"Men Who Sing": Patrick Swayze, Bradley Cooper - Actors Who Have Performed Loud Hits

They are not only brilliant actors, but also talented..... performers! And yes: not only have they performed iconic roles, but also the big hits that everyone has heard. And here are their names...

Actors who have performed hits: names, clips, facts

Many actors very colourful and versatile personalities! They make us laugh to tears or shiver to goosebumps, but in addition to brilliant acting on the screen - they are also great dancers and... executors. Yes, yes, yes. Some Hollywood stars are capable of "rubbing noses" with the pop chart toppers - if they want to, of course.

Who are we talking about? Let's find out! And at the same time, let's listen to the beautiful voices of our favourite icons of world cinema...

Patrick Swayze, he played on the strings of our souls.

The Magnificent. Patrick SwayzeSwayze, who in addition to acting was a gifted dancer and heartthrob in the '80s, was also a talented performer. Swayze genuinely loved music, and although he never had any particular desire to prove his musical talent, he wrote his own compositions and sang them with all his heart, apparently just because he wanted to.

Along with the songwriter. Stacey Wiedelitz he wrote his most famous and beautiful composition - a speech, as many may have already guessed, on the "She's Like The Wind". A charming ballad that - like a star on a Christmas tree - became a worthy decoration for the film "Grandview, U.S.A." 1984.

Dirty Dancing.
Dirty Dancing.

Alas, the track didn't help the film become a hit (and certainly didn't completely make up for all of its shortcomings), but as it turns out - it did self-sufficient hit! Subsequently, "She's Like The Wind" with female vocals graced "Dirty Dancing.", and has since become firmly entrenched in the rankings of favourite songs amongst Swayze fans and old 80s film buffs alike.

Bradley Cooper, or "A Star Is Born."

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper

It's safe to say that prior to 2018, few people knew that the Bradley Cooper can sing and play the guitar. The actor was mostly known for starring in comedies, both romantic and not-so-romantic, and for being the voice of the Marvel fans' adored weaponised raccoon (talking about the character of Rocket from the film "Guardians of the Galaxy."). However, it is the musical "A star is born." Revealed to fans old Cooper from a whole new, musical side.....

In the film, which was his directorial debut, Cooper played a Jackson Maine. - an unsuccessful country artist who finds a singer and songwriter Ellie (sung by Lady Gaga) and helps her achieve fame. The film's signature song, a melodramatic ballad, is performed by them "Shallow." - was a hit and made Cooper's fans literally open their mouths in surprise... "A Star is Born" indeed!

The tune won Gaga an Oscar for Best Original Song, and her credibility in pop culture was further enhanced by her performance with Cooper at the awards ceremony, which was so tender that rumours began to swirl that there was definitely something going on between the stars... However Cooper refuted that assumption, explaining:

"They kind of fall in love in the film. It would be so weird if we were both sitting on stools facing the audience."

Eddie Murphy "threw a party."

The cover of Eddie Murphy's single "Party All the Time."
The cover of Eddie Murphy's single "Party All the Time."

When you're known as one of the funniest comedians on Earth, people might wonder if you record a song. That's what happened with the only top ten track to make it into the top ten Eddie Murphy - it's about his danceable and groovy pop tunes. "Party All The Time" 1985, which was considered by critics to be... the worst hit of the decade.

Some found the track nonsensical, others found it blatantly silly. But the song was played on the radio for a long time, and even reached the present day: its listenership is growing even today! The public preferred to just relax and enjoy the composition, without going into its lyrical content... Which, by the way, is as follows:

"Girl, I've seen you in the clubs -
You hang out there and dance,
You give your number to every first person you meet.....
You never come home at night,
Because you're always flirting with someone...
I want you to leave your love for me..."

Well: it's really not bad for the 80s pop industry.

Don Johnson and his epic "heartbeat".

Don Johnson
Don Johnson

There are unconventional paths to rock fame, and there is the path chosen by Don Johnsonone of the main characters in the cult 80s TV series. "Miami Vice.". In the 70's he was eager to be in films, but aspired to be... yes, yes, a rock star. He hung out with the likes of Frank Zappa, The Doors and the Allman Brothers Band, and even co-wrote the tune "Can't Take It With You" for the latter group! All in all, rock flowed in his veins.

In 1984, he landed the role of Det. Sonny Crocketta on Miami Vice, and suddenly woke up super famous. Then at a party, he ran into the boss of CBS Records Walter Yetnikoff and started telling him about his musical aspirations. Yetnikoff listened, nodded and immediately signed Johnson, then 36, to a recording contract.

Johnson has released his debut album "Heartbeat." in 1986 - but despite the contributions of people such as Tom Petty, Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughan.It did not succeed as such. Nevertheless, the title track reached number five (the situation was saved by the fact that Johnson was actually a decent singer). His second album from 1989 "Let It Roll." made no impression on the audience, and upon its release, Johnson left the music scene with his head held proudly high.

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