18 Million Views: Cyberderevnya - A Look at Russia of the Future

At first, the "Cyber Village" was just a joke for everyone, filmed for fun! But what was the surprise of friends when the video began to rapidly gain views. People liked the video very much, and they began to literally demand a full-fledged series about the farmer Nikolai....

Cyber Village series: meaning, trailer, facts

It all started in the fall of 2020: on the domestic YouTube channel birchpunk there's a funny video out called "RUSSIAN CYBERPUNK FARM.". Very quickly he attracted the attention of a wide audience - and not only Russian, but also foreign! To date, he has collected 18 million views. and I'm sure that's far from the limit.

As a result, a cyberpunk-style joke video, filmed for free in a Russian village, has grown into a full-fledged TV series! We would like to talk about it today: what is it? Cyber village and how did the idea to present such a humorous, yet attention-grabbing view of the Russia of the future come about in the first place? Let's find out!

"Oscar to Studio": a review from FUZZ MUSIC

The video quickly gained the first million views - and it was not only among Russian-speaking viewers, but also among the aliens. So, under the video you can find a lot of English comments, and what is most interesting - all of them are filled with admiration and good wishes to the author of the video. "Give this guy an Oscar! This is the best thing I've seen" - wrote foreign friends. And here is what our compatriots write:

"To tell the truth, I was pleasantly surprised. Strange as it may seem, this mockumentary surpassed all Russian movies of the last 20 years! Well done guys!"

And now, in 2023, Movieopolis has released TV series of the same name! Now the inhabitants of Cyber village - led by the NicholasWith which we have already had time to get acquainted in the video - have found a self-sufficient plot. Speaking of the series, we would like to note the excellent computer graphicsas well as good and understandable humor. According to the plot - farmer Nicholas lives in 2100 on Mars, where he does his farming. However, on his "Ryazan County" A disaster strikes: businessman Baragozin intends to build a factory on the site of the farm! Now Nikolai has to save his life's work, and the plot centers around all his adventures.

A still from Cyber Village.
A still from Cyber Village.

From a visual point of view - the show is beautiful. The actors have also gotten into their roles, and the script is full of humorous episodes that can't help but bring a smile to your face. Of course, some of the moments are also cringe-inducing. big questions... But considering that the series is a joke, you stop paying attention to them. Anyway, and "Cyberdevil" has already proven itself - the score on Kinopoisk is 8.1, which, you must agree, is very good for a Russian series. By the way: and you have already had time to watch it? If yes - be sure to share your impressions in the comments.

"treated as a joke."

A still from Cyber Village.
A still from Cyber Village.

The idea for the Cyber Village came to mind To Sergei Vasilieva graduate of VGIK. By the way: the wonderful computer graphics are his merit. But the acting, in particular the role of farmer Nikolai - the merit of already Sergei Chikhachev. It so happened that the two had studied together and once worked together on a joint thesis project. Then their paths somehow diverged, but their contacts remained... And so, Vasiliev contacted an old friend and offered to participate in his cyberpunk project. Chihachev has the floor next:

"I liked the idea, but we initially regarded it as a joke, a kind of funny video without any commercial hopes. We just decided to shoot it for fun, as it's fashionable to say today. We didn't have any money for filming, so the whole concept was assembled literally from improvised means: some of the clothes were brought by me, some by Sergey. We arrived in our own cars and left in theirs. That's how we filmed it..."

A still from Cyber Village.
A still from Cyber Village.

Yes: at first "Cyber Village" was just a joke for everyone, filmed for fun! But what was the surprise of the friends when the video began to click through. People liked the video very much, and they began to literally demand a full-fledged series about farmer Nikolai! It was no joke.....

Is it worth watching?

A still from Cyber Village.
A still from Cyber Village.

When the much-anticipated series finally launched in 2023, audiences and critics were divided into two camps: some found it funny and entertaining, while others called the "vulgar." and scolded for being meaningless. Some critics called "Cyberderevnya" a "pacifier" that does not reflect any realities and carries no meaning for the viewer. So what is it: irony or a serious look at the Russia of the future? The authors of the project commented as follows:

"It's clear that there will always be two different opinions: some are amused, others are not. As far as we are concerned, this project cannot be called serious, but neither can it be called completely pointless. This series is about ordinary people in simple language - it all depends on how you look at the story. Of course, it is not without irony - and where without it? Irony is among us, it is impossible to have a world without it, a world with good and bad. But there is nothing sarcastic here - just a good story about life, told in a peculiar manner..."

Whether to watch it or not - here everyone decides for himself. However, the fact that this project is really unique and made with a soul is an ironclad fact! And at least for this reason it deserves attention.


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