Hackers Among Us: The Best Hacker Films and TV Series - Part Two

In this article, we talk about the best hacker films that changed the world.

Hackers among us: about the best films dedicated to the people any state fears

When computers first started embed into everyday life, a mysterious word was born - "hacker".. It has become a kind of key to virtual mysteries and inaccessible technological realities. And although the concept of "hacker" was born in the distant past. 1960-х years, it has steadily evolved over time.

Nowadays, hackers are most often dreadFrom the largest nations to ordinary people who are concerned about their security. Directors take advantage of this and make films. We will talk about them next.

A short introduction

Task hackers to penetrate the fortresses of binary codes, systems. securitywith personal details hidden behind them. You have to admit, the job is both interesting and dangerous. The cyberactivists became real acrobats of the mental world, solving bit puzzles and creating digital of the web.


But their stories weren't just about technology and break-ins. Every hacker in this world is a carrier of their own own legends. They were like modern-day Robin Hoods, discovering vulnerabilities in the systems of powerful corporations and publicising them for the good of society. The films below are confirmation.

Mr Robot (2015-2019)

Elliott - a name that hides a man whom the ordinariness of the world has rather swiftly pushed to the margins of the virtual zones. His days flowed in the shadow of sociophobia, as if each new hour was an invisible enemy. In such a world, he decided that the best way to communicate was through the language of binary codes.

Thus was born the road chosen by his destiny - the path hacker. But one day his path led him into a maelstrom of events where virtual landscapes merged with reality. His employerA company dedicated to protecting digital fortresses offered him an assignment that made Elliot's heart beat faster.

Hacker Wars (2014)

Attitudes towards hackers in society remain dual and multifaceted. On the one hand, they are compared to banditsOn the other hand, they are also associated with the virtual reality, but their actions do not take place in dark alleys, but are hidden in virtual reality. On the other hand, they are also associated with Robin Hood - those who expose the machinations of the powerful and punish the reckless waste of resources.

After extensive preparation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) successfully launched a decisive offensive against a powerful hacker group AnonymousThe hackers themselves claim that they were victims of the hackers. At the same time, the hackers themselves claim that they were victimised political state repression. A series of hacker attacks organised by the Anonymous group is causing alarm from large corporations, banks and public organisations.

The film "Hacker Wars"
The film "Hacker Wars"

They've been declared enemies States, but they have not gone into hiding. Instead, they openly declare that the true danger to society is the ruling elite seeking absolute control of the world, and the hackers stand up to them, revealing their plans.

Cicada 3301 (2021)

The darknet universe - is a space where virtual shadows and real destinies intertwine in a huge cyber-symphony. In its depths, in its depths. 2012 year, there was a terrific echo - an epic quest called the "Cicada Explosion.". Like the sound of a drum before the storm, it woke the world, leaving only a select few behind.

Only a select few could take the path of this. grand challenge, where every step is a puzzle and every step is a portal to a new world of mysteries. The goal of the quest was truly stellar - to find minds that could illuminate the darkness of complex algorithms and decrypt treasures of binary worlds.

Film "Cicada 3301"
Film "Cicada 3301"

Behind the curtain of the final act chapter of this drama of virtual genius and mystery, we meet the main character - Connora famous hacker with an incredible fascination with codes. Together with his faithful companions, he embarks on a path "Cicadas."chasing the trails that between pixels lead to their vanishing secrets.

Password Swordfish (2001)

In the shadow of the world's intrigues and mysteries, he made his way Gabriel Scheer - a man with a charisma that could illuminate the darkest recesses of intelligence. He was once a star CIAbut now his days of agency remain only in dusty archives. But instead of fading into oblivion, Gabriel decided to take another shot at becoming a brilliant criminal, ready to rob the illegal governmental funds to the unimaginable sum of $9 billion.

And in this symphony of intrigue, he required ally. Recently served time for hacking the FBI, Stanley Jobsonhe was the perfect candidate. The ultra-talented hackerHe was ready to put his skills back together for more ambitious goals. So began his journey, intertwining virtual puzzles with real-life challenges.

Enemy of the State (1998)

In the universe, everyone remains visible, even when they are convinced they have become invisible in the crowd. But sometimes it's those who believe themselves invisibleare caught in the middle of a whirlwind of events. A successful lawyer Robert Dean suddenly trapped in his own discovery when he accidentally received a stunning piece of the puzzle - evidencethat could expose the dark secrets of an important statesman.

However, as in a good detective story, every move was provided for by a secret servicewho was a few steps ahead of Robert. And in the blink of an eye, like the touch of a magic wand, the latest technologies have come into play, reminding us that you don't have to be a magician to rewrite human destinies. All you have to do is pick up computer.

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