"90's Vacation": "The Godfather" - The Movie Made by the Mob.

Of course, later Coppola denied all these rumors, saying that the mafia has nothing to do with his film. But: firstly - who in his right mind would shout about it in public, and secondly - since long ago, the mafia owns movie theaters in New York, and has a direct influence on Hollywood....

The movie "The Godfather" and the Mafia connection.

Rumor has it that domestic films of the 90's starred real criminal authorities - allegedly they sponsored "movie masterpieces" of that time to shine on the screen and show all the romance of their gangster life. Whether this is true is not entirely clear, and we, ordinary viewers, can only rely on our own intuition. However, there is still some logic in these rumors - as well as in the fact that the cult film "Godfather" has become a half-mafia brainchild.

For many decades now, incredible theories have surrounded this picture, supposedly among the actors were the real ones. gangstersand the creation process itself was closely monitored by the "fathers" of the criminal world - and it was they who decided how their story would be told. Rumor or truth? Let's find out...

Italian entourage

"The Godfather" is a crime saga centered on a New York City-based Sicilian mafia family Corleone. Vito Corleone has a son Michael, who has just returned from the war and does not want to engage in the dark family business. However, the circumstances are such that Michael has no time to think - it remains to take everything in his own hands and start "steering", as they say.

Shot from the movie "The Godfather"
Shot from the movie "The Godfather"

This movie is unique in its utterly Italian atmosphere. Directed by Francis Ford Coppolawho has done a good job of making sure that each episode transports the viewer to a special setting. This is expressed in everything from the brilliantly chosen cast to the musicwhich Coppola entrusted to Italian composer Nino Rota. Francis, who at the time did not yet have a big name in the film industry, would later say:

"I was prepared for everything. But I knew one thing: no matter how the movie turned out, it would be beautiful only because of the contribution of one Nino..."

Although Coppola was a bit hasty with his conclusions here: the director involved his own father in the creation of the musical theme! In particular, the music that plays during of the wedding scenecredit Carmina Coppola. In fact, there's a lot to tell about this scene.....

Improv made this movie

At the time filming began, the script for The Godfather was a A 20-page novel, bought from Mario Piuso. Coppola worked out some of the moments, but it wasn't enough - many scenes were still raw. What to do in such a case? The answer is one: Improvise. And the more daring, the better. So they did: for example, the wedding mentioned above was filmed "without any restrictions" - Coppola gave the actors full freedom of action, and while everyone was having fun, he filmed the most interesting in his opinion moments.

Shot from the movie "The Godfather"
Shot from the movie "The Godfather"

In fact, most of the iconic episodes from The Godfather are pure improvisation! Like, for example, the legendary phrase: "Leave the gun, take the cannoli.". Actor Richard CastellanoPeter Clemenza was inspired to make such an interesting improvisation after the director added a line to the script about cannoli, a traditional Sicilian dessert that the character's wife asks him to buy.

But perhaps the kindest and sweetest example of improvisation is related with a cat Corleone. The thing is that originally the script did not provide for a "mustached actor". Favorite cat mobster was discovered by Coppola quite by accident: the director spotted it during his daily walks to the set, and one day brought a furry stray with him and told him to to Marlon Brando to improvise with him. The cat loved the actor so much that he sat on his lap all day during filming.

Still: the director's vision or the mob's?

And yet: "The Godfather" is Coppola's own vision, or is it still mafia? In general, the Internet has long been walking rumors, allegedly the entire working process entirely and completely controlled by representatives of the criminal world, which literally stood behind the scenes and directed the shooting. And it was they who decided what and how to present, which of the actors to put on what role and so on ... So, allegedly, Marlon Brando got the lead role thanks to his connections with mobsters. To some extent, this statement seems not unfounded, because initially Paramount Pictures in every possible way tried to dissociate from the actor. Brando was famous for his violent temper and scandalous antics, as well as a heavy character. Simply put - to work with him was a real challenge for the entire team. However, in the end, he was chosen for the role of Don Corleone. I wonder why?

Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando

Another noteworthy point is that Luca BrasiCorleone's sidekick, played Lenny Montanawho was rumored to be a mobster. Well: his impressive parameters (height - 198 cm, weight - 107 kg.) allow you to believe in this theory. But here's what is curious: according to some members of the crew, Montana was very shy and at the same time afraid of Brando! He was so nervous in front of him that he couldn't even say his lines properly... It's hard to believe that such a big guy could be so vulnerable, don't you agree? This kind of behavior by Montana only hints that Marlon's connections and capabilities were really great....

Of course, Coppola later denied all these rumors in every possible way, claiming that the Mafia unrelated with his movie. But: firstly - who in his right mind would shout about it in public, and secondly - since a long time the mafia owns movie theaters in New York, and has a direct influence on Hollywood (well, at least it used to). We think that Coppola was obviously not telling us something....


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