Top 5 cool Wings hits that McCartney co-wrote with his wife Linda

Below are five classic Wings songs you may not have known Paul and Linda McCartney wrote together!

The best Wings songs written by Paul and Linda McCartney together

Can the union of two people be equally good both on and off stage? Especially when it's a married couple? Well: as a rule, celebrity couples quickly run out of steam, because of which the husband and wife begin to literally hate each other! After all, they have to be together all their time: in the studio, on stage, at home, at parties... However, there are wonderful exceptions to such a sad rule.

It's safe to say that the iconic Beatle Paul McCartney and his charming wife, a photographer by vocation Linda's was a perfect union, full of patience, support, love, and creative takeoffs! They were bandmates WingsPaul was the leader of the pop-rock band and the creative core, which is an undeniable fact. But few people know that at least a few of the big hits in his band's catalog came about thanks to the help of his wife.

Paul and Linda McCartney
Paul and Linda McCartney

Below is Five classic Wings songsthat you may not have known, Paul and Linda McCartney wrote together. In our opinion, these are very cool compositions that perfectly demonstrate not only McCartney's talent (which, in fact, nobody ever doubted), but also the versatile and extremely amazing creative personality of his wife...

Jet (1973)

Paul and Linda McCartney and family
Paul and Linda McCartney and family

This wonderful track from 1973 was written by Paul and Linda co-authored and contained little "easterbugs" to their life together. The title of the song, for example, was inspired by the name of a little black puppy the couple was raising at the time, and the lyrics are a tribute to the day Paul first met With Linda's father.

"Is your father as brave as a petty officer?
How on earth did he say you were still underage for that?"

Many years later, these days (2017, to be even more specific) Paul McCartney gave an interview in which he recalled that momentous day, the day he met his beloved's strict father face to face. Specifically, McCartney recounted the following:

"Her father was a little old-fashioned, and I thought I was a little scared, since a lot of young guys can run into a father figure. And if Dad is really easygoing, it makes life easier. It wasn't bad, but I was still a little scared. Luckily, it worked out: we got along pretty well, and Linda didn't care so much whether I was reserved and serious, or fun and carefree! That's all that matters..."

Let Me Roll It (1973)

"Let me roll it." - This is the unusual title of the song. Paul and Linda co-wrote the tune, and the track ended up on the album "Band on the Run" - one of the most iconic records not only in Wings' career, but in classic rock in general. When listening to it. "Let Me Roll It" we can enjoy Linda's beautiful organ playing, and her playing is truly mesmerizing...

As for the lyrical stuffing, it seems to appeal to Linda:

"You put love in the palm of your hand.
And I can't describe my feelings
My heart is like a wheel
Let it roll
Let me roll it to you..."

Band on the Run (1974)

Paul and Linda McCartney
Paul and Linda McCartney

As a single this song of the same name from the already mentioned legendary album was released in 1974. While the track was in the top three in England, in the U.S. and several other countries it was confidently took the lead! It was a resounding success, and Linda contributed to it like no other...

The husband and wife duo wrote this hit while under the influence of popular songs of the time. As Paul later recounted:

"The thing is, sometimes you follow a fashion. I thought, yeah, it would be nice to write a song about breaking out of prison, because it would be pretty dramatic, and, again, you could use it as a symbol - talking about breaking out of your boring life... In fact, it was an American thing that I got into!"

Well: then the song's success in the West is fully justified!

"Stuck in these four walls.
Gone inside for good
I've never seen anyone else so sweet
So are you..."

Live and Let Die (1973)

Linda and Paul McCartney
Linda and Paul McCartney

"Live and Let Die" - an incredibly beautiful-sounding and lyrical song that Paul and Linda wrote for the movie of the same name About James Bond. We think we're not the only ones who would agree that the couple did a thousand percent well!

"When you were young and your heart was an open book
You said, "Live and let live".
(You know you've lived, you know you have.)
But if this ever-changing world you live in
Makes you give up and cry... Say, "Live and let die!"

As performed by Wings, this tune quickly became one of the most iconic themes from the Bond franchise and has remained big hit in the band's career.

Silly Love Songs (1976)

This is probably the most famous joke song of his career Paul McCartneywhich, in spite of all the irony, was also a resounding hit of its time!

"You'd think people would be tired of silly love songs.
I look around me and see that it is not
Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs
And what's wrong with that?"

The pair wrote a funky ballad with bass in response to Paul's regular criticism that he could only write sentimental love tunes. McCartney himself later said the following about it:

"The idea was that you could call them (songs) silly, but what's wrong with that? 'Silly Love Songs' was kind of an answer to people who just accuse me of being sentimental."


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