Remember Soviet pop legend Vadim Mullerman and his iconic "tiryam-tiryam

How to break into the Soviet stage and not to give up after a performance ban? The hero of today's article knows the answer. The following is a story about how a Soviet nightingale performed the most recognizable song in the USSR and what happened after his popularity.

All about Vadim Muhlermann: the fate of the Soviet singer and his main hits

Many years have passed since then, when the still black-and-white TV screens showed concerts by popular pop singers of the time. Among them are the still famous Joseph Kobzon, Eduard Khil, Valery Obodzinsky, and many others. Over time, their fame began to fade, and nowadays few people will remember who sang the song "The Lame King." and who was its author.

Today we're going to talk about that song from the cartoon "Well, wait a minute!" and its performer, Vadim Muhlerman, as well as hear other his imperishable compositions.

The Legendary Soviet Baritone - Muhlermann's Road to Glory

Vadim Muhlerman. Early 60's
Vadim Muhlerman. Early 60's

Vadim Muhlerman - a native of the city of Kharkov. The singer's early years were spent there. Despite living in Ukraine, his family is of Jewish descent. Muhlerman received an excellent musical education at the Kharkov Conservatory in vocal studies, and after some time he went to Leningrad.

First his first appearance on stage was at the beginning of the 1960s in Kharkov; later he worked with the orchestras of legendary performers - Leonid Utesov and Yuri Saulsky. Mulermann's real fame came from his performance at the All-Union Competition of Variety Artists in in 1966. He sang a song called "The Lame King."The song was written by Alexander Dulov to lyrics by the poet Maurice Karem. At the concert Muhlermann had to remove the last verse, as it was unacceptable to the Soviet concert censors, and call the composition "The Victorious King".

Vadim Mullerman became the most recognizable baritone of the Soviet stage after performing another hit "Lada.". When this composition came out in 1968, a whole generation of girls born at the time were named Lada. The song became so famous that one of the variants of the Soviet car "Zhiguli" was named after it.

The artist's most famous hits

Vadim Muhlermann has an extensive discography. Here's several songs that Soviet citizens heard on radio and television:

"A coward doesn't play hockey."

This song was written by Sergei Grebennikov and Nikolai Dobronravov to music by the legendary Soviet composer Alexandra Pakhmutova в 1968. A line from the song became winged: "The coward does not play hockey. This phrase was often heard in the days of the Soviet Union, but even today it is still in use.

"I had a dream."

This is truly most Lyrical song of Muhlerman's repertoire. It was written by the composer Arno Babadzhanyan to the verses of the famous poet of the "sixties Robert Rozhdestvensky. The sad melody and the performer's magnificent vocals help you feel the emotions that Muhlermann shows with his voice alone.


The words of Yevgeny Dolmatovsky to the music of Alexei Ekimyan resulted in a beautiful love storyVadim Muhlermann presented. The singer speaks in a mesmerizing baritone voice about the randomness of life.


A song whose lyrics were written by a famous Soviet poet Sergey Ostrovoy. A song about a free Hutsul girl and her love for the Carpathians, sung by Muhlerman, became iconic in the artist's work.

"Make a Wish."

Another touching love song performed by the famous Soviet baritone, the lyrics to which were written by the aforementioned Robert Rozhdestvensky. Muhlermann performs this song in a very special way: as if asking stars about things that are important to him.

At the End of Days: The Fate of the Soviet Nightingale, Also Loved in the U.S.

Muhlerman on Stage
Muhlerman on Stage

At the dawn of a new decade, the artist suspended from the ether and prohibit to give concerts. This was due to the fact that songs reflecting the culture of his people began to appear in Muhlermann's repertoire. By decision of the then chairman of the State Committee for Television and Radio, the singer was forbidden developing his career and mentioning Jewish culture due to the tense relations with Israel. Because of these events, Muhlermann was unable to perform a song for the movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring," which was later sung by his onstage rival Joseph Kobzon.

In the mid-1970s, Muhlerman became a member of the ensemble "Guys from the Arbat"; after a while, he was awarded the title Honored Artist.

Vadim Mullerman
Vadim Mullerman

In 1991, the artist leaves country and goes to the United States. He settles down with his wife in New York and continues his career. After a while the singer organizes a musical theater for children in Florida. Two years before the beginning of the new millennium, Muhlermann gives a concert in New York on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday.

The Soviet Nightingale spent his last years in the United States, occasionally visiting his homeland. Artist died in May 2018 in his eightieth year.

Vadim Mulermann. 2010-е
Vadim Mulermann. 2010-е

Despite the fact that for a long time Vadim Mullerman was in the shadows and away from his native expanse, he led successful career and left behind colossal trace in the history of the Soviet stage.

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