of two of the band's songs: first one chorus of "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" and then "Chery, Chery Lady". Before the audience saw unusual singers, a concert by Czech singer Karel Gott appeared on the screens, followed by six songs by other foreign singers.

Despite the display of previously banned music, censorship The issue was not spared: the close-up of Thomas Anders's face was covered so that the audience could not see the marks of the inflicted make-up. Soviet music lovers also accepted the fact that the vocalist was called by the wrong name: Peter Bohlen. The TV programme's shortcomings were interrupted by the very appearance of atypical pop music - the abundance of synthesisers, simple movements and indistinguishable English lyrics exposed listeners to the another to the side of the pop scene.

Modern Talking's first appearance on European screens, which went unnoticed

Modern Talking
Modern Talking

In 1985, Modern Talking were first introduced after the release of "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" European audience in the programme "Tele Illustrierte", released in January. The band's performance did not make a big impression on the audience, and the musicians were practically forgotten. forgottenHowever, their appearance a few weeks later on another programme, "Formel Eins", brought a real success.

Thanks to television, the band led first on the music charts in Germany and then in other European countries. The success was so huge that the records were sold in their home country alone by the thousands in circulation. Eventually, Modern Talking's fame reached the Soviet Union: after attending the TV programme Peter's Pop Show, where they were awarded more than seventy platinum and gold discs, the group in advance ensured her success in the USSR.

The Soviet public's fondness for Modern Talking

German duo Modern Talking
German duo Modern Talking

From the first appearance on the Soviet programme Modern Talking won the love of listeners. Most music lovers immediately realised difference between Russian and Western pop music, and it manifested itself in everything: from the mood of the compositions to the appearance of the performers. The performance with brilliant decoration, tender vocals in a foreign language and unusual Thomas and Dieter's appearance sharply contrasted with the lack of expression and the austere suits and floor-length dresses of the Soviet artists.

In the television programme "Morning Post" in 1986, the band appeared already in front of their own fans. Despite the fact that the band was slowly disintegrating at the time, Modern Talking was just beginning to become one of the most popular Western artists. After the first listen to these light dance tunes, love to eurodance practically entered the genetic code of Soviet pop music fans, and it became fashionable among young people firmly included high hairstyles, colourful outfits and jeans.

After discovering new music, the radio airwaves infrequently Modern Talking tracks, especially in programmes with request songs. A little later, the Melodiya company started to release second album of the band, as the fan base of the band in the Soviet Union was growing and wanted to listen to their idols. Despite the large production, the records were not always available, but if they were, they tried to preserve them in the best vid. Love for the German collective by this time. for a long time has gained a foothold among Soviet music lovers.

Modern Talking fame has almost succeeded break "the Iron Curtain and opened up new melodies and styles for young people seeking freedom. Nowadays, their music remains a reminder of how things used to be slow the introduction and grounding of Western culture into the Soviet world. Perhaps it was their music that helped young people realise that songs can carry more than just a edifying nature, but also to be a source of joys and aspirations for better.


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