That's Entertainment is a timeless classic by The Jam and its amazing history

We talk about a strong track both musically and philosophically - "That's Entertainment", a hit by the band The Jam.

A song with deep meaning: the story behind the track "That's Entertainment"

At the beginning of the 1980-х a real gem was born called "That's Entertainment.". This stunning track was an integral part of the legendary punk band The Jam's fifth studio album, entitled "Sound Affects.".

Immediately upon first listening to it, it's clear that the song has a distinctive magnetism. It seems to take us back to a time when the streets were full of life and music was in the air. Despite the fact that during the active period of The Jam, this track never got a title. official single back home in the UK, it's now impossible to ignore.

Lyrical stuffing

It was a marvellous time Hollywood blossomed into its golden era, imbued with glitz, glamour and the magic of cinematic art. Eternal lights of the night, colourful sets and shining stars created an inexpressible atmosphere. It was a world where dreams were becoming a reality.

The Jam
The Jam

Behind Hollywood's glittering facade, however, was another reality - the world of English cities in the early 1980s. Here, in the shadow of the bright lights, reigned needand social instability and fading hopes. At this point, the stage is set Paul Wellera little bit daring, but full of determination. In just a moment he is immersed in a world of real stories, a world of life labourer class.

"A police car and a screaming siren -
A pnuematic drill and ripped up concrete -
A baby waiting and stray dog howling -
The screech of brakes and lamplights blinking -
that's entertainment.


A police car and a screaming siren,
Pneumatic drill and broken concrete,
A child waits and a stray dog howls,
Brakes squealing and lights flashing -
Now that's entertainment."

His words give birth to a piece of music that reflects the life and passionate experiences conventional people. There is no place for glittering costumes and glamour, but the voice of real heroes facing the difficulties and hardships of everyday life.

Comparison of these two worlds - glittering Hollywood and harsh English reality - cannot fail to impress. This contrastmixed with subtle sarcasm, like notes of melancholy, creates the deep and unique sound of "That's Entertainment". Paul Weller finds inspiration in poetry Paula Drewwhich, with its ironic title, tried to emphasise the hardships of working class life. Drew's lyrics became the seed from which grew a stunning song that carries us through time and space.

Paul Weller
Paul Weller

And so, it was at that moment that the musical meeting two worlds - virtual and real, the glittering and sophisticated Hollywood with its golden era and the harsh English reality. This meeting became the starting point for the creation of something unique, a melody that carried sincere emotions, sarcasm and life stories, inspiring many hearts and giving the eternal magic of music.

The culmination of each verse is the laconic and ironic refrain "It's entertainment, it's entertainment". Weller confessed:

"I was in London by the time I wrote That's Entertainment. It was easy to write it in a way because I had all these images at my fingertips, all around me. I wrote it in 10 minutes, some songs just write themselves. It was easy, I was inspired by everything around me."

A source of inspiration

When the kaleidoscope of life around us begins to take on a shroud of ordinariness, sometimes at the most unexpected moments we are struck by the inspiration. That's what happened to Paul Weller when the song "That's Entertainment" instantly was born in his head.

The Jam band member Paul Weller
The Jam band member Paul Weller

It was that evening when Weller enveloped himself in an atmosphere of relaxation after an intense, almost exhausting parties. My brain was enveloped in a slight stupefaction, and my thoughts seemed to be engaged in a game of their own. At such moments, when everything becomes blurred, and ideas minglelike the colours on an artist's canvas, something amazing starts to happen.

Unique sound

The song is played mostly in delicate chords acoustic guitars, the variety of which is filled with a mysterious percussionlike the rustling of a leaf in the wind. True to the tradition of the album "Sound Affects." hides within itself this musical kaleidoscope that leads us into the depths of the pop psychedelia.

Paul Weller, a member of The Jam
Paul Weller, a member of The Jam

The magic of psychedelia envelops us like a mysterious fogmixing reality and fantasy in a whirlwind of sounds. But there is something special about this harmony that captures the attention. And so the attention turns to the most intriguing detail of all - electric guitarwho plays the riff backwards ahead.

And so we have before us painting: a song full of mysterious arrangements, intertwining sounds and hidden symbols. It became not only a song, but also expression the accumulated thoughts in the musician's head.

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