Yoko Ono Admits She's A "Witch" - and 4 More "Witchy" Songs About Women

At all times, rock has been associated with witchcraft ... No wonder the genre has written so many songs about... witches. And many of them have become classics for centuries....

The best rock songs about witches: translations, clips and facts

The connection between with witchcraft and rock 'n' roll. has been around for decades. It is largely thanks to a conservative society, which at the height of the genre wrote it down as "devilish tendencies". The rockers themselves, such as Jimmy Page, who were actively and openly interested in occult sciences, also played a significant role....

Perhaps it's the taboo nature of witches or the sultry connotation that pop culture has given to the mythical image. Whatever the reason, many rockers have sung an ode to the plunderers of men's hearts! А Yoko OnoJohn Lennon's ex-wife has recognised herself as one of them! This is a truly iconic moment (especially for her anti-fanswhich Yoko had more and more every year after the break-up of the Beatles...).

Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono
Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono

In fact, today we have a very unusual and even strange selection - we decided to highlight the coolest songs in rock dedicated to... yes, yes, witches! It's unclear why, but as it turns out - many icons of the 20th century romanticised this dark and mysterious image... By the way: why do you think so? Share your opinions in the comments, and we'll get started.

Jimi Hendrix is Dolly Dagger.

Jimi Hendrix burns his guitar on stage at Monterey Festival
Jimi Hendrix burns his guitar on stage at Monterey Festival

"Dolly Dugger." - is a gorgeous blues-rock song that showcases the legendary guitarist's signature style. The song is known for its powerful guitar and vocal components, but few people know the true source of its inspiration... Many fans believe that it is addressed to a powerful and dangerous woman, and is in fact a symbol of female strength and power. Its optimistic tempo and driving rhythm make it a standout track in Hendrix's discography, and so many people don't even think it's about witch. Really - not literally.

Composition "Dolly Dagger" only has an unassuming title. In fact, its text is imbued with a frightening atmosphere....

"Her love is so heavy it will make you stagger.
Dolly Dugger, she drinks blood from the jagged edge..."

The last line in particular didn't come out of thin air. It refers us to a party at which Mick Jagger accidentally cut his finger, and a certain "Dolly" rushed to help "stop the bleeding".

Eagles - Witchy Woman


The title literally screams - "Witch Woman."! It's a classic rock track EaglesThe song was released in 1972 and quickly became the band's biggest hit, reaching the top ten of the charts. The song was released in 1972 and quickly became one of the band's most popular hits, reaching the top ten in the charts. The lyrics describe a mysterious and enchanting woman who is rumoured to be a witch, and the singer is Don Henley warns us of her dangerous ability to charm and fall in love.....

"Black hair and bright red lips.
Sparks fly from her fingertips.
Voices echoing in the night.
She is a restless spirit in endless flight.
Look how high it flies.
The moon in her eyes..."

The song's bluesy guitar part and powerful vocals create a sense of mystery and intrigue, and the dark message has resonated with audiences for decades, a testament to the enduring fascination with magic in popular culture. It's been said that the Dona Henley had a high fever, and he was reading a biography. Zelda Fitzgeraldwhile I was writing this creepy track. However, we're willing to bet that Fitzgerald didn't fly at night in real life... Or is there something we don't know?

Carlos Santana - Black Magic Woman

Carlos Santana perfectly captured the essence "Black Magic Woman." in their 1970 cover. Yes, yes, the original version is a credit to Fleetwood Mac. However, they failed to create that dark and at the same time enchanting atmosphere in the track, which, in turn, Santana succeeded in. And that's why his version became so popular - so much so that many people don't even remember the original....

"Yes, my woman is a dark witch,
She blinded me, I can't even see,
That she's a dark witch.
And she's trying to see the demon in me..."

Carlos has a very sultry and eerily delightful version that sounds as if the protagonist is his beloved. If he had written the song himself, that's probably how it would have been decided. And then rock would definitely have no chance for a favourable reputation....

Donovan - Season of the Witch

Donovan's "Time of the Witches" - is a find for all those who want to instantly immerse themselves in a dark and mysterious atmosphere... No wonder that for many years now many directors, musicians and writers have been calling this track one of the strongest sources of inspiration!

"When I look out the window,
There's so much beauty around!
When I look out the window,
There are so many different people around!
It's weird,
It's so weird...
Mmm, it must be the time of witches..."

The composition sounds so mysterious and ominous that it sounds as if it is sung by some terrible creature of the abyss itself! But no, it is only the charming (and at that time very young) Scottish musician. This is perhaps the most ingenious and atmospheric song on the "witch" theme.

Yoko Ono - Yes, I'm a Witch

Yoko Ono, John Lennon and the cat
Yoko Ono, John Lennon and the cat

And we decided to conclude our entertaining selection with an equally cartoonish track - an ironic response to the Yoko Ono to all her haters! It's no secret that after the breakup of the Beatles, Yoko became enemy number one for all the fans of the group. She was blamed for the split and for literally "stealing" John from his family and mates! And, of course, there were theories that Yoko was a real witch. Otherwise, how could she have managed to charm the iconic Beatle?

"Yes, I'm a witch
And I don't care what you say
My voice is real, my voice speaks the truth!
I don't fit into your way of life..."

In my track. "Yes, I'm a Witch." Yoko confesses: yes, she is a witch! Of course, the song was just an irony, but as if not paying any attention to it - many people took it as a clean confession. And that only started a new flurry of theories ...


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