Top 20 best songs of the Resurrection group

Let's recall the hits created by the Resurrection group and which have already become classics!

The best songs of the group "Resurrection"

Group "Sunday" - a team that gave listeners a lot of original songs. Their work is diverse: from the light “Snow Woman” to the “Ringing” filled with the spirit of Russian philosophy and religion, from the light “I Rejoice” to “On the Road of Disappointment”, full of gloomy reflection.

The members of the Resurrection group have gone through a rich creative path, and it is difficult to single out especially good ones among their compositions - they all leave a mark in the heart of the listener. And yet some of them have gained particular popularity. We bring to your attention a selection of the top 20 best songs of "Resurrection".

Soldier of the Universe / I'm used to wandering alone (1979)

The song was written in 1979, and was released on the group's first album. Text author Alexey Romanov said that the melody was born by accident. The composition is known under two names, the second - "I used to wander alone" - appeared due to the group's unwillingness to create militaristic associations.

This song seems to be out of time - it equally brightly touches the soul regardless of age and inspires to be a real soldier of the Universe, keeping the light inside.

rejoice (1995)

In the album "We love you" In 1995, the song "Rejoice" was released. The upbeat lyrics and light musical accompaniment really makes you believe that somewhere at the end of the road a bright light awaits.

"Who is guilty?» (1979)

Song featured on the band's debut album "Sunday" and their first hit. "Who is guilty?" broadcast on Radio Moscow World Service and consistently occupied a place in the top of the best compositions.

For many years, it became the hallmark of the Resurrection group, was published on three of the group's four studio albums - many studios were, according to the participants, ready to release any album, if it became part of the beloved by many "Who is to blame?". Its author, Alexey Romanov, says that it was originally unrequited love song, but over time he changed the text and gave the composition a new life - its main idea was the need to fight to the endeven with yourself.

I dreamed (1979)

Composition Alexey Romanov and Andrey Sapunov "I dreamed" saw the light in 1979 and still remains close to the listener. Both the text and the music are filled with light sadness, and seem to plunge you into a magical dream, where "silence and light come". Despite the fact that all this is just a beautiful dream, the song inspires and makes "keep quiet" in the shower.

Musician (1980)

Written by Konstantin Nikolsky The song "Musician" - one of the most recognizable in the work of the group. According to the author, she was born by accident during his military service. Once at his post, he remembered lines from a fairy tale Andersen: "... about the happy and the unfortunate, about good and evil, about everything that is happening around you, and what you do not know." A song was born from it, and this music, indeed, is everything: it is about the creator, and about the whole world in the eyes of this creator.

Slowly (2003)

The enchanting motive "Slowly" slowly immerses the listener in an atmosphere of light sadness about the departing. The work of Alexei Romanov inspires, reminding that "it's not a pity to start a new line from a new line".

I have never been overseas (1980)

The song about being true to yourself - "I have never been overseas" was written by in 1980. Despite the fact that Alexei Romanov wrote it after a friend moved in America, the members of the group do not confirm that they laid any political subtext in it. Is a song not about states, but about the homeland that you want to keep in your heart.

On the road of disappointment (1980)

Created in 1980 the song "On the Road of Disappointment" became one of the first songs in the genre reggae, written in Russian, and is one of the most recognizable in Resurrection.

The author, Alexey Romanov, does not like to talk about the sources of inspiration that helped him create music and lyrics. However, their atmosphere is familiar to many listeners - everyone once went through his own path of disappointment.

snow woman (1979)

"Snow Woman" was released on the group's first album and became a hit. A light motive and outrageous text made it possible to quickly gain recognition from the audience. But, despite the lightness, the song did not become a passing one and still makes a large number of people smile.

ringing (1993)

Really ringing and light compositioncreated by Andrey Sapunov.

The rich sound of bells, castanets, guitars, choir - all this creates a feeling of lightness and unreality. Is a song about spiritual search, a song-reflection, calling for a second to stop the endless run. You only have to hear it once to remember it forever. "sound that fills the soul".

Wind (2003)

The song "Wind" is permeated with love for the world. "Long live the eternal earthly breath of the good sky" - lines that are difficult to erase from memory. The song was released on the album "Slowly" 2003 and quickly won listener love.

teach me how to live (1983)

“Teach Me to Live,” written by Alexei Romanov, impresses everyone, from the meditative sound to the depth of the text. This is a reflection song, an attempt to find oneself and encourage the listener to look into the face of his real self.

Plunging into the music, it becomes impossible to deny that reality is just a shadow on the hot sand.

Look how I live (2003)

Alexei Romanov created a draft of the composition back in the early nineties, but it saw the light only in 2003, along with the release of the album "Slowly". The song that the author calls a kind of repentance. A very emotional composition, it is difficult to remain indifferent to it.

Train (1981)

“Tomorrow, what you dream about today can come true in the present ...” - these lines of the song “Train” saw the light in 1981. The motive of the endless path to the light, as in the song "I rejoice", inspires accomplishments and gives hope for the best.

I was also... (1998)

The song "I was also ...", also known as "Just a day ago", was released in 1998, becoming part of the album "Living Collection". This is an emotional composition full of anguish, in which Alexander Romanov sings about the fragility of happiness: “For some reason I believed that happiness would not deceive just a day ago ...”

leaf fall (2003)

Andrey Sapunov's song, like many songs of Resurrection, first of all impresses with a light, even magical, atmosphere. "Leaf fall" sounds like good fairy tale, full of bright bitterness, like a prayer addressed to the world. Composition about humanity, which must be preserved in order to "not crumble with leaf fall."

I was told (1995)

For the first time, the composition "I was told" was performed at a concert "We love you" 1995, and her studio recording came out in 2003.

Dynamic musical accompaniment, emotional vocals - all this makes you return to the song again and again, in which Alexei Romanov reminds that "life is stripes of different colors".

don't leave me (2003)

Lyrical composition from the album "Slowly". Another bright song about hope and all-consuming love. “Over the earth, over the spring, ringing with wings, be with me, be with me, do not leave me,” the lyrical hero of Alexei Romanov sings, charging the listener with optimism.

It happens (1979)

A song from the group's first album. Despite the fact that the composition reminds: happiness is only "a brief moment in the power of light"she is still optimistic. After winter, spring will surely come, even if now it seems that no wings can help you fly.

Something happened in my city (1979)

A composition filled with light and spring showers. The song was born from a line of someone else's poem accidentally read by Romanov: "That I'm not alone, that I'm not sick", which in the future became part of the couplet. The confusion goes away, and the laughing people, freed by the rain, remain in the city. Light motif, simple text - and yet this is a deep song filled with light. A shining example of the band's creativity.

Songs "Resurrection" able to immerse in reflection, inspire and give light. Their texts are filled with love for the world and the belief that no matter what path you have to go, something dear and close in spirit awaits ahead.



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