The best songs of Bon Jovi (Top-5 Bon Jovi)

Today we will remember the five most characteristic songs of Bon Jovi, which, apparently, will sound forever!

Top 5 Bon Jovi Songs!

For more than three decades, the American band Bon Jovi has been one of the biggest names in the world rock scene! From the beginning of their creative activity to the present day, this illustrious group has given over three thousand concerts in 50 countries of the world, playing their amazing, and most importantly, creations filled with a special life philosophy, for more than 35 million listeners! And is it worth talking about the success of their albums, each of which is a rock masterpiece? The band's works such as Slippery When Wet and Cross Road, or The Best Of Bon Jovi are among the hundred best-selling albums of all time. And hits like "Livin' on a Prayer" and "It's My Life" contributed to this. Today we will remember the five most characteristic songs of Bon Jovi, which, apparently, will sound forever!

Jon Bon Jovi: "Songs like 'It's My Life' or 'Livin' on a Prayer' have one, but very beautiful feature: they are close to each of us - even if the listener does not understand their language at all ...".


The best songs of Bon Jovi (Top-5 Bon Jovi)

The driving composition "Runaway" became the first single that was released by the already fully formed Bon Jovi group.

The single was released in 1983, but a demo was recorded by Jon Bon Jovi a year earlier. Just in those ancient times - in 1982, then just John Bongiovi moonlighted with his cousin Tony Bongiovi in his New York studio Power Station. After listening to the thing recorded by his brother, Tony thought that it would be very nice to record "Runaway" with the participation of professional studio musicians. So, the following musicians took part in the process of creating the famous track: Tim Pierce - guitar, Roy Bittan - keyboards, Frankie Laroca - drums, Hugh McDonald - bass guitar, and Dave Sabo - a close friend of Bongiovi, who performed the guitar parts.

When the work was done, Ray Villard, the assistant sound engineer at the studio, gave the track to DJ WAPP, a station that was famous for promoting local little-known musicians who did not have label contracts. As a result, "Runaway" was so liked by the listeners that it became number one in New York in the competition and was included in the station's promoted compositional collection.

For more than two decades, this track was the only single from the group's first two albums, the performance of which has already become a permanent tradition at every concert. True, after the blinding success hit Bon Jovi, the guys began to perform this song less often at their live performances. However, the musicians have repeatedly admitted that "Runaway" is their favorite song, which has become a new starting point ... And they are sincerely proud of their work.

Bed of Roses

The best songs of Bon Jovi (Top-5 Bon Jovi)

Jon Bon Jovi wrote this amazing piece while he was in a hotel room in a Los Angeles hotel in a state of severe hangover. To write the composition, the musician asked to be dragged to his room ... Wedding piano! Insanely beautiful and melodic, containing elongated guitar riffs and soft piano playing, as well as the performer's high emotional vocals - "Bed of Roses" became a very personal song for John, reflecting the many problems that surrounded the musician at that time ...

In the words "... While my mistress calls me to become the center of her attention again ..." - by the word "mistress" John means the music industry and the live scene. The musician calls the media a "searchlight". He refers to music as his "mistress" hinting that it is something very exciting for him, but perhaps not useful.

The above lyrics were inspired by watching the movie The Doors. Bon Jovi later explained:

“This is a wonderful picture ... Waking up the next day after watching it, I thought about its influence for a very long time. A special philosophy came from her.”

As a result, the romantic ballad became a huge hit all over the world. With her help, the band showed the public a completely new, more mature sound, incomparable with the early 80s.

"You Give Love a Bad Name"

The best songs of Bon Jovi (Top-5 Bon Jovi)

This single was the lead single from Bon Jovi's most commercially successful album, Slippery When Wet. But that's not all. "You Give Love a Bad Name" was the first big hit in Bon Jovi history! Almost immediately after the release, the composition topped the Billboard Hot 100, becoming a number one hit in the US!

It is curious, but the track could not have got into the Bon Jovi song box at all. It was originally intended for another group - Loverboy. However, having recorded a demo version, the guys came to a unanimous decision to keep the hit for themselves. And they did it right!

Derek Shulman and Polygram Records, with which the guys had a contract at that time, decided to involve Desmond Child in writing songs for the new album. The choice was clear, as Shulman knew that powerful choruses would be the key to the band's success, and Child was an incomparable master of them. "You Give Love a Bad Name" was written on the very first day. A few weeks later, Child, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora created "Livin' on a Prayer".

Desmond Child later recalled:

“It was a magical collaboration, a spark between us ran right away!”

"You Give Love a Bad Name" ("You disgrace the word love") was released in July 1986 as a separate single. The track was the precursor to the killer album, which went on sale exactly one month later.

"Livin' On a Prayer"

The best songs of Bon Jovi (Top-5 Bon Jovi)Having conquered the world charts with the song "You Give Love a Bad Name", the group continued their triumphant march to the top of fame. The next killer track that rocked the whole planet was "Livin' On a Prayer".

The composition unfolds before us the story of a couple in love from the working class, who are thirsty, but cannot take their cherished place under the sun in any way ... The romantic, and most importantly, very close to many song, immediately captivated young Americans, because most of them personally faced similar problems ... John Bon Jovi, who knew firsthand about financial difficulties, performed "Livin' On a Prayer" as sincerely and heartfeltly as possible, which was appreciated by the public. Here is what the authors of the hit, Desmond Child, later shared:

“I think for each of us there is something autobiographical in this song ... For John, it is his relationship with Dorothy, whom they have been dating since their school days. For me, it's my relationship. I dated the girl with whom I started my first band, Desmond Child & Rouge. Her name was Maria Vidal. I remember how I sat at home for days and wrote songs, and she worked as a waitress in the place Once Upon a Stove ("Once Upon a Stove") ... ".

Richie Sambora:

“I think this song is the most interesting, if only because it was the first time we used specific characters. And she came out very sincere ... All that surrounded us at that time was constant traveling and women. Therefore, apparently, it was these things that served as the main theme for our songs. But we decided to try to create something unique, social, and introduced two characters - Tommy and Gina. In fact, this is a working young couple who barely manage to make ends meet. Just like my parents... Then this song could be about anyone, Tommy and Gina could be the embodiment of almost every person in the world. All couples, without exception, overcome various life difficulties, and often it is given to them with incredible difficulty. But nothing can be done, we all have to fight. That's why this song was very uplifting."

Curiously, the characters of "Livin' On a Prayer" - Tommy and Gina - are also mentioned in the group's next hit ...

"It's My Life"

The best songs of Bon Jovi (Top-5 Bon Jovi)

At the beginning of the 2000s, the cult group Bon Jovi released their seventh studio album called Crush. And with this release, the members finally broke a five-year hiatus after the release of These Days (1995). The lead single was the famous and beloved today song "It's My Life" ("This is my life"). The track instantly took off to the top of a number of world top charts and became a real anthem for the multi-million army of fans of the American band!

Richie Sambora on the song:


This track gave Bon Jovi fans a new encounter with Tommy and Gina, the characters from "Livin' On a Prayer".

“I thought I was writing about myself, about my life and the place that I occupy in it. And I was very surprised when I realized that every person perceives the phrase “This is my life” as if the song is completely related to his fate! It's amazing, but everyone - teenagers, old people, schoolchildren and mechanics - all feel a reflection of themselves in it. “This is my life, I manage it” - at times we all experience a similar feeling ... ”, Bon Jovi shared.

Upon release, "It's My Life" was voted Best Song of the Year.


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