Best TV Series of 2023 with High Viewer Ratings

What interesting series presented us 2023? We suggest to remember together. The best franchises with the highest audience ratings...

The best TV series of 2023: high audience ratings, trailers, list

2023 has been marked by a number of worthy films, but also by a number of fascinating ones. serialswhich are exciting from the very first episode! Of course, some projects turned out to be frankly weak, boring and unworthy of attention as such... Of course, not without "taste", as some film productions are characterised by mature film buffs. However, neither the first nor the second does not apply to the series from our list....

We've gathered for you top of the coolest and most interesting - let's not be afraid to say that word, of the best TV series of 2023! In any case, this is evidenced by the high marks of the audience - and the public's opinion is the most reliable, as we know.

Kid's Word. Blood on the pavement (8.6)

Playbill for the series "The Patsan's Word."
Playbill for the series "The Patsan's Word."

We decided to start the list with the acclaimed Russian TV series "A Kid's Word. Blood on the pavement."which in just one month became the most viewed film hit in the CIS! The series is rated 8.6 on Kinopoisk, and positive reviews from both young viewers and older film buffs. Actually, it's quite funny, considering that the original film project was aimed at the generation of people whose childhood and adolescence fell on the late 80s....

The basis of "The Word of a Patsan. Blood on the pavement" is based on real events - crime page of Kazan in the late 80s. It shows well how teenagers gathered in street gangs, fought over neighbourhoods and followed "notions". The young actors coped well with their very challenging roles. And yes: there is no romanticisation of gangsterism here. In the end, punishment catches up with everyone....

One of Us (8.0)

A worthy Canadian project centred around the protagonist Joel and post-apocalyptic America. A massive human contagion has swept across the planet cordyceps. The continued existence of humanity is at risk.

Some saw this series as something similar to Resident Evil, though it's worth noting that it's absolutely self-sufficient and a very poignant project. "One of Us." is sure to resonate with those viewers who like to tickle their nerves and don't mind light drama (some episodes touch the soul...).

One Piece. Big Score (8.0)

If you like animeIf you're a fan of this franchise, you'll be interested in it. Yes, yes, the title speaks louder than any words: the series is based on the of the Van Pis manga - The story centres around a young captain who is determined to find the treasure of One Piece and obtain the title of Pirate King. The story centres around a young captain who is determined to find the treasure of One Piece and gain the title of Pirate King.

We are sure the series will appeal to all fans of adventure cinema masterpieces!

Cyber village (8.2)

A still from Cyber Village.
A still from Cyber Village.

If you're looking for something light, unobtrusive, with elements of humour... but still exciting enough and cyberpunk! Yes, it's all about Cyberdevil. One of the best domestic series of the last few years: "Cyber village." has gathered millions of views and thousands of positive reviews! Viewers note the colourfulness, simplicity, and yet fascinating franchise. By the way: the series has been appreciated even abroad.

At the centre of the story. farmer Nikolaia simple "Russian bloke", as they say. Except that he lives on Mars of the future - in the year 2100! Nikolai has to protect not only his farm, but also his village. Following his adventures is exciting and fun at the same time.

Cicadas (7.6)

Another one Russian TV seriesworthy of attention. The plot centres around teenage friends: the graduates are having fun, going out, falling in love and generally enjoying life! However, one tragedy crosses their seemingly carefree existence... What will happen next? What secrets did the schoolchildren hide from their parents? And who is to blame for this reticence?

For obvious reasons, the series resonated with young people, but even mature audiences recognise that there is something appealing about this franchise... You can look at it from either a child's or a parent's point of view.

Shelter (7.8)

Another one post-apocalyptic masterpieceThe story is about a group of people living 144 stories underground... So, 10 thousand people are afraid to leave their safe bunker, fearing that the atmosphere on the surface of the Earth is dangerous: air, soil, water - everything is poisoned and dangerous.

The series has turned out to be deep and poignant, which is largely due to its "foundation": "Hideout" was filmed based on the novel of the same name by Hugh Howey.

Therapy (7.6)

The plot centres on a therapist, Jimmy, who is going through a major tragedy in his life... But life goes on, right? And his job hasn't been cancelled. Jimmy continues to provide therapy, but now he is not afraid to tell his patients to their faces everything he thinks about them. The best part is that this kind of honesty really helps patients understand themselves. It also changes Jimmy's own life for the better....

A beautiful comedy with shades of drama, which will brighten the winter evening and will allow not only to laugh heartily, but also to think about the important ...


Since we can't tell you about every series, we decided to briefly mention a few more at last worthy series of 2023that's worth a look.

Fisher (7.8)

Russian detectiveThe events of the film are set in 1986. The plot centres on the mysterious deaths of teenagers on Rublyovka.

Absolute evil (8.3)

A mini-series about a school bully. Erica. But why is the boy behaving like this? Maybe it's the environment.

Crowded room (7.8)

An American film masterpiece that tells us about Danny Sullivanwho is arrested and charged with a particularly serious crime. The series is based on the novel by Daniel Keyes "The Minds of Billy Milligan." 1981.

Gryznia (7.8)

Lovely comedy seriesshowing the development of the complicated relationship between the two main characters.

Daisy Jones and The Six (7.9)

The series about a fictional '70s rock bandwhich ceases to exist at the height of its fame. Notably, the plot was inspired by a book by Taylor Jenkins Reed, which in turn was inspired by the Fleetwood Mac.

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