How Marlon Brando Put Hollywood In Its Place.

After that, the Oscar ceremony never again allowed winners to send other people in their place, except for posthumous nominations. Is it worth saying that after the incident Brando's name occupied the leading pages of the most top publications? What did the actor do? Let's find out!

The Godfather movie: review and facts, actors

"Godfather" - a classic film from 1972, which was widely acclaimed and received an equally successful sequel. However, as it often happens, this picture is a vivid example of how true masterpieces are born by accident: literally out of nothing! When filming began, the whole project resembled chaos rather than a well-planned work: the directors refused to shoot, Paramount Pictures couldn't decide on the actors, and the script was so humble and raw that improvisation seemed the last hope....

But in the end, the movie turned out to be deep and interesting. Today, it has the status of a cult classic, which is "not ashamed to recommend to friends", as well as high praise - almost 9 points on MoviePoix! Is it justified? Is it worth watching if you have deliberately avoided it before, tormented by doubts? And what, in fact, is the one thing Marlon Brandowho literally rewrote the rules of Hollywood? All in order in our article....

"Boring is boring," or the right accent? Review by FUZZ MUSIC

Like any other movie, The Godfather is to taste and color, as they say. However: why is it so wildly popular? What made it so iconic, so colorful. "with a '70s gangster vibe.? After all, everyone has heard about this tape, even those who have never watched it! In fact, many viewers agree that in some places it is very drawn out and even tedious (yes, such a crude assessment) picture. But this is only when viewing it superficially. If you evaluate it from a slightly different angle.....

Shot from the movie "The Godfather"
Shot from the movie "The Godfather"

The Godfather's punch line is. Italian charm and the emphasis on details (which, by the way, is made with the help of contrast, playing with light and other techniques). This film is filled with the spirit of the old America and Italian family traditions, and there are a lot of aesthetic scenes, which instantly attracts the eye... The plus was soundtrackwhere every song is "in its place" - perfectly complements this or that episode. And the actors perfectly lived in their on-screen characters! Their acting deserves a special mention and admiration, because if the game is empty - no songs and directing techniques will not save the situation. It's a fact.

If you haven't seen this movie yet because you're afraid to waste it 3 hours It is worth bearing in mind that this picture requires you as a viewer to be especially alert and attentive, absolutely focused. Every detail - even the most seemingly trivial - is of great importance and, in fact, creates the whole atmosphere. This is not an "easy movie for the evening": The Godfather should be considered as a motion picture. And all art likes to be studied slowly.

An unfinished novel becomes a bestseller

As we emphasized above, The Godfather came from nothing. Or rather, from an unfinished and very of the raw novel of the same nameor even a 20-page synopsis of it. However, Paramount Pictures found the Italian writer's story Mario PiusoThe two sides found each other at the right moment: the movie company was in dire need of a script and Puso was in need of money. It so happened that both parties found each other at the most opportune moment: the movie company was in dire need of a script, and Piuso - in money.

Shot from the movie "The Godfather"
Shot from the movie "The Godfather"

Paramount managed to buy back from Piuso his creation and the rights to use it before the novel was published (and even finished). And this played to their advantage, because the book was subsequently acquired by wild successIt became a bestseller, sold over 10 million copies, and spent more than a year at the top of The New York Times! However, that didn't mean that Puso's powers ended there.....

Because the director has been chosen to direct. Francis Ford CoppolaThe Godfather" fans owe it to Mario. It so happened that those directors, who Paramount offered to cooperate, refused the project, while Coppola stubbornly refused the movie company itself. He has not yet had a big name in the film industry, and success as such, and therefore he was not going to trust shooting gangster drama. However, Puso insisted on his candidacy: Coppola had Italian rootsand the scriptwriter considered this an important factor that should not be underestimated. As we can judge - the writer was right! It is unlikely that just an American director would have been able to recreate all this mafia Italian entourage, but Coppola coped with the task to the full 1000%, revealing the potential of the story and "seasoning" it with his own unique tricks.

Hollywood was left in shock

At the center of the story Vito Corleone - The Godfather himself! Of course, this is a very important role, and therefore its performer was sought very long and hard ... Well, and many, of course, rejected. This fate initially befell Marlon Brando: he was the last person Paramount wanted in the role. Partly because of his notoriety and scandalous fame, Brando had established himself as a person who was disastrously difficult to work with.

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando

But unlike the movie company, Coppola didn't see anyone other than Marlon in the role. Thanks to perseverance director, as well as some tricks (realizing that Brando will never in his life will never agree to a film test, Coppola lured him to the site under the guise of "makeup test"), Brando became "The Godfather". This movie brought him widespread fame and made an idol of several generations! However, the arrogant temper of the star still made itself known ...

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando

"The Godfather" got 3 Oscarsand one statuette was intended for Brando for his role. But the actor managed to make the award ceremony a real scandalous show... He refused to go on stage for the award, sending instead of himself an actress Sasheen Littlefeathera member of the Apache Indian tribe. Ironically, Sashin also refused to accept the award, stating (quote):

"Marlon Brando refuses award to protest unfair treatment of Native Americans in movies and television!"

After that, the Academy Awards never again allowed winners to send other people in their place, except for posthumous nominations. Needless to say, after the incident, Brando's name took over. leading lanes of the top publications, once again drawing the public's attention to the acclaimed movie?


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