Thomas Anders' worthy singles after Modern Talking

Thomas has always tried to work with trusted people, which makes all his records sound very decent. We offer you to familiarize with his main solo singles....

Thomas Anders' best solo singles from Modern Talking

Name Thomas Anders has forever earned its place in the hearts of millions of listeners all over the world. And domestic music lovers are no exception - it would not be surprising if it turns out that in the CIS countries this man is adored more than at home. After all, the music Modern Talking became a wonderful anthem of youth and youth for thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Soviet people - in its time it was heard from every iron, and no disco was without it. To this day, the hits of this duo sound in the minds and hearts of Russians....

As is often the case, the project eventually split due to internal strife. Its members, Anders and Dieter BohlenThey went their separate ways. Bolen immersed himself in producing, while Thomas took a short break to return to the radio with new solo hits.

The split of the iconic duo

Modern Talking in the 80s
Modern Talking in the 80s

First, a little bit about a favorite band. It's no secret that Modern Talking were at the height of their popularity in the 80s - The German duo performed incendiary lyrical tracks that graced discotheques across Europe and topped the charts. It is considered to be one of the most commercially successful projects of its era - during the 3 years of its existence the collective released a huge number of number one hits, set fantastic records and earned platinum statuses. Their songs, such as "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" and "Cheri Cheri Lady", are still popular today - the many millions of plays on YouTube, as well as various interpretations from contemporary artists best testify to this.

And yet: despite their fabulous success, the duo's story has been short. What, how and why - as always there are more questions than real answers. It is generally believed that the group broke up because of internal conflicts, most of which were the result of involvement in the project's affairs Nory BallingThomas' wife. It is said that she took strict control over her star husband, up to the point that she chose his stage outfits and forbade him to appear at some photo shoots or performances (which is quite absurd - you must agree). The media paints Anders as a kind of victim, a quiet and modest boy who poked his beloved in everything. And Bolen eventually got fed up with the whole circus.

Dieter Bohlen, Thomas Anders and Nora
Dieter Bohlen, Thomas Anders and Nora

There is also speculation that the colleagues split up because of their different views on creativity and because Dieter "pulling the blanket on himself." - and once again Thomas is portrayed as a humble man who was not given creative freedom. Maybe that's true - Anders has always been characterized by a mild and easy-going temperament, as everyone who worked with him has told us. In any case, they split up and went on with their own projects.

Of course, it was not without a reunion, which took place in the late 90s. But given the difficult, we would even say strained relationship It didn't end well. Or rather - there were some decent tracks, but in the process of work Anders and Bohlen finally realized that their hearts belonged only to their projects, and it was still hard for them to work together - to find common ground, to write cool material, and at the same time not to get tired of each other. So, they decided not to torture themselves and separated again - now finally.

What can I say? There's no conflict per se between these two not observedand it's already pleasing for the fans - even if they split up, but at least on a peaceful note. And besides, their side projects have borne fruit, which is also impressive. For example, after the split of Modern Talking in 1987, Bolen started to promote his own band. Blue SystemHe visited the USSR with which he delighted the domestic audience. And, of course, it is impossible not to mention his contribution to the development of the careers of such favorite stars as Bonnie Tyler and C. C. C. Catch (although he collaborated with them when he was still part of the duo).

Thomas's solo accomplishments

What about Thomas? Thomas is doing great too! At the end of the 80's he released his solo debut album, which the public loved. Producing "Different." (album title) was doing, by the way, Gus Dudgeon - A well-known personality: fans may remember this name, as he has worked with Bowie, McCartney and Elton John. Then Anders founded his own music publishing house, and released a number of records, which were promoted with varying degrees of success, but all were characterized by quality sound - Thomas always tried to work with proven people. His latest work to date is the album "Cosmic."to be released in 2021. The work is very interesting, with references to the sound of Modern Talking.

Thomas Anders
Thomas Anders

Among of the most deserving singles Thomas Anders after Modern Talking decided to highlight the following...

The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye

Yeah, yeah, that's the song Roxettethat a lot of fans were thinking about. How did the hero of the article get it? It's simple: the track was presented to Anders by the duo. And he got a very beautiful version, though - not as actual as Roxette's. Still, the voice Marie Fredriksson fit perfectly into this lyrical narrative.....

Cosmic Rider

Another interesting track in Anders' solo catalog is. "Cosmic Rider"The opening song of the aforementioned 2021 album. It was accompanied by some unrealistically exciting video with a modern feel. futuristic. The video, by the way, gained almost 2 million views. As we have already emphasized above, the whole album "Cosmic" is saturated with references to the works of Modern Talkingso don't be surprised if you feel a strong nostalgic feeling while listening to the track... It's normal.

Independent Girl

"Independent Girl." - is a dynamic single that Thomas released after the second breakup of Modern Talking. The song turned out to be moderately danceable and graced the album "This Time".

Other standout masterpieces include:


Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)

Why Do You Cry

Das Leben ist jetzt

Sie sagte doch sie liebt mich (with Florian Silbereisen)

As you can see, Thomas didn't fall into trends. That's because many of his songs are sung in his native language. German. It's great, because it's rare to hear a world star sing in his native language - often everyone goes into "English" with an emphasis on American and British charts. What are your favorite Anders solo songs? Share your opinions in the comments, we'll be sure to familiarize ourselves.

Anders today.

Thomas Anders and Claudia Hess.
Thomas Anders and Claudia Hess.

Today, Thomas Anders continues to record and delight audiences with his performances. He also are invited to television - he's still popular in Germany. On the personal front, everything is fine for the musician: he has separated from Nora and found a woman with whom he found true love and harmony. His wife's name is Claudia HessShe met the 80s pop icon in a cafe, and Thomas was the first to approach her because he saw the "woman of his dreams" in front of him. She met the pop icon of the 80s in a cafe - and Thomas was the first to approach, as he saw the "woman of his dreams" in front of him. Well, and soon they played a wedding. The couple has a 21-year-old son Alexander Mick Weidungand overall, the family lives happily ever after.


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