Top 5 pop songs that defined the 90s in Russia: part two

We continue to recall the main hits of that difficult time. This is the second part of our selection of...

Russia's top hits of the 90s - part two

About 90s in Russia Many people prefer not to remember at all: too cruel and, as it seemed at the time, completely hopeless time... Not only ordinary people, but also many honored national artists were out of work. For example Evgeny Leonov shortly before his death, he starred in the scandalous comedy "American Grandpa."and the first Soviet beauty Svetlana Svetlichnaya She got a job as a housekeeper for a "businessman" - as it turned out, he was even a fan of hers. The familiar variety format, built on strict Soviet censorship, has irrevocably disappeared - as have many of its representatives. A generation of modern stars took the stage.

They were united by at least 3 factors: pathos image, unpretentious lyrics and emphasis on commercialism. Although some of them, to be fair, tried to touch in their tracks on the issues that worry every citizen post-Soviet Russiawhich was sure to get a fervent response. So: we continue to recall the main hits of that difficult time. This is the second part of our selection...

Combination - Two pieces of sausage (1993)

«Combination» in the early 90s
«Combination» in the early 90s

As we've already had time to emphasize in Part 1, «Combination» sarcastically and ironically sang about what was happening in the country at the time, which was the reason for the frenzied popularity of this all-girl pop group. At the height of fame, the participants gave 60 concerts a month, and each of their performances was held with a great full house. The public adored "Combination" and willingly hummed their hit songs, including a composition with a rather unassuming title «Two Slices of Sausage».

The essence of this song is painfully simple: many were left without jobs and livelihoods, poverty and lawlessness flourished... Two humble "bites" of sausage.and dreams of a prosperous (or at least stable) future - there is no better way to describe that environment!

"Two pieces of sausage
You had it on your desk
You used to tell me stories
Only I didn't believe you..."

Shura - Cold Moon (1997)

Shura as a young man
Shura as a young man

When Shura He immediately attracted the attention of the most diverse audience: young people considered him an unconventional and definitely interesting character, while the more mature and conservative audience saw him as a kind of "jester", of which there were plenty at that time. However, Shura did differ from most of his epathetic colleagues in some respects: his songs were indeed nice to listen to!

"Cold Moon" - the artist's calling card: not a single disco of the 90s was held without it! Many covers and even parodies were made for the song, and the video is popular on YouTube even after more than two decades. You could say it's pop classics from Russia in the 90swhich today evokes a feeling of inexplicably pleasant nostalgia in many listeners.....

Murat Nasyrov - The Boy Wants to Go to Tambov (1997)

"Boy wants to go to Tambov, you know chicky chicky chicky chicky chicky chicky chicky..." - Yes, that sticky chorus is hard to get out of your head, even if you really want to. No wonder that in the 90s it was a big hit that came out of literally every iron! So, Kazakhstani singer Murat Nasyrov became a coveted disco star of the era and earned himself a certain fame.

Alas, but Nasyrov's fate was sad: the singer tragically died in 2007 at the age of 37, and "The Boy Wants to Tambov" was left to him. the only notable achievement in the musical field.

Irina Saltykova - Grey Eyes (1995)

And here's a pretty girl Irina Saltykova in the 90s was able to release several high-profile singles that were played on the radio. Her success story began with the song "Grey Eyes.": it is hardly possible to call this song profound, but its video not only copied, but surpassed the West! There is no doubt about it....

Remarkably, Saltykova even mortgaged her Moscow apartment to film this clip! That's where the phrase really works: "The lengths one will go to in the name of art...". The bets were made on scandal and sensation, and the plan not only paid off - the success of "Gray Eyes" exceeded all expectations many times over! Even today, this screaming clip, which easily "wipes the nose" of modern idols, is popular on YouTube.

Na-Na - Faina (1992)

Group "Na-Na"
Group "Na-Na"

In general, in the 90s, song clips gained a hitherto unheard of popularity: they became a kind of "publicity" for the artistThe more scandalous the video, the more hype around the performer, and the better. So, Bari Alibasov shot for "Na-Na" the first in the history of the country "spicy" music video with a real harem of beauties! No wonder that the composition "Faina" so quickly and permanently famous....

But the most interesting thing is that the inspiration for the song itself was not the harem, and not even the love affairs of musicians, but... old lady! And her name was Faina. This grandmother lived next door to Alibasov, and when the producer was thinking about a future hit song, she brought him and the band members pies. And then Bari Karimovich decided to fantasize on the subject of how turbulent and interesting could be the youth of his neighbor ...

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