Top Russian Hits of 2023 and the Most Popular Songs according to FUZZ MUSIC Magazine

These are the top Russian hits of 2023 and the most popular songs according to FUZZ MUSIC magazine. Popular artists, facts and, of course, clips...

Russian hits 2023: songs, artists, clips

2023 was a special year for the Russian charts: some artists disappeared from the spotlight - mostly those who left Russia. For example, strangely enough, in 2023 the public lost interest in the scandalous persona of Morgenstern* and to the group Little Big. Although Alisher, by the way, and tried to attract attention to himself: released a track "Black Russian."whose music video has racked up over 30 million views!

There were many reactions to the song, but it never became a hit. Whether it was because foreign agent status whether the public has really lost interest in his personality.....

But 2023 saw a lot of new big names emerge. It was a particularly successful year for the performer SHAMANwhose patriotic anthems have garnered many millions of listens! However, the public is divided into two camps even in relation to such a patriotic artist: some sincerely admire him, while others do not believe him, calling him a "product of the Kremlin". However, whatever the case may be, you have to agree: better "I'm Russian" in the charts than Morgenstern with his foul language in almost every track.

What else did the year 2023 have in store for us? Well, many old, seemingly - forgotten songs found a second life and huge popularity! Mainly, thanks to cinemato whom they in turn brought not only inspiration but also benefit: would the paintings be complete without them? Clearly not. What are we talking about? Let's find out together! These are the top Russian hits of 2023 and the most popular songs according to FUZZ MUSIC magazine. Enjoy listening.

Instasamka - Turning off the phone


Unlike the aforementioned scandalous colleague, Instasamka continues to conquer the Russian charts. The girl lives in Dubai, but often visits her homeland, where she has many colleagues, friends and advertising contracts. Over the past few years. Daria Zoteeva has matured considerably, both personally and creatively. For example, she recorded a collaboration with Lolita Milyavskayawho called Zoteeva "smart and beautiful" and "completely different in real life from what the media make her out to be". Speaking about the track "On the Titanic."which the divas did with a modern twist, so to speak.

The song gained a huge number of listens and brought Miliavskaya back to the charts, but is still behind Instasamka's solo track in terms of popularity "Switching off the phone.".

This composition conquered listeners of different ages with its lightness, "unobtrusive pop atmosphere of the noughties" (as one of the critics put it). By the way: over the past year, Instasamka's repertoire has become a leader in the karaoke sphere: in general, her songs have been performed about 5 million times!

Anna Asti - In the bars

Anna Asti
Anna Asti

Today. Anna Asti - A force to be reckoned with for the rest of the country's artists. The girl's songs are heard everywhere: in taxis, on the radio, in clubs and on TV. Some people call her Russia's "modern pop queen".. And judging by the number of listens, such a statement is not entirely unfounded. For example, the music video for the hit "By the bars." has amassed over 200 million views on YouTube in a year!

The number of its listens on various services far exceeds this mark.....

Anna Asti - I believe in you

"Believe in you." - another popular Anna Asti song. It's quite lyrical, but at the same time inspiring track....

Users note:

"Classy, can't tear yourself away... The songwriters, the musicians and the performer with her voice and performance features all hit the same spot... BRAVO! "

Basta - At dawn

Sometimes covers get ahead of the curve, leaving the original behind - and it's not about the quality, it's about the popularitywhich is often inspired by fashion trends. For example, Basta's interpretation of the Soviet postpunk hit "At dawn."which is considered a classic of its time and genre, has suddenly taken over the charts! Although it was recorded, to be fair, four years ago.....

The secret of the sudden success is simple: such popularity of the cover was brought by the sensational TV series "Kid's Word."in which the song was played. And, it should be noted, it complemented the overall picture perfectly.

Anna Asti - Tsarina

Another incredibly popular hit from Anna Asti! Video for the song "Czarina." has turned out to be very colourful, emotional and aesthetically pleasing, and has already racked up over 70 million views.

By the way: do you like the work of this artist? Do you agree with her popularity today and that she has a really great talent? Share in the comments!

Katya Lel - My marmalade.

A hit in the early noughties, "My Marmalade" by Katya Lel. is also a vivid example of how fashion trends can bring a forgotten song back into the charts. And not only in the domestic....

It all started with a trend amongst Western users to take pictures of themselves in the image "Ocean Girl.": furs, fur coats, sheepskin coats... And all to the track. "My marmalade.". Soon the song conquered not only the Russian charts, but also the American ones, literally exploding Shazam by the number of search queries. The secret of such unexpected popularity among Americans cannot be understood even by Lel herself.

One last thing

Since we can't tell you about every song, we decided to complete our selection with additional tracks that have become incredibly popular in 2023! Some because of the films, others simply because the public really liked them. Either way - it's already surefire hitsthat will be associated with the past year.....

KISH - Sorcerer's Doll

5UTRA Let's Run Away

♪ Mari Kreimbreri ♪ ♪ I'm so lucky ♪

Dabro - You know, Mum

Aiguel - Pyjala

What 2023 songs are memorable for you? Share in the comments!

*Included by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the list of foreign agents

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