The story of a loud hit about "delightful evenings in Russia"

According to Dobronravov himself, he burst into tears in the studio after he wrote this composition...

How the hit of the group "White Eagle" was created

"How delightful evening in Russia" - such a charming name was given to the main hit of the group "White Eagle". The song became a hit for the entire Russian people, and it is impossible to count how many cover versions were created.

The song was first performed in 1998 year, but even decades later, its relevance has only increased. And the most interesting thing is that at the time of its release, the public had no idea what kind of group it was - "White Eagle". The fact is that until the end of the 90s, the biography of the band was deliberately shrouded in mystery.

The history of the hit

Alexander Dobronravov
Alexander Dobronravov

In 1996 Alexander Dobronravov was on a business trip USAwhere he stayed for almost a few years. At this time, the composer worked hard, and sometimes briefly returned home to his homeland. And during one such return, Alexander grabbed a couple of poetry collections - to read at his leisure in New York, to find inspiration. Among the books were the works of his old friend, the poet Victor Pelenyagre.

“Our friendship started ten years before this song was written. We have even collaborated before. Curiously, I had already left the apartment, but suddenly decided to return and take with me a book with Vita's poems. It was some kind of sign from above…” Dobronravov recalled.

The composer began work on the future hit on a warm summer evening in New York. But first he had to re-read a lot of poems by other poets. From the memoirs of Dobronravov:

“Some poems caught on, some made absolutely no impression ... And then I got to that very little book with Vitya's works. As soon as I saw the first line “How delightful evenings are in Russia”, I immediately understood: this is what I have been looking for for so long ... "

Alexander Dobronravov
Alexander Dobronravov

So there was a hit that does not stop after decades. But how did the song get to Vladimir Zhechkov, group leader "White Eagle"?

How Zhechkov heard the song

Vladimir Zhechkov with guitarist
Vladimir Zhechkov with guitarist

At the time of the hit "White Eagle" did not yet exist: the team was founded in 1997 businessman Vladimir Zhechkov. However, he was already familiar with Dobronravov, and therefore Vladimir offered Alexander cooperation within the framework of his own musical project:

“Volodya offered me to become a producer and arranger in his group,” said Dobronravov.

Group "White Eagle"
Group "White Eagle"

"White Eagle" is a band founded more out of boredom than out of a desire to be closer to the music. In 1997 Vladimir Zhechkov was rich and successful: he had magazines and TV channels, as well as his own advertising agency, which actively promoted an alcoholic drink. The fact is that it was the name of the drink that gave the name to the musical group.

“At some point, I got bored ... And I decided to sing out of boredom! Nobody believed that I would be able to conquer the stage. But I proved that I can not only run a business, but also be an artist. We can say that the group was founded for fun. As they say: there is money, mind is not needed!

Vladimir Anatolievich never hid the fact that the group is a kind of entertainment for him. He didn't take the project seriously. Nevertheless, there are several timeless things in the song box of the White Eagle, and one of them was "How delightful evening in Russia".

“Volodya came to me - to listen to songs, to choose something for himself. This song was either the tenth or twelfth in a row. I don't remember exactly. Volodya's face immediately changed. I wanted to switch the song, but he asked me to rewind to the beginning. As a result, we listened to it several times before Volodya stood up and said loudly: “This song is for recording. Immediately!" Dobronravov said.


Group "White Eagle"
Group "White Eagle"

The warm soulful song quickly gained success, in which Alexander Dobronravov didn't even doubt it.

“From the very beginning, I knew that this song had a great future! It's like a ticking time bomb, you know? It is very close to the Russian public, and I am infinitely glad that this creation has found a response in the hearts of millions ... "

After the release of the hit group Zhechkova wanted to see all over the country! However, before 1999 of the year it remained enigmatic and virtual.

Cover versions

We bring to your attention the most interesting and successful versions resounding hit.

Interesting Facts

  • Despite the resounding success of the song, Zhechkov was in no hurry to show his face to the public. Only at the very end 90s he recruited musicians with whom the White Eagle went on tour. At first they took Mikhail Faybushevich, but later took his place Leonid Lyutvinsky.
  • Alexander Dobronravov acted as a composer during the recording of the disc “Because you can’t be beautiful like that”. Another hit of the group bears the same name.

  • In the words of Dobronravova, he burst into tears in the studio after he wrote this composition.

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